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Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler lied about michael jackson 150x150 Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson

Jordan Chandler was the kid who accused Michael Jackson of impropriety and led to the lawsuit against the famous singer. Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, there is renewed interest in the case made by Jordan Chandler and Evan Chandler.

Evan Chandler was the father of the boy who accused Michael Jackson that embroiled the now dead singer in one of his biggest criminal cases.

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The two – Michael and Jordan – had become very good friends but Jordan’s father Evan did not approve of the friendship. Very soon, the case took a tabaloidesuqe turn when the kid, some say prompted by his father, accused Michael Jackson of having an unnatural relation with the kid.

As it goes in high profile cases, before you know it, media and law start hounding. Now I don’t want to make it sound like MJ was all innocent. But the fact of the matter is, we will never know what the truth is. Being a rich celebrity, it is very much possible that the kid’s family might have done it for the money. But who knows. Truth could be somewhere in between.

Anyhow, there is lot of speculation going around – Now that Michael Jackson is dead, Jordan Chandler is claiming that he basically cooked up the story to mooch money off Michael Jackson.

I am not sure how much truth there is to it, but there are underground sites which are claiming that Jordan is asking for forgiveness and is recanting the claims he made earlier about MJ being involved in a relationship with him.

What do you guys think? Who do you think is right. Leave your comments below.

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    1,440 Responses to “Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson”

    1. brenda edith velazquez says:

      im on Michaels side. and guess wht side he’s on? who knows wat if he’s innocent or not? (im talkin about murray her not michael. murray may be innocent but u never know.

      • Linda says:

        IF your 12 what is it that you know about MJ? Murray is going down..If the LAPD does their job right he will get 4+ years in prison. He clearly OD the King Of Pop, and we lost one of the most tallanted artists on the planet. RIP MJ we loved u more!!!

    2. brenda edith velazquez says:

      4+ yrs.! wow… i know alot about michael. including about his child hood cuz mine is sorda like his u see wen my mom was pregnant of me my dad punched her in the stomach and something happened to my head. thats why to this day im still mentally sick. exept michael didnt get sick while he was getting abused. also i grew up with ceasers comboltions and mind problems. today i have knee stomach kidney head and bones problems. it makes me unhappy. but i do have a new dad. unlike my real dad he almost nearly killed me and my mom! until my mom called the cops at last (when i was 3) and they arrested him my mom met a new guy who is now my funny weird step dad. my last ceaser and comboltion was at age 9. but i have other pains and no im not in a wheele chair. and yes my life is sad including cuz my great great grandpa died on saturday=(… things are kinda getting pretty well but i will contineu following my dream on writing childrens books acting and making a difference to the world my helping others. THANK YOU.

    3. kitkat87110 says:

      I never believed any of it was true. Michael Jackson was the little boy who never grew up. I think that he felt like they were the same age. He was a child stuck in a grown-ups body. He just wanted true friends. He wanted playmates (I mean this in the innocen of children)He was not what they said. RIP MJ

      • holly says:

        kitkat, very well put and I agree like so many others that MJ was longing for a childhood and real friends. MJ was a mature adult but he truly loved kids in an innocent way. All of the findings on the autopsy that the LA Corner released showed that MJ was in good health other than the propfil he was given. We loved MJ, MJ loved us more, but GOD loved him most. RIP MJ you will be loved and missed 4 ever. MJ never did any of the things he was accussed of…

    4. Michelle says:

      Michael, I allways knew you were not guilty. This story is no news at all. I loved you so much. I have vitiligo too and it is emotionally painful. You died on my birthday. We share the same initials. I am so hurt that you were hurt by liars. I am sad you for one second thought we considered their stories slightly true. I think you felt guilty because you may have had better boundaries. I think you may have been confused. We have all been confused. I will never judge you. Love never fails. Michelle

    5. brenda edith velazquez says:

      you have vitiligo? oh im so sorry. is there anythin i can do? i dont want this this this vitiligo going around. maybe u should look for cureings on the internet i found thousands of cures 4 vitiligo! maybe u should try? if only i knew u in real life i would have been there for u nite and day just if anything happens. i dont want ppl suffering like me n michael and michelle are/did. hang on there michelle.=)

    6. Lisa says:

      I feel that Jordan Chandler and his dad killed Michael. Along with the most recent accuser. Michael was terrified of going to prison, as well as all the allegations from these people. He had HUGE nightmares, and he couldn’t sleep. Thus, needing to be put out to sleep, causing his death. When the father killed himself…kind of makes you wonder, if he felt overcome with guilt, or if it was Karma. God bless you always Michael. I love you.

