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Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler lied about michael jackson 150x150 Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler was the kid who accused Michael Jackson of impropriety and led to the lawsuit against the famous singer. Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, there is renewed interest in the case made by Jordan Chandler and Evan Chandler.

Evan Chandler was the father of the boy who accused Michael Jackson that embroiled the now dead singer in one of his biggest criminal cases.

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The two – Michael and Jordan – had become very good friends but Jordan’s father Evan did not approve of the friendship. Very soon, the case took a tabaloidesuqe turn when the kid, some say prompted by his father, accused Michael Jackson of having an unnatural relation with the kid.

As it goes in high profile cases, before you know it, media and law start hounding. Now I don’t want to make it sound like MJ was all innocent. But the fact of the matter is, we will never know what the truth is. Being a rich celebrity, it is very much possible that the kid’s family might have done it for the money. But who knows. Truth could be somewhere in between.

Anyhow, there is lot of speculation going around – Now that Michael Jackson is dead, Jordan Chandler is claiming that he basically cooked up the story to mooch money off Michael Jackson.

I am not sure how much truth there is to it, but there are underground sites which are claiming that Jordan is asking for forgiveness and is recanting the claims he made earlier about MJ being involved in a relationship with him.

What do you guys think? Who do you think is right. Leave your comments below.

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    1,440 Responses to “Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson”

    1. Ritesh says:

      Rest in Peace Michael…

      • ginko.biloba says:

        I got to know Michael Jackson right after he died. In a very short time, within a month I’ve got to know everything about him. Image, personality, and person. All fell on me and mixed in me, all the details of his life. That was first too much to understand. At the very first time, I got angry. Then I was trying to convince myself that such a terrible (HI)Story can not be true. So as I searched and learned from him more and more, I got the more and more sad. No power to be angry anymore. In this very case, there was no winner, there was just devestated carriers, families and lives. One of the most important thing I understood, I learned from him: the forgiveness. That’s what lifts us above others, that’s why he was greater than anyone. Because he never gave up. However hard and not so perfectly (medical addiction), but he went on, he continued, he stood up. And he still could smile. After all ….I mean….ALL what has happened to him…he still could smile. While You are defending him, try not to forget what he was about. I think every true fan…who really understands , what Michael was about, what he tried to teach and give to us, should act like him, try to be like him. One thing is to talk about it, and another to do it. And not just with this case, but in Your own life too: Try to be towards others, like Michael Jackson would be. That is how You could help him spread his message, and follow his path, make it a better place. Make that change, and please try not to forget it.

        • Abhishek says:

          aika September 22, 2009 eeewwwyou made me reaizle isa akong malaking third wheel!!!sabi ko nga ba na dapat hindi kita sinamahan nun eh di sana mas may moment kayo nun hahaha. joke lang yoshke. leche ka, kinikilig ako sa kabadingan mo. ang haba ng hair mo ha! me likes this to infinity and beyond!

        • Founid says:

          Reading this made me miss my father, who died bcasuee of liver-related disease/ Bit I think t’was cancer as well, they just hid it from me. They already have the idea how long will my father stay, they chose to hid it, until that day that totally broke my heart. Yung eksenang akala ko sa movie lang nagyayari, nakita at naranasan ko ng personal. it was my entry to Pagbabago contest, pero when I wrote it, buhay pa sya..-comicallydramatic

    2. Jasmine says:

      Michael was still a weirdo and everyone knows it a talented hideous weirdo. Idk if he really molested any kids or not all i know is that he had this innocence to him that was just to abstract for a man his age he never grew up and because of it he ended up seeming like a psychopath. I’m glad this guy told the truth I actually hope MJ is in heaven and finally normal.

      • Kate says:

        He wasn’t hideous and he wasn’t a weirdo. He’s one of the most beautiful souls this world has ever seen.

        • joe says:

          LOL. As you can see his fans are even bigger weirdos.

          • lvnthedge says:

            In response to you joe, the dummy, it’s obvious that you are clueless and brainless; you believe whatever you hear and cannot decipher reality from truth. you’re just a puppet…others do your thinking for you. check your life; I’m right aren’t I. you probably won’t admit it but you know I’m right. I feel sorry for you.

