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Tiger Woods Latest Update: Tiger Consumes Cereal, Watches Cartoons – Mother ‘Disappointed’

Tiger Woods latest update: Tiger has been spotted. What is Tiger doing? Well, the “Athlete of the Decade” and PGA Tour “Player of the Year” is doing what any man who just got caught in the sex scandal of the decade would do – he’s eating cereal and watching TV.  On the bright side – Tiger is said to be hitting golf balls at night.  Maybe he’s planning to come back to professional golf faster than was expected? Hey, it could be worse – at least the Tiger Woods spotting didn’t include busty blondes.

The New York Post reports that Tiger Woods is sitting back and relaxing, seemingly enjoying his new found bachelorhood.  He’s eating cereal, watching cartoons.  A white van was seen outside his Windermere, Florida home – and TMZ reports that it was bringing new appliances in to the home.

Prior to eating cereal and watching cartoons, Tiger would be seen coming home for therapy sessions with his wife, Elin.  The intense therapy doesn’t appear to be enough to bring the couple back on the same page.

After all, Tiger has been lying to Elin all along.  Reports indicated that Theresa Rogers, a.k.a the “Cougar Mistress” allegedly started an affair with the golfer prior to his marriage to Elin and there’s no indication that the alleged affair ever ended. There’s also speculation that Ms. Rogers tried to get pregnant with Tiger’s baby, and even gave birth to a child between 2003 and 2004.  No paternity tests have been performed, but the baby appears Caucasian.

And then there’s the distinct possibility that the media doesn’t even know half the story.  Chances are, Elin does.  She’s made it known that a divorce is ’100 percent’ certain.  Could she change her mind? Anything is possible.

What does the woman behind the Tiger – his mother – think of all this? According to People, Kultilda Woods is disappointed in her son.  She herself had to deal with Tiger’s father’s infidelity. She’s grown close to her daughter in law and grandchildren.

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