    7. Geraldine Hughes says:

      Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation (2004) book proves that Michael Jackson was NEVER a child molester. Author Geraldine Hughes worked for Evan Chandler’s attorney in 1993 and witnesse the extortion plot against Michael Jackson, which was launched only when MJ refused to pay them $20 million for a movie deal. Read the facts for yourself and find out how the FALSE allegations began! Redemption is available on com.

      • Gloria says:

        Geraldine, I purchased your book “REDEMPTION”..You write amazingly well for not writting before. So much great information,and everyone should buy a copy to read some real facts. MJ was inocent!!!!!!!! Ofcourse we all knew it, but this book is REAL! Thankyou for all your hard work. We lost a real artist, singer and the list goes on and on and on! Michael was a big kid himself and would “Never hurt a child”…RIP MJ, we love and miss you forver.

    8. brenda edith velazquez says:

      well he did go to jail (michael j.) but they tret him horribly he said that the cops locked him in the restroom and put this gas inside and left him in there for HOURS. also the cops bruised him! to this day cops DISGUST ME!

    9. Tracey says:

      I have been reading all these comments (and aparts from the couple of fools who landed on this site by accident and left awful comments), I’m glad to see that everyone who loved and still loves Michael has always been by his side…I’m sure he can see all the support he has now from where he is, but it breaks my heart that he may have thought in life that he didn’t have this much support… I know that he knew his fans loved and adored him, but maybe not to this extent… I have read so many comments and poems written to him on his official fan site (which of course I am a member of), and I get goose bumps reading the beautiful messages of love dedicated to a person whom we all so clearly loved.. Truly loved! Even though most of us had never met in him in life (what a shame for him), he had a way of making us feel that we weren’t distanced from him… We were important to him and he loved us from his pure heart.. I have loved Michael from as far back as I can remember myself! He was 10 years older than me, so he was already famous when I was a small child and watching him on TV and wishing I was his little sister! I am musical myself, so of course I was attracted to this young person who had an amazing talent and presence.. I was so aware of him from a very young age… During the horrible times of his trials and tribulations, I never wanted to hear anything about it and would walk out of rooms when people in my company would talk about the negativity… I would not take part and never believed for one second that it was true… I trusted my gut feeling about this human being who I “knew” all of my life.. My heart and soul told me the truth and so did his eyes… You only had to look at darling MJ’s eyes to know that he was pure, innocent and in pain… Michael, I love you more than any word in the English language can describe and I have always believed in you and will continue to believe in you and love you. Rest In Peace Angel.. Love you soooooo much MORE! Tracey xxxxxx

    10. Gloria says:

      Tracey, So very well written and says a lot that most of us feel from our hearts. I watched Michael as a kid and grew up on his music. When all the aligations came out neither my husband nor myself believed any of them. No way!! MJ had a kind soul and spirit. The greedyness of the media, Gordy, Evan Chandler and so many more, put this man through needless pain and mental anguish. MJ’s tallant was endless and so was his love for our planet and kids. Where were all his “so called friends” when he went through all those months of trial??? HUMMMMMMMMMM? NO WHERE!!!!! It was all of us fans that were there by his side saying all along “HE WAS INOCENT” Look in the MJFC website (I am a fan also), and see the multitude of chairties that he gave to. A lot of them were for children. Even when he showed Blanket out the window, we never thought it was bad. He could never go in public with his kids for fear someone would take them. He was a man, artist, loved by the world, a father, brother, and don’t forget a son..Think about loosing one of your kids and how bad the pain would be. God Bless you Michael. Thank you for all you did for the world. YOu DID make the world a better place!! I love u and will miss u 4 ever….We all loved you MORE!!!!

