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Tiger Woods Update: Another Award, Cereal, And Where He Was When His Father Died

Tiger Woods update:  This week brought more honors for Tiger Woods as he was named the PGA tours “Player of the Year” in the middle of one of the biggest scandals of the decade. This is the second honor to be bestowed on the golfer.  He was recently named “Athlete of the Decade” by the Associated Press as well.  It looks like while athletes are looking past the whole scandal and separating sex from sport, the media (and Woods’ sponsors) aren’t following suit.

So where is Tiger Woods? If he were under any other circumstances, he would be on the cover of every sports magazine for his achievements.  However, Golf’s Golden Boy (who is now a little tarnished) is hiding out, eating cereal, and hitting golf balls at night. (Read more about that and what his mother thinks here.)

What is really surprising about this Tiger Woods update is that it has been rumored that he was with a mistress when his father died.

Jamie Jungers contends that she was at the Woods’ marital residence in California when the golfer’s dad took a turn for the worse.  He is said to have visited his father at hospice, returned 3 hours later.  The alleged mistress says she could tell he was worried about his dad, but still wanted to have an encounter.

Jamie Jungers said she was wearing panties only when Tiger got the call that his dad died.


What’s next for Tiger Woods? Each and every Tiger Woods update seems to have more and more information.  Not only has he lost two endorsements – Accenture and Tag Heuer, he may be losing his wife (and half his wealth) too boot.

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