            • MJ 4 ever says:

              Ivn,You said it all.Good job,good words,well put! Joe, find some other place to act like an azz…MJ deserves houor and respect and now is in a better place where no one else can put him down or harass him. We miss and love you MJ.. RIP.

            • kayee says:

              Thank you Ivnthedge!

            • Kaylan says:

              What a neat article. I had no ilnking.

            • Vesnov says:

              oo naman, mas magaling ang atneeo sa la salle. syempre may bias ako, nag-aral kasi ako sa ADMU.pero isa kasi sa criteria nila e facilities, mas OK yata facilities ng la salle.

        • Sophie says:

          Michael Jackson was not hideous his energy when he stepped on stage was unreal! Read what performers that stood next to him said about him, so that is rare in itself. He was an highly artistic, beautiful stunning performer/extraordinare, plus he was a genuis. He was a talented writer, singer and dancer a rarity . He left behind 200 songs for his children and the songs are yet to be published. And all the money grubbers can’t get their hands on it! Were seeing tons of greedy self interested types especially on Wall Street these days. Michael performance was jaw dropping he was amazing he cared about the destruction of the forest, he wanted preservation of the environment. he wanted a better future for the world for his children, he spoke of peace, love, equality, truth and compassion in the world. That is what he spoke about…what is so weriod about that? He was philantropist . All the pathetic money vulture were circling him he was innocent, but apparently naive ,vulnerable . He was acquitted on many false allegations. These opportunist have nothing to lose since they have nothing but MJ has his world reputation to lose. All the false allegations from people that have history of making false allegations however the irreparable damage done. ” Sorry I lied ” doesn’t cut it , MJ London shows all fifty,sold out in record speed people over hundrends of thousand still waiting in the cue for tickets! See I think this doesn’t happen if people think your “hideous werido” Sometimes life graces you to witness a genuis perform and that is what MJ represented to me. I realize genuis are misunderstood…there is a whole book on just that topic.

          • Flo says:

            Sophie, What a beautiful tribute to MJ..Awesome! So much tallent and what a huge heart and he had. Those of us that are true MJ fans,will pay tribute to him for years to come. Those who think that name calling is the right thing to do, ie.JOE can go find another site to haunt. Gone to soon,but never to be forgotten. RIP MJ we loved u more! (~8

            • Marsha says:

              Am I the only one who does not know what ss means? I know I am behind (and a large one at that) but peslae expliquez-moi.(MD) Sprinkles and Sugar. I think he really wants to make cookies, but his peanut butter jelly sandwich was as close as he could get that day.

            • Maartje says:

              I hope you have Mimi’s email or can let her know about this site, she was such a believer in Drew’s abeiltiis. Mimi if and when you see this, you are missed and THANKS for being such a blessing in our lives. You have truly found your calling, you always push the kids to do all that you know they CAN do! GOD BLESS you!!!

        • ILyas says:

          You have an interesting take on this topic. I am happy you sheard your thoughts and I find myself agreeing. I really appreciate your clear writing style and the effort you have put into this piece. Thank you for the solid work and good luck with the blog, I look forward to updates in the future.

        • Wilfredo says:

          genome468 on January 14, 2011 i checked out your site. not bad. its done petrty much like craigslist so i enjoyed the familiarity. A question tho. how long has the site been up? This can grow to be a big thing just like craigslist.. good luck to ya

    3. Kate says:

      Michael Jackson…I love you. You were innocent and beautiful in every way possible. You didn’t deserve any of this. I hope you’re in a better place now. R.I.P my hero.

    4. DANIELLE says:

      I hope MJ haunts the hell out of that family. Those damn Devils…

    5. MJ Forever says:

      Michael is innocent. End of story. Jordie Chandler, may you and your father burn in hell.

      • Susan S says:

        Evan Chandler actually committed suicide the fall of 2009.