      • Tracey says:

        Thanks Gloria, yours too very well written and I’m so glad that I am one of those people (along with millions of others who love Michael), that can rise above the limited minds of people who only believe what they read and what they are told… I know that we really don’t know the inside life of celebrities, but if you know what they stand for so strongly, and Michael has always been SO transparent with the important facets of life that made him tick to want to improve situations, then I don’t think that the tabloids should sway what you truly believe in with all your heart and soul.. I look at some photos, not just of Michael, but others too, and really it depends what kind of mind you have, that will determine what you see… Every photo can look either naughty or nice if you think about it… I too was furious with the whole uproar of the people when Michael showed Blanket over the balcony. He had such a grip on Blanket that there was no danger.. he was merely want to show a small glimpse of his baby! He didn’t want to endanger his baby’s life! I used to tell people to get a grip and stop looking at everything under a microscope and turn Michael into some kind of freak.. It hurt me so much.. Only Blanket knows how much his father really loved him and protected him! It’s so sad.. And now we had to lose him because indecent people just pushed him over the edge of his emotional threshold. It’s all these small minded people who are responsible for where Michael is now. What a shame for us who love him so much. Oh dear…. Tracey xxxx

    11. The Reaper says:

      Looks likes the chicken have come home to roost!!!! Great job Jordan! Now go kill yourself! That lawsuit was the very beginning of the end. I can’t express what he took from the world by filing that bogus suit. EVEN THOUGH HE ISN’T HERE TO SEE IT…. “YOU CAN FINALLY CLOSE THAT CHAPTER.YOU HAVE FINALLY BEEN CLEARED IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. THOSE WHO ONCE CRUCIFIED YOU CAN ONLY RESPECT YOU AND ALL THAT YOU ENCOMPASSED. TAKE REST MIKE….. WE MISS YOU AND WE’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.” NOW YOU CAN TRULY REST IN PEACE!!!!!

    12. Lydia says:

      If Jordan did really lie, and I believe this is the case, he needs to speak louder! He needs to go to more news stations… all stations and make it known. He needs to contact Larry King. He needs to get out there an tell his story. Not ALL media people are going to avoid him. Someone will pickup his story and help him spread this. Some will help him. He needs to come out loud and now! He can’t perjure himself because he never testified and he was a minor. Am I wrong about that? The point is he needs to speak LOUDER! The media can NOT hear him!

    13. Lydia says:

      One more thing. There are a few HUGE media people who would make this big. People who would listen and help to protect Jordan by telling the story correctly. Geraldo Rivera, who has always pretty much stood behind MJ’s innocense, is one. Larry King, who also testified for MJ’s last case, would take this. All Jordan would have to do is email those stations and leave a contact number. Trust me, someone would check into it and contact him. I know people in the news and I know this kind of thing happens all the time. And the world would probably end up feeling very sorry for him, cause he was a kid and his dad used him (a form of abuse). People who are true Michael Jackson fans would eventually forgive him because they know that is what Michael would do. But he has got to come clean. This is wrong and pretty much one of the worst possible accusations you could make upon a human being.

    14. Ken Vo says:

      The truth is always partly hidden because of human ignorance and prejudice. With so many “opinion” out there it is difficult for any of us to seek the truth. As I’m writing this reply, i am a fan of MJ, but a couple weeks ago, i was just a music lover who enjoys his songs. I would never know the truth in MJ’s story cause i was not there. But after intensed research and reading, I believe he was innocent. The judge and jurors on his case seemed to have a same opinion with me. (For a bunch of white guys to officially judge a famous black man to be innocent, trust me, it has to be real). If MJ is truly innocent, I blame not only the Chandlers but also all the hateful Chandlers’ believers for MJ’s death. If MJ is truly innocent, you all are the killers of a great and forgiving man. Give ur brain time to think before u shoot ur mouth. MJ, I love u and ur music, hope ur death is the end of ur predicament on earth

