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Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video

erin andrews video 150x107 Watch Erin Andrews Peephole VideoErin Andrews is getting the Paris Hilton effect. Paris Hilton had her tape leak out and that’s the best thing to have happened to an unknown celebrity who was only famous for being famous.

The leaking of the tape was a first time for Paris and it led to instant stardom which hasn’t abated till today.

Interestingly the idea caught on and few other stars tried the same strategy of having their home made tape leak into public but by then the public had caught on and the idea had fizzled out.

This whole thing meant that even though people were interested in watching the stars but they were smart not to get caught up into the hype of a deliberate “leaked tape”.

But this Erin Andrews Peephole Video has shown that people still want to see the stars, just that the mechanism of how the tape gets leaked is different. Instead of having the whole tape being leaked, if somebody video tapes in the process and then releases it, its even better.

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My recommendation to you all would be, desist from watching this tape. The resolution, I have been told, is extremely poor, so it could be any girl out there. (Erin Andrews lawyer giving public statements has at least confirmed the tape is legit). Its of a very short duration and not really worth it.

But the factor that plays the strongest part in all this is, all these malicious worm writers are having a field day getting people to click on a link saying it leads to the tape, but is actually a Trojan etc.

So at the risk of getting your computers infected, I would say, this whole Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video is just not worth it.

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    1. hANK bROWN says:

      Someone send me a link to this video please!!

    2. Mlove68 says:

      Thanks. Worked great once I realized the deal with the password.

    3. levi says:

      i cant get the password to work

    4. ref is a jerk says:

      ref please, dont be such asshole

    5. jeff says:

      Hey can you send me the link for the erin andrews video

    6. Wacko says:

      Someone,,, please send me the link…..

    7. WATCHdog says:

      send me the link please !

    8. yearite says:

      haaa i kno exactly where to go no virus but its wack shes hot and its not a big deal not a career ruiner or nothin but now she has to worry about stadiums of men knowing wat she looks like naked oh well

    9. vref says:


    10. Zevon says:

      Can someone please tell me where I can see the Erin Andrews video?

    11. Chaps says:

      Please send me the link!!!

    12. Aorta says:

      can some one send me the link

    13. tom says:

      all links to the video are viruses and will crash your hard drive. If you click on it, you deserve it so click away. morons.

    14. cjnic7 says:

      Hey can I get that link???

    15. tsh says:

      can someone send me the link

    16. MLC says:

      Would someone pls send me the link. Thank you. Michael

    17. Solidus says:

      i watched the video..inside job.. that person taping was inside the room.. here is why..
      1.You cannot see inside a room thru a peep hole(the position of the lenses are set for one way view)if youlook thru a peep hole from outside the room everything will be really really small.
      2.If, for the sake of argument, the peep hole was switched around(which means someone messed with the door before hand) the image would look Wided angle..Im sure anyone has looked thru a peep hole, they are made for security
      3.If, again for the sake of argument, the peep hole was removed, it would have been noticiable by the person.
      4. the camera movement and the girl always on center frame…IS IMPOSSIBLE to manage to capture that footage thru a 5/8 inch diameter 2 inch long hole (which is the size holes are drilled and 2 inch is standard size for door thickness). Im sure the peephole was really an used toilet paper roll tube
      5.the shadow outside the always dark..that kind of shadow is created when the camera is too clase to a subject(this case the “door”) with the far off center movements the camera man did the should have been light from the halls, and that never happened.
      6. The reporter ass show… come on!! She knew she was being filmed.See how she parades her ass to the camera..she knew.

      If the person recording would have stayed steady with the position at teh begining the video would have been more beleiveable.. this was just a stunt.. so dont be surprised if she ends up in playboy mag.

    18. god says:

      You can correct lens errors or distortions with computer. Or vice versa..

    19. Bon says:

      Thank you

    20. Lance says:

      You dummy! It wasn’t in the peephole from the door, why would that be any where near where she is going to get naked. It was a hole drilled in a wall and a camera designed for viewing through a “peephole” not “the peephole”.

    21. jay says:

      can i get the link? thanks

    22. Tanner says:

      Could I get the link plz?

    23. jeff says:

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    24. Phil Chung says:

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    25. Willisrad says:

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    26. ticket-ca says:

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    27. steven-abc says:

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    28. johnny says:

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    32. matt says:

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    33. david says:

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    36. jc says:

      can someone send me the erin andrew link. thanks

    37. Dr Biggs says:

      I am very experienced in video and photography and would like to view the video to gauge the validity. Please send me a virus free link so I can make an educated analyasis on the video at hand.


    38. scott says:

      definately interested someone please send me link

    39. nom says:

      You know, seeing all those key words and that SEO prattling around, I think you’re trying to get the Paris Hilton buzz yourself.

      Well, you’re succeeding to a small extent so kudos to you, I suppose.

    40. shawn says:

      anyone send me a link?

    41. Tracy says:

      Please send me the link. Thanks.

    42. ryan says:

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    43. JerriodMB says:

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    44. ass says:

      google it and just hit video

    45. Mike says:

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    60. bigredd says:

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    61. Billy says:

      I’d like to see it. can you please send me the virusfree link?

    62. CJ says:

      typo— Erin, not Eric

    63. johnny says:

      could someone send me the link?

    64. toby says:

      Just caught a highlight about Erin Andrews return to the sidelines. I must have been living under a rock & not known about this. If a password is needed and if someone cares to share the information, then drop me a line. I’m not going to lose sleep over it, and yet currently just curious about it.

    65. jerry says:

      can some one send me the link to watch video of erin

    66. Greg says:

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    67. jake borden says:


    68. Kimberly says:

      Wow, some of you are really desperate to see this video. Have you guys never seen a naked woman before?

    69. ran says:

      Is there any use in asking for the link? If so please send.

    70. Darb says:

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    71. Mic says:

      I really don’t know what the big deal is about,,If you seen one puss you have seen them all!!!!

    72. Lonnie says:

      Hot puss like that come on…..

    73. smh says:

      You’re right about the poor video quality. It would absolutely be worth watching if the voyeur had actually used a decent autofocusing camera, because the woman (now confirmed to be Ms. Andrews) has a very HOT body. Being an on-air personality in a venue with national exposure, I can hardly believe she feels any humiliation that her fantastic nude form has been ogled by millions, and there is that possibility that the name-in-the-news effect will substantially increase her value. There’s been buzz about her wanting to go from sideline reporting to sitting at the anchor desk, and would it not already be the case that some (executive) producer at ESPN has put it rather bluntly to Ms. Andrews, saying “Management wants to put in in the big chair at Sports Center, because frankly, the belief is that you will double our viewership for a few days, probably with a permanent 10% retained increase.” Assuming she has the chops to sit in that chair—and be asked to make appropriate wardrobe choices that feature low-cut necklines and very form-fitting clothing—it would be win-win for her and the network.

      The peeper supposedly made several other videos that were not uploaded to the net. Or were they? If Ms. Andrews does not take up Playboy’s inevitable couple-of-million-dollars invitation to do a full frontal pictorial—only in prudish America!—then I hope that these other peeping videos are circulated, but only if the assh*le that did them used a camera properly this time!

    74. JC says:

      la la la . . .


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