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Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video

erin andrews video 150x107 Watch Erin Andrews Peephole VideoErin Andrews is getting the Paris Hilton effect. Paris Hilton had her tape leak out and that’s the best thing to have happened to an unknown celebrity who was only famous for being famous.

The leaking of the tape was a first time for Paris and it led to instant stardom which hasn’t abated till today.

Interestingly the idea caught on and few other stars tried the same strategy of having their home made tape leak into public but by then the public had caught on and the idea had fizzled out.

This whole thing meant that even though people were interested in watching the stars but they were smart not to get caught up into the hype of a deliberate “leaked tape”.

But this Erin Andrews Peephole Video has shown that people still want to see the stars, just that the mechanism of how the tape gets leaked is different. Instead of having the whole tape being leaked, if somebody video tapes in the process and then releases it, its even better.

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My recommendation to you all would be, desist from watching this tape. The resolution, I have been told, is extremely poor, so it could be any girl out there. (Erin Andrews lawyer giving public statements has at least confirmed the tape is legit). Its of a very short duration and not really worth it.

But the factor that plays the strongest part in all this is, all these malicious worm writers are having a field day getting people to click on a link saying it leads to the tape, but is actually a Trojan etc.

So at the risk of getting your computers infected, I would say, this whole Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video is just not worth it.

    107 Responses to “Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video”

    1. JC says:

      la la la . . .


    2. Mark says:

      I went here and there’s a warning there about d/loading the videos now – they’re mostly baited with a virus – so be warned if you’re searching for her vid or pics

    3. MA says:

      What if someone posted a video of your sister or daughter? This was a sick stalker’s crime.

    4. The Aquaman says:

      I think this Guy
      Deserves an Oscar
      She is so hote. now she have a chance to make
      lot money on Playboy magazine

      • KK says:

        Wake up doofus.

        She’s a successful reporter.

        She doesn’t need to make money in Playboy.

        Believe it or not, women can be successful things that don’t involve objectifying themselves and not all women are interested in doing this. Shocking, I know.

    5. Dono Doya says:

      What a cheap azz way of getting clicks!

    6. dtaylor says:

      M.A., I absolutely agree that the perv in half of these folks does not allow them to realize that they are veiwing a crime. That stalker violated her privacy and then puts her on display for not only himself but millions of other complete strangers.I know if myself or anyone else I knew/cared for were violated like that. I would be pissed knowing some asshole has stolen their privacy and then left them to be publicly humiliated.There are many people who pose for playboy, act in porn, hell there are even hookers (if you want more than visual pleasure). But, they willingly choose to be on display. He stole her God given right to choose who can see her in a person’s most vulnerable state. The stalker only has 2 and a half years to serve, he will probably be released from jail in 1 yr and have probation that is all for her lifetime scar. It’s a shame something like that conbined with a famous name turn a horrific ordeal into entertainment.

      • kit says:

        If you think that was a stalker who did this man your as gullable as the media. Guaranteed that she either paid him or she knew him. Cause it’s going around that several times she looked right at the camera and smiled. Just another desperate attempt from a woman. Why so much drama and stupid behavior. She needs to grow up and move on, so her leaking that didn’t work as well as it did for Paris Hilton. But paris is a hell of alot younger than her to by at least 20 yrs. What did you it’s called getting old. So get over it and move on quit crying about it.

    7. kit says:

      Are you people seriously stupid? She’s the one who probably let the video , and now she’s playing stupid like omg how could this happen.Typical blonde only out for attention and fame. Look paris hilton did it only to be famous and she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Hey I think we just found paris a new BFF.

    8. Big One says:

      Erin Andrews is soo hott, I think its just because shes a reporter for espn that everyone wants to watch the video, ive seen it and i like it

    9. Carlos says:

      If Erin Andrews wanted attention, she picked a hell of a way to get it.

    10. ashley says:

      Dearest Kit-

      Check you grammar before you post such an ignorant comment. It just makes you look worse than the comment itself.

      Oh and “a lot” is two words and too means also, not “to.”

    11. AYFIT says:

      she knew all about the photo opt. She is now more famous than ever.

    12. tom says:

      You people that beg sound like retards.

    13. john says:

      Where can I see this video

    14. Larry says:

      Please send me the link.

    15. Brandon says:

      what link??


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