    15. Tracey says:

      Well said everybody… Yes, Jordan still has time to reveal the truth publicly! Jordan YOU HAVE TO! You must tell the world about the lie that you were a part of… If not for your sake, you owe it to MJ and his family.. YOU MUST DO IT! The whole world (and by this I mean the negative people who turned against MJ and crucified him because of your lies) need to know the truth so that they can finally see that they need to stop believing every ounce of rubbish that they read about and trust their gut feeling (like I have all these years! NEVER have I believed that MJ was capable of filthy disgusting things that he was accused of! NEVER!!!!!! I hated you all this time because of this, but you have time to fix it!)… Like I said, you owe it to MJ first and his memory and wonderful legacy, then you will be able to redeem your soul! Do it Jordan, DO IT! Come clean! This will be the bravest and most important thing you do in your life! Take the step.. You have contributed to us losing our beloved MJ, at least you can tell the truth and give the world who is mourning him some peace… And give MJ’s soul peace finally! You owe it to him more than anything! I’m waiting to hear something on a wider media scale about this….. A loving MJ fan FOREVER, Tracey.

    16. brenda edith velazquez says:

      he was mental!!!!! COOL ME TOO! I AM SO GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! hey gloria wen i said you remind me of a poet named GORIA i ment to put GLORIA. i hope i didnt offend u.='(. i actually feel like im a big fan of u even if yur not that poet im talking about. gloria will u please encourage me to make my dream of helping others as i grow up? my parents tend not to encourage me on making my own garden. also i was going to give these toys to but she screamed no so i let my frend do it. i just always wanted to know wat it feels like to accomplish something thats GOOD. also yur like a mom.any kid would be lucky to have u…

      • Gloria says:

        Brenda, you sound like you have a big heart, and want to share the nice things you have with others. Remember your mom loves you and that will never change. I think that as you grow you will accomplish what ever you set out to do. Life is not fair, but as MJ put it so very well, “You can make the world a better place”….Follow your heart, but be smart about it. No offence taken :~)

    17. brenda edith velazquez says:

      ps reply

    18. brenda edith velazquez says:

      thank you.=) i appreciate it! you know i actually wish to meet u but u probably live far away! you know i myself write poems! i dont know if u do but 2 days ago i wrote 1 about earth and my teacher said it touched his heart and out of no where tears! he said i have a kind way of expressing my powerful self and i feel the same about u! i cant wait to share my heart to others!

    19. Robyn says:

      I love you, Michael. May you always rest in peace (until I get there).

      • Tracey says:

        And until I get there too! Be at peace because it’s going to be a lovely party when you are united with all the people who love you soooooo much angel Michael. Love you to the heavens and beyond! <3

    20. celeste says:

      omg i cant belive that they r framing MJ for doing something that no one knows if it true or not and now that he died it like there is no point in trying to figer out if its true or not cause there is nothing you can do about it now like if you take his money know one will care cause he died and there is no point in doing any thing now.I think that the person that made him die should be treated like that i mean like thats not fair and plus its not like he would care if he did it to “THE KING OF POP” then i get what the big deal is and what i dont understand is why would anybody want to kill MJ i mean he is so good at alot of things and if i were the person who KILLED MJ then i would pay my time and feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad about what i did and if i would go to jail for killing him i would just kill my self instead of going to jail and paying my time while im being guilty because your bigest torcher in life will be your counchence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JACKSON MAY REST IN PEACE R.I.P.

    21. Martin says:

      Michael’s private life was exposed so many times without him even knowing it. Jordan admitting he lied is just another proof that the King of Pop is innocent. I can’t believe how many people actually believe that he is guilty… open your eyes!

    22. Connie says:

      too late, Jordan…… you set things straight? Now trying to use this to increase your notoriety……..Michael loved children!

