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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss – Amazing 6 from 16 Transformation

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss continues to make news. Jennifer Hudson is an actress that I know best from her small, albeit very important, role in Sex and the City. The actress was a size 16, but after the birth of her son whittled her weight down to a svelte size 6.  This is amazing and inspirational.
Hudson wanted to ensure that her son has a strong role model. She wants to live a healthier lifestyle so she can not only keep up with him, but so that he can have a mom to be proud of.

What I applaud about Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss is that it was done the old fashioned way. She cut down on eating, and she exercised.  She also used the Weight Watcher program, and has since become their spokeswoman.

She lost the weight for the right reasons, in the right way – for that I say you go girl! Hopefully women all around – not just ones who have recently given birth – will use you as inspiration for their weight loss endeavors.

    7 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss – Amazing 6 from 16 Transformation”

    1. D. Holmes says:

      The second sentence in this article should read…

      “Jennifer Hudson is THE OSCAR WINNING DREAMGIRLS actress that I know best from her small, albeit very important, role in Sex and the City.”

    2. STELLA says:


    3. Heidi says:

      Give her her props! She’s a Grammy Award winning singer AND an Academy Award winning actress! All you can mention is her small role in Sex and the City? You’re clueless!

      P.S. She looks awesome!!!!

    4. Doright says:

      Craystal you need to get out more for you to only mention her role in sex and the city says a lot about your character or your abilities as a reporter

    5. William says:

      You should not be a writer if you can’t do your research. Jennifer Hudson is an Academy Award winning actress for her role in “Dreamgirls”. It’s just pitiful that you didn’t know that. Pay attention to detail!!

    6. henry turkson says:

      oh Jenni you really have a great voice your songs kills my heart if dis isn’t love