      • Adin says:

        awwww ang sweet! how i wish my hubby would write something as sweet as this! ehehe it’s rellay nice to have someone to love, and to be loved in return.hmmm anong event sa UP dil ang nagtrigger ng mga fireworks? lantern parade? but whatever it was, whether imagined or real, I’m sure it felt magical just being with him. there’s just something about UP that’s where my husband and I met and we enjoy going back because it has changed so much from the time we were still CMC students. napadaan lang.

      • Jacklyn says:

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      • William says:

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    6. RIPMJ says:

      Michael was an amzing talent, to the haters, none of you have a legit reason to be hating on such a wonderful man, who tried to change the world, he did so much. and then theres people who read stuff on the internet and whatever, and believe it, jordan chandlers father wanted money, if you read up about it, jordan was on some medication that his therapist had given him, and apparently you can put things in a childs head, to make them think that something actually happened, why don’t all of you grow up and let the most amazing talent just rest in piece. he atleast deserves that from you.

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    13. Benjamin Brave says:

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    69. 112teejay says:

      Been Told, na u sabi. GO GET A LIFE!!!

    70. G.S. says:

      >Why are we are not hearing any thing >about this on CNN Why do you suppose that is, Mary?

    71. T says:

      As a mother if that had happened to my child I would not rest until the person was in jail. No amount of money would prevent me from seeing that through. What kind of mother takes the money and stays quiet.Who would take the money and let the guilty walk. No one who is telling the truth would. These people ruined his life with jealousy and greed. MJ was never convicted of this. Last word SOLOMAN

    72. MacReady says:

      Wait, so these are all stories without facts. Yet a few lines of moralizing words later, you state: ..”Turning him into a saint, however, is disgusting and spreads a message that pedophilia is okay as long as you have talent and money”. Basically calling someone a pedophile without providing proof yourself. How is that ok? “Disgusting” applies here. Your credibility was lost within one post, good job.

    73. Ravi says:

      VS, be nice to the woman. Infact she is confirming that the boy and his family lied and did it for money. It is not her who seems to have a reading and understanding problem, but it’s you. There is no need to be rude, is there? I can understand you are upset about MJ and all the wrong accusations, but that’s no reason to take it out on a fellow fan. If this wasn’t a public blog, you should have been kicked hard in your butt for talking like that! Now be nice! Ravi.

    74. kay says:

      You’re asking people if they can read, it took me four read throughs of your comment to understand what you were saying. maybe you should learn some English.

    75. kim says:

      I agree 100% with previous comment, I do beleive however , the boy was to young at that time to know and understand the consquences of his actions, but followed the lead of supposedly loving parents that he trusted to guide him through his life…those morals lacking in the such parents…my heart goes out to the boy, he now has to live with his actions and what it did to the greatest entertainer and most gentle man with a pure heart, we may never see that again in our lifetime…..The aprents should be tried and and await a public verdict and placed under such media scrutity as micheal was under at that time……he defended himself and pleaded his innocence, and still many low lifes like martin bashir and many mag rags, hd him guilty and chased him down the rest of his life, leaving open yet another alleagations….i hope the people involved in these childrens lives can understand how that must of felt for micheal… is to late for appologies and clearing of conscnece now……but will Micheal rest in peace now…..U Bet…for those u do not beleive in him, i feel sorry for u…..he was a great man……and greatness lives on in our hearts……please remember micheal now with clear minds and hearts….as was his……shame on u

    76. Jones says:

      There are many different credible analyses to this story. Here is what I conclude from my evidence: Michael and Jordan stayed very good friends until they were unable to see each other. Michael even stayed at his place with his family. To me it seems like Michael might have actually been in love with Jordan. This would mean he was a hom.ose.xual pe.dophile, yes, but he wasn’t a bad guy. His childhood explains a lot of his problems, like this intimate relationship with Jordan. I know many of you would say “but he went out with women”, yes that is true but it can very easily be a cover up for his image or a simulation because, as we all know, Michael was not only an outstanding performer but a great actor when it came to covering up what he really felt. Now in my opinion I do believe the father was responsible for pushing Jordan into saying these things against Michael, but we cannot forget, after the stri.psearch things were very similar as described by the boy. Again, I think Michael maybe loved Jordan Chandler and it might have even been reciprocal. It was the fact that he could no longer have contact with Jordan that made Michael a addict and change into the man he was until his death. I hope Jordan writes a book about his personal relationship with Jackson. I mean he says it was all cooked up to win money but I think he is probably just embarrassed about his image and hopefully he’ll be open about it as he grows up. Rest in piece Michael Jackson.