    23. Patula says:

      I agree with one of the individuals on here when she said vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord I will repay. EC will pay in God’s time, but I still did not like what he did. Michael would be here today if some people in his pathway had done him right. Geraldo was right because Michael was getting his life together and he was able to make a tour in London. However, I believe that he did not want to do fifty shows. I feel that he was murdered and on purpose. I do know that he is with the Lord, but that does not excuse all of the people who wanted him out of the way. He was not a drug addict, and personally he had several injuries to his own body. Remember when his hair caught hair. We never and will never know how he was affected by this. Secondly, many people may not know this but he had vitiligo which explains why his skin changed to a different color. His makeup artist Karen Faye I cannot remember her last name now because she recently got married. However, she noticed that sometime after Thriller Michael Jackson’s skin began changing to a paler version. Even CNN confirmed it in the autopsy. See, alot of individuals chose not to believe this but it is true. In addition to this, he had several falls on various tours that caused injuries to his body and his back was in pain. As a matter of fact, one of the technicians who knew Michael for over twenty years has recently indicated this about his physical conditions. Randy Phillips who is the concert promoter from AEG has done some questionable things along with the coarts of the This Is It production let’s say some of them. Our heavenly father has revealed this to me. Michael even told his own father and a family friend Mr. Leonard Rowe that he signed up for ten concerts, but his greedy former manager Dr. Tohme Tohme booked him for fifty shows. Liza Minnelli’s husband who has been friends with MJ for a long time recently made this statement so it is true. If you listen to the announcement about his comeback tour, you will learn that the announcer and it is posted on youtube told the crowd that MJ was doing ten shows. Now, if anyone wants to go onto youtube and type in What Happened to MJ on March 2009 you will learn the truth. I pray that it all comes out in the wash. See, greed is a sickening thing. Jermaine introduced his own brother to Dr. Tohme Tohme in order to help him get his finances back together and save Neverland. Michael’s death is more than about prescription drugs, it was and I will always believe a cover-up. The technician did not want to say alot because they are silencing him so that he can keep his job and provide for a family of 10. Yes. He overheard Mr. Phillips indicate to Mr. Ortega that he hired Dr. Conrad Murray to take care of Michael Jackson. Some things do not add up and I do not trust the company. Dr. Tohme Tohme has various alias for one thing. Secondly, he took Michael’s things from Neverland and tried to auction them off okay. That’s why he got fired by the singer. Michael was getting some people out of his life. My spirit tells me this. He went to a longtime friend and his sister Pastors Andre and Sandra Crouch from the Pentecostal faith and they prayed with him three weeks before he passed. Michael had no control over his own tour. He could not hire who he wanted to at all. Very sad. This comes from a reputable source. A close family friend. Dr. Tohme Tohme was a man that Michael was truly afraid of because he told his spiritual advisor Rev. June Gatlin back in September of 2008 and plus NBC has the tape of it. He fired Dr. Tohme Tohme in May a month before the concert. So, I believe that June 25th was planned of yeah. They may never want us to know but this man got his own revenge on Michael. He is the same man that cut him off from everyone that he truly loved. See, I believe that God was giving Michael more discernment and if he were here today he would be giving him even more. Dr. Murray blamed his own money troubles on Michael Jackson. He even said so on a website. How dumb can he be. I believe that he is taking his orders from someone at the top. I really do. If it comes out that this is the true, AEG will be in trouble big time. Phillips and Dr. Tohme Tohme by the way are brothers-in-law. Mr. Ortega is a cousin to Phillips. Tohme has Michael’s belongings from Neverland.

    24. VERYMAD says:

      MICHAEL IS NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the stupid dumbass boys just wanted to have money!!!poor things!

    25. i love michael jackson says:

      Not only hurt Michael Jackson’s gentle soul. He was a sinner. God will never forgive him for this. Jordan Chandler should be ashamed of what he did. People can be so mean and selfish like Jordan Chandler. we all LOVE Michael Jackson…. RIP… Michael is in God’s hand..

    26. THANANAN says:

      I feel so sorry for MJ’s life and what he’d been through! I’m glad that some of the people that hurt him in the past’s got some lesson, like Evan Chandler after he did the evil thing to MJ, after that he lived in fear until the day he died because Mj fans stalked of threated him. Karma…what goes around comes around!!! Also another one; Martin Bashire has some health problems! I hope it will get worse soon!!! Martin Bashire’s medical situation might happened to TOM SNEDDEN, DIAANE DEMON,CHANDLER’S FAMILY & LEGAL TEAM, if so a fiting end to the injustices they served Michael

    27. Laughing at YOU says:

      Jordy Chandler never recanted. GO to snopes and check it out. Mary Fischer’s piece was put out by the corporation that back the MJ money making machine, it is all silly spin. Johnnie Cochran settled a case for over 20 million. Do you really think Mr Cochran would settle over a lie? MJ was guilty as charged. They boy told the dirty details and save the sodium amytal insanity. YOu CAN NOT IMPLANT RECENT DETAILS. IF YOU BELIEVE THIS YOU ARE A INSANE HERE IS WHAT THE CIVIL SUIT CLAIMED WACKO DID TO THE BOY 29. During 1993 defendant Michael Jackson repeatedly engaged in sexual conduct with plaintiff and other conduct with plaintiff all of which was directed to gratifying defendant Michael Jackson’s lust, passions and sexual desire. The sexual conduct included but is not limited to defendant Michael Jackson orally copulating plaintiff, defendant Michael Jackson masturbating plaintiff, defendant Michael Jackson eating the semen of plaintiff, and defendant Michael Jackson having plaintiff fondle and manipulate the breasts and nipples of defendant Michael Jackson while the defendant Michael Jackson would masturbate. HERE IS WHAT HE SETTLED 44. Defendant Michael Jackson negligently had offensive contacts with plaintiff which were both explicitly sexual and otherwise. and that is why Cochran settled for 15.3 million to the boy, 1.5 million to each parent , 5 million to the lawyer. LAter Cochran woudl use Chandler’s lawyer Larry Feldman in his own paternity suit.

      • vegas777 says:

        laughing at YOU, Your kidding, right? Your not taking the right medicine? Smoking crack? Cochran settled for the 20 mil divided to let MJ move on with his life without any more humilitation! MJ had been through ENOUGH!.Both Chandler’s, Evan and Jordy are the guilty ones. It’s going to be very hard for Jordy to go through the rest of his life, much like DR. Murray, LOOKING OVER THEIR SHOULDERS! You really don’t know what MJ was about. What an ARTIST! Let the rumors fly but all MJ’s loyal fans know the real truth. MJ was innocent.I discussed the sodium amytal with a Dentist friend, and what was said to have happened with Joprdy under that drug can EASILY happen. From all that I have read,and researched, that dental issue with Jordy happened. He was brainwashed by his own father.GREED being the comon denominator. Although it has been published that Evan took his own life from being ill, WHATEVER..His evil past just caught up with him…RIP Michael..We loved you more!

    28. Juney says:

      How will this truth about Michael ever come out enough to make a difference? There must be a way. If Bashir, Dimond, and the others who ignored their responsibilities for money can lose their jobs maybe that will be the beginning. In England, a statement must be the truth when printed; in America a “journalist” can say anything as long as he has a “source”. Michael was a gentle soul who conveyed true emotion through his music. Could never figure how those cases in Santa Barbara got as far as they did except for the determination of Tom Sneddon, DA, to destroy Michael. MJ will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him and know the truth. Sneddon still lives in Santa Barbara, retired, having a good life; does he deserve it? You be the judge.

    29. kayla says:

      damit i dont care if i get in trouble u damn liar do u know what shit u put him through u made his life hell all because of u u made other liars say he did that to them o u damn hefa skank bitch o my god i am so mad and i will never forget this to all his fans he would thank u but still damnit u damn freak of nature i hate u

    30. NaE_nAe says:

      I’ve heard that Evan told Jordie to say all of this stuff just so that Evan could get money off of Michael. Michael knew that that’s what he was after and probably didn’t think he was going to go to far. Last year after Michael died, Jordie said that his father did get him to say that so he could get money off Michael. I also know that Michael told La Toya that people were after it and he was right. Michael was right about EVERYTHING. Also after Michael died, Evan committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and the gun was still in his hand when the authorities found him. Rumour has it, that he did this because the couldn’t deal with the guilt after what he did to Michael back in 1993. Other rumours have it that he was critcally ill before he did this. R.I.P MJ. I love you honey xoxox

    31. Stephen says:

      Being nice to some people is being taken advantage of. More money more problems. Bottom line, if my kid was molested by anyone, even my grandma, im gonna do all I can to have them in jail. You touch my kid and im gonna fly off the hook and have them put through the max, I would have taken him to court, then after he’s in jail I would fight for money. All money. And the 2005, they weren’t aware of a new law stating in Cali if a kid comes foward, it has to be tried first, then sue. The thought they could settle, but because of the new law, they got screwed, and after his mom was convicted of walfare fraud and trying to get money from others. Poor M J, but now he has no pain, tears, sorrow. Doesn’t have any cravings at all. He rests with Jesus right now. The Greatest.