    77. N watton says:

      This false accusation was the start of the downfall of Micheal Jackson, He never recovered from this and went on to endure another monwy grabbing family only to be aquitted in a court of law by ordinary citizens!!!! This makes me sick, and I hope if this is to be true and it all comes out that family should be made to pay back every penny of Micheal Jacksons hard earned cash and crawl under a rock they are nothing but free loading leeches> If it wasn’t for the likes of the Chandlers Micheal Jackson would still be here today!!!!!

    78. Orme says:

      The father man, only the father. The mother did defend Michael Jackson, and the son was a little child at the time. We don’t know what pressure the father put on the guy to keep him silent, so let’s not judge him.

    79. locallez says:

      Learn how to spell pedophile before you use it, jackass.

    80. jan says:

      I agree with false claim, the prosecution tried so hard to get a conviction against Michael and interviewed over 200 witnesses, none of them corroborated what Jordan Chandler had said, Chandler didnt even testify so that proves something ! He apparently does not have contact with his father either, if MJ had done something , dont you think the prosecution would have found it, this was to extort money and nothing more, if i were him , I would feel so bad right now for ruining the man who did so much for children.

    81. jan says:

      Cyrus, the reason Michael paid the money to Chandler was that he was forced by his insurance company, read the story, Michael actually collapsed when he was forced to pay it, This would have been better through the courts as there was no evidence whatsoever,it was a devised plan by Evan Chandler and his lawyer, had it gone to court, Jordan said he would not testify, so they had to put a plan in action to extort money from Jackson. They succeeded and the scandals started. MJ did not want to pay the money, it was forced upon him.

    82. brendan says:

      we all need to push this story into the mainstrean media . Lets do it for michael !!!!!

    83. L B says:

      I hope the Chandler family can sleep at night for what they did to MJ. If Michael were alive, knowing him he would find it in his heart to forgive, but I can not. They should be ashamed of themselves and should be expected to repay ALL the money they stole from him.

    84. burcu says:

      u are so right…

    85. Linda says:

      I agree with you 2. MJ was such a kind hearted person that loved children, and these ……. things that DO NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED PEOPLE, took advantage of him and just found a easy and quick way to make a buck cause they are too stupid and idiots to make their own money. MICHAEL JACKSON IS INNOCENT OF ALL THE NEGATIVE THAT THESE @$$H0L#$ CLAIM OF HIM…. MJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    86. Al says:

      you are so right. That chandler guy and his ugly disgusting P***K of a father make me sick people like that don’t deserve to live it should have been them who died instead, infact they deserve to be hung, drown and quarted more like. Your so right he would be alive today if it weren’t for them freaks making false alligations. He was such a beautiful, amazing kind hearted person and they knew it, hence them taking advantage of him like that. But MJ fans we need to face facts evil bastards like that never get their cummupance. Not only should they be made to pay the money back they should lock them up and throw away the key. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON, CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE GONE, YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON FOREVER IN OUR HEART. gOD REST YOUR SOUL.

    87. Marie says:

      Spot on, well said! Not being funny.. If my child was molested, I would want to see him/her go down for it. Its quite obvious it was for the money.. If this rumour is true.. He should be charged and the Jackson family should be able to sue there arses.. I don’t think sorry will ever be enough he has put MJ into an early grave & has left 3 young children behind… I hope he can sleep at night..

    88. brendan says:

      we all need to push this story so the world can know the truth about amazing michael jackson. lets do it for michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. emil says:

      I agree with you! And I also believe that this Chandler family should pay for what they did to MJ and this molestation accusation is a crime if wrongly accused, therefore i believe they should be sent to jail! And give the Jackson family their money and any other properties they bought with the settlement money!!!!! I’m pretty sure that The JAckson family is very happy that this person came out and finally said the truth although it too little too late!!!

    90. IloveuMJ says:

      OMG Al you are so right. I wish those P****S pay for their lies too, but your right evil people don’t get their commupence they always win. Its they fault Michael Jackson is dead it should be them. The FU***IG Chandler’s ruined Michael Jackson’s life . I wish some crazed fans Hunt him down and make them pay, both father and son. I just can’t believe MJ gone those bastards have ruined so much peoples lives with they false accusations the murdering scum. they deserve a horrid fate in this life as well as the next. Michael Jackson We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. R.I.P

    91. Elena says:

      I totally agree with you. If he’s free from piosrn on these charges, he should be allowed to play. If anything; he should have the opportunity to pay off his creditors. He’s not going to do that earning $10 an hour. My other thought is that he should have gotten more time in piosrn for what he did, but he served his sentence and should be allowed to play.

    92. Lulu says:

      Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those cnovos? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend.

    93. IloveuMJ says:

      Orme fair enough he was little at the time but he’s not anymore he’s had more than plenty of time to come foward so it doesn’t really matter what pressure the freak of father put on him.

    94. Aquil says:


    95. locallez says:

      Maybe it’s not about what Michael did or did not do. Well, what he didn’t do… But what about what the kid’s parents did by letting him spend the night with a grown man? WHAT ABOUT THAT? I would never settle if my kid told me someone had touched him inappropriately! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PARENTS?

    96. Antoinette says:

      It is not as simple as you make out. Michael was very naieve when it came to certain matters. Yes, he might not want to confess all of the plastic surgery because it is none of anyone’s business but when it comes to the molestation charges – he didn’t even have to say anything. Just look at his character and his past actions – do they match that of a child molester? Child molesters can’t control themselves, they continually molest. They don’t do it just once in a while. There is overwhelming evidence that those accusations were false. What about the smart hot shot prosecutors and lawyers? They tried but could not prove their case. Michael Jackson was in a very fragile state of mind at that time and it was Lisa Marie and his legal team that made that decision for him. He did not want to pay but they insisted he do it because he was in such a fragile state they did not think he could cope – obviously they were right about his health. Their advice was wrong and I wish it had gone to trial because they would have been able to get to the bottom of it. Anyway it is all too late now. Most people have a cynical view of life (as you do) but Michael Jackson really believed in justice and naievely thought that justice would prevail in our society. We all know that is not always the case. We know is was not a saint – but we also know he was not a child molester.

    97. Ariannaaa says:

      Exactly. I never once believed that Michael would do that. If you just use common sense and put the clues together, the answer was right there, even before this Jordan admitted that it was a lie. People are stupid and just believe everything that the media says, without even investigating it themselves.

    98. Muhammad says:

      Chris -Just last night I was thinking that I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. I rembmeer when we were together in Santa Fe last February thinking how lucky you were to still have your father. My condolences on your loss. Anne

    99. Ciprian says:

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    100. MissMJ says:

      I agree – people out there are still trying to say that he did it calling him a pedo and other names. This is the story that needs to be on MSNBC CNN etc. MJ and his children deserve to have this story finally put to rest. God Bless Michael.

    101. Jesusdied4Michaeltoo says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. They did lie about Jesus and HE was the Messiah! Jesus said that we will be persecuted for righteousness sake. I’m not saying that Michael is a messiah or anything. Just saying that in many of MJ’s lyrics I hear so much of the bible and the same desires of Father God. I believe MJ was a man of God. But as Jesus said, “They hated ME the will hate you(us believers), They persecuted ME they will persecute you(believers).” I’m not saying Michael was sin free, of course not, the bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God everyday, but the bible also says that Jesus died for ALL!! Also it says, in Luke chapter 6 and verse 45~~ out of the abundance of his heart a man speaks. Michael had a lot of love in his heart. We are the World, Heal The World, Earth Song, Can You Feel It, Cry, Will You Be There(Free Willy Song), Man In The Mirror, All the Lost Children,… so many great songs with a msg of love, hope,, & unity! Michael, as a christian, I just wanna tell you, I see that you tried to lay down your life and give to whomever needed! In many of your interviews you gorified God and Jesus and even said you try to live as best to the way Jesus has told us to live. And guess what, I can see that evidence of being called of God, in your life. No one can touch the whole world and impact it as you did unless it was established b4 the foundations of the earth ordained by God. Rest in His arms. King of Pop, you are now with the KING of KINGS, King Jesus!