    32. Wow says:

      Wow. Personally, I don’t think anyone will ever know the truth because none of us were there, and more importantly, it’s nobody’s business. But I never cease to be amazed at crazy, rabid fans who act as if a celebrity is their best friend and think know said celebrity’s deepest thoughts and feelings and every move. No wonder Michael Jackson was afraid of his fans! I think we should just let the man rest in peace.

      • Woman in the mirror says:

        WOW, you have your opinion but I want to say that MJ was not afraid of his fans. He loved us..And as for rabid fans, some have more trouble expressing their feelings than others. RABID is not a good word for any of his fans. The man is resting in peace. You are apparently NOT an MJ fan…find another site to haunt. We loved MJ and want justice for him. Long live his music and reminders of his awesome talant forever!!!!! We loved you more in peace.

    33. DontBuyIt says:

      I think he’s a child molester. YES. I said it. It is my opinion and whatever your thoughts are is your opinion as well. Of course, none of us knows the truth. People love him so much because of his music. I don’t doubt that he’s a kind hearted person…it truly shows in his music. We are forgetting that child molesters are PEOPLE too…..they are sick in the head and are attracted to little kids…yes they are monsters to us in that sense, but being a child molester doesn’t make you EVIL in every which way….so to always constantly bring up that michael is a philantropist and kind etc. etc. as a reason why he can’t be a pedophiller is not a good argument….Do not think so much in Black vs White ….. He’s young at heart but he still has a man’s body..with man’s needs….that desire is going to be expressed somehow….and obviously it’s not with a woman….and when did jordan chandler admit that he lied? is it from a reputable sourCE? i read the transcript from their trial and to tell you the truth, Jordan was really young at the time and acts like it…and he kept his story straight…he was up there talking for hours but his stories didnt change. I would expect that from him if he was lying…anyways..thats how i feel….

    34. Julia says:

      Think of the burden that Jordan carries, now that he’s older and can speak out about it. Jordan was a child who was used by the adults in his life. He’s probably going to need a lot of therapy to deal with guilt feelings.

    35. sarah n says:

      you guys should not forgive Jordan Chandler.He should have said this before mikey died.Michael might have stopped taking drugs if he had said this before.the only people he can ask forgiveness from are michael’s kids.Let them decide.His dad is an even bigger loser.he couldn’t face them so he committed suicide.I wish Michael could have been here and seen this guy admit it.He would have shed tears of joy.The world would be at his doorstep to say sorry.What has happened has happened.I hope MJ will forgive us for all we thought about him.Atleast he has got some peace now.GOD BLESS.

    36. sc341 says:

      I don’t know if anything went on because I was not in the room with them when what was alleged took place. All adults male and female should never think that it’s okay to ‘sleep with children’. It is not okay. Also, Jordan Chandler may never come forward and make a statement so if nothing did happen between them MJ’s life and career were ruined because he thought it was okay to share his bed with kids. Jordan will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder because of fear of overzealous MJ fans. His father killed himself in Jersey City last year and according to news reports he was estranged from his son and family. The media didn’t report his suicide till weeks later. This story is nothing short of an American tragedy.

    37. Chelby says:

      I dont think Michael should have been acused for anything, he was a great person and did everything he could for kids cause he knew he had it hard when he was a kid.

    38. Nina says:

      I agree that Michael didn’t do anything. Why would Jackson touch a child he if has kids. he should know how it feels when his child touched by a pedophile. Why would he do anything wrong like that. his innocent. if Evan wanted money, why won’t he work for it. His a dentist he has a job. he ruined his son’s name in front of a million people. They should be a shame of them selves. I love you Michael you inspire me :D

    39. josh alberts says:

      michael you rip you were always innocent you are an angel god bless you . i know your up there with god and watching over us i miss you michael but i know i will see you again and always have your amazing music to listien to rip for you are innocent and free from the stupied people acusing you for things you would never do you are an angel michael joseph jackson

    40. shell12 says:

      I always knew Michael Jackson was innocent.I miss and love you so much.