    102. MzzJackson4life says:


    103. MzzJackson4life says:


    104. erika says:

      I agree so much to late why chouldn’t he say that why he was living this man is curl my heart goes out to the jackson’s

    105. divaSpeaks says:

      …because it sounds like a lie! If it were true, the credible media outlets would be blasting it.

    106. Dak says:

      After all this time of trumpeting long and hard that Jackson was guilty, do you honestly think the press is going to say “Whoops, we were wrong”? The press doesn’t care about truth. They care about ratings and what advances their leftist agenda. Like how they ran with cocaine allegations against Dubya and insisted he did cocaine when there was absolutely no evidence or witnesses, but swept Gore’s marijuana use under the rug when there actually WERE witnesses? There is no fairness or lack of bias in the press. And people WANT celebrities to be guilty because it fills some sort of morbid need in them. Thus saying Jackson was guilty will sell more papers and garner more veiwers than proclaiming his innocence. The old song rings true “People know that crap is king, they want dirty laundry”. And the press is all to happy to give it to them, even if it can’t be substantiated.

    107. Cassie says:

      The reason CNN or MSN isn’t “blasting” it is because no one wants to think he’s innocent and reporting this would make the media guilty of terrorizing Michael Jackson (which they are very guilty of)

    108. Bob says:

      What credible media outlets? Those are a modern myth and relic of the old days of ubiased news journalism.

    109. mike says:

      not necessarily… people forget that when this story first broke, they were running tons of false things about him that they would later have to retract cuz they weren’t checking sources. the same thing happened again when some tabloid released a false autopsy report and CNN, Fox News, and ABC News ran with it. then when the real one came out, they had to change it. the problem with the retractions is that, where the original story made the front page, the retraction got a tiny block on like 6b or something like that. they ran so many biased stories against him in the 90s and in the 2000s that if they were to run this story it would, in fact, make them look like the hypocrites they are. we, unfortunately live in the time of 24 hour news and they, unfortunately, can’t report the news objectively or correctly. and that’s why we’ll never see this on any major news network or website.

    110. Informant756 says:

      You are so right! These days the words “credible” and “media” have nothing to do with each other. The mainstream media is a complete joke.

    111. skipabeat says:

      I agree with you like 100 %… Poor Michael, I feel so bad that the media did what they did to him. He does not like little boys like that… He loves children and he is like an over grown child himself and that makes him so special… You can look at him and you can tell he is all man!!! Oh and what a HOT one… GENTLEman to boot…. Awesome singer and actor… African American sensation singer legend of all time…..No wonder the media ripped him to shreds. His real story his truth how he loves children and people and the contribution that he has made for man kind.. Wow, now that is the good stuff.. That is what I want to pick up and read, I will spend money on that but these lies they spread… I think it all needs to be burned.. Poor sweet Michael, guilty of only one thing… To nice!!!! I wanna pounce the media!!! I want to see our Michael now!!!!!

    112. chyenne says:

      ohhhmygaaash. stfu “paris” imma bust a cap in that a**

    113. Greeneyes says:

      Since you have no problem posting derogatory comments directed at others(see Kara’s post above), let me be the first to throw one at you…LEARN HOW TO SPELL. Did you “ferget” how to spell FORGET?

    114. MJ 4 Ever! says:

      This coming week is full of TV programs about MJ. It’s the one year anniversery marking the loss of a Great Enterainer/artist/singer ECT..Check Michael Jackson Fan for all the listings. We lost a huge artist to the hands of an inept doctor that has no business practicing medicine. We loved MJ, but GOD loved him more. We miss you and will honor your memory FOREVER. R.I.P Michael, WE LOVED YOU MORE!

    115. MJ loves little boys says:

      Did anybody consider that this whole “recanting” story is a lie? I know MJ is a great musician, but there is staggering evidence showing that he is a pedophile. I’ve never had any doubt in my mind that he molested children. This person was an innocent CHILD and a victim. None of this is or was his fault. It’s nobody’s fault for being molested, and to blame a victimized child for someone else’s problems is a disgusting manifestation of denial. Consider this: Why would an innocent person agree to a $20m settlement. He wouldn’t. He did it.

    116. Carolyn says:

      “To me it seems like Michael might have actually been in love with Jordan. This would mean he was a hom.ose.xual pe.dohile, yes, but he wasn’t a bad guy.” Actually, Michael Jackson befriended a *LOT* of teenage boys. Example: Ryan White(the kid who had to fight for his right to attend school, after he had been kicked out, because he had been diagnosed with AIDS). I do not believe he had pedophiliac urges towards kids. Rather, I think he was trying to regain what he himself never had(due to becoming a rock star, while he was still a child), through other children, such as having sleepover parties. It never occurred to MJ that he was placing himself right in a position where he could be accused of inappropriate behaviour with young people by doing this. That is what I believe is what really happened with Michael Jackson.

    117. lvnthedge says:

      This comment is for you in being a narrow-minded fool who says that MJ loves little boys…he was a boy himself (he never got to truly grow up) so many things he did was for kids including girls. In your narrow mind he was a child molester because you have all the facts–you were right there watching the whole thing but said nothing so what does that make you. Oh you weren’t there? Hmmm, then as I said you’re a fool because you hear something then believe it. no rational thinking person will believe anything they hear and run with it unless they have actual facts, not heresay. you’re another puppet being led by someone else’s opinion. Incest runs in your family because you’re a victim of it. Now I can take that story to the press & have you humiliated and driven to suicide and there was no truth to it at all…or was there?

    118. Giveintomemj5758 says:

      First of all “MJ loves little boys”, your name gives you away as a Michael Jackson hater. Second of all, the DA also had a “staggering amount of so-called evidence” and a jury of 12 citizens said “NOT GUILTY” on ALL COUNTS. And third and most importantly, DO SOME RESEARCH. Michael Jackson NEVER paid ONE RED CENT to any of those lying accusers. His insurance company settled with them at his and his attorney’s objection. It’s in the official court documents, if you bother to use your brain and study it, you might learn some REAL facts in this case and stop letting tabloid trash do your thinking for you. They got it wrong and you got it wrong and you look totally stupid and ignorant for it now. When you bother to find the TRUTH, this case is a no-brainer…EXTORTION. After extensive begging form the DA, Chandler still refused to testify against Michael Jackson in 2005. He was then 25 years old, not a child anymore. You want us to believe he isn’t going for Michael’s jugular if those molestations really happened? He wouldn’t testify because he knew it was a LIE. His money hungry greedy poorest excuse for a father that ever lived, who destroyed a whole lot of lives including his own son’s, blew his brains out in Nov 2009. Not a coincidence!

    119. Sticky says:

      I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it’s free? Awsomee!

    120. Laura says:

      shea August 3, 2010 ayoko na sa’yo bad ka.. hehe.. joke lang ok lang yan.. atleast nasbai mo sa kanya yung dapat mong sabihin atpangonsensya ginagawa niya lang trabaho niya ano ka ba? bigyan mo siya ng chocolate at kausapin ng mahinahon at say sorry.. hehe..lam ko na kung san ka nakatira nyahaha wag ka mag alala di kita haharangin para itanong kung nasan ang id mo at anong room no. tatanong ko na lang kay manong guard.. nyahaha

    121. Hime says:

      I love Michael. He tells it how it is.I’d like to see a meeting of the minds bweteen Michael and Momo’s son. Now THAT would be entertaining! (MD) Ho, boy. Nobody would come out unscathed with that duo.

    122. Emma says:

      I loved The Jackson 5 and later The Jacksons once Randy joined the group and they left Motown. I would still jump up and start dncaing like crazy if someone started playing Enjoy Yourself. I used to love that song and play it over and over. Gwyneth

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    125. Diana says:

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    127. Mccayde says:

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    128. Ndubuisi says:

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