    41. Kelly says:

      I was once doubted Michael’s innocence where I was being one of those who believe what I read from the media. I wasnt a fan that time and I was feeded by media to potrayed Michael as guilty. Since his death, I was mesmerised by his dancemoves, his live performances and I started to LISTEN to his songs and the message that he wanted to convey to us. After listening to his songs, Im 100% sure that Michael wouldnt done anything to harm any children that he loved all his life.In his songs, I fould his innocence. I cried when I saw a clip of Neverland, a beautiful home that he forsake when they raided Neverland in 2003.When I heard him saying that Neverland was a house now, not a home anymore and he would never live there again..My heart broke into thousand pieces. :'( It was his home, he spent most of his happy moments there having ballon fights, super-soakers, egg hunting, etc. If not for the 2 evil families, Tom Sneddon, and all the vultures, michael would still be living at Neverland happily with his children. Someone with an inch of common sense would know that he would NEVER EVER harm any children in his life. He did more charities to help the children all around the world than any other artists. A molester wouldnt made to World Guiness Records for his humanitarian works. A molester wouldnt write songs for the lost children,wouldnt wanted us to heal the world and wouldnt urge each man to take a look at himself and make that change. Justice should be served for Michael. He was being crucified/ vilified to death.He didnt deserve so much pain in his life. Perhaps, that’s why God had taken him away from us as the world was not meant for one as beautiful as you. You are safe in God’s arms now and nobody will hurt you anymore. Rest in peace,Michael. Love you more, Kelly

    42. Annabel Pritchard says:

      I know that Jordie was a child at the time but cannot believe that people such as himself and the Arvizos can possibly sleep peacefully at night knowing that they deliberately engineered their stories against poor Michael. Just shows what a load of scum they are. ALL should face trial. Clearly Jordie’s FATHER could no longer sleep peacefully at night. Regarding all the nasty, wicked and distorted press coverage of Jackson have just read that there are no laws to stop media from deliberately distorting facts (there was a case with Fox News). How utterly incredible. Just what sort of lawmakers allow the media to deliberately lie to us? Criminals themselves?

    43. Annabel Pritchard says:

      Amusing how June Chandler’s attorney once described Evan as not being a “genuine person”. Would dearly love to know how he reached THAT conclusion! Also at Michael’s trial that should never have been the mother of one of the Australian boys’ who denied anything happened to them called June a “gold digger”. Just about sums up the Chandler parents I think. I hope that Evan has now gone to hell. The world is a better place without this wicked man.

    44. donna says:

      Carma always comes back. I just think it’s so sad that Michael was not hear today to hear this. More sad that he was put through this viscious lie. This distroyed this mans career and being. Now he’s gone. May not be a direct cause of this lie but it did lead to the downfall of this wonderful man. How evil for anyone to do this to someone. I don’t feel sorry for the father or this kid. What ever comes to Jordy for his lies will not be enough for what he did to Michael Jackson and his family.

    45. Tanazio says:

      There are so many evil people in the world who always create bad stories for others and ruining the innocent people’s reputation. I feel so bad for this idiot who told lies about Michael, I for one never believed any of those stupid stories. Michael was gifted, generous and had the money–jealousy people were planning to ruin him. I love you Michael and will always do

    46. kara says:

      I knew something was fishy. the fact that the family dropped the accusations after receiving money says it all. They were just trying to find a way to steal money.

    47. Rudy says:

      When we heard that Tiger was cheating on his wife how many women accused him too? Same thing with the priest scandals. Young men kept coming forward saying they were molested. In ’93 how many other boys claimed he molested them too? And people still allowed their children to go to his home. And after his death we’re not seeing more accusations either. To me this is proof that he was framed. But I wish he didn’t continue to let kids sleep in his room. I think we’d still have him if he stopped doing that. The arrest and trial sucked the life out of him. His abuse of drugs probably worsened after that. I’m amazed that I still feel so much grief and continue to cry over him. Does anyone else feel that way?

      • jaytee says:

        I do mate..this is the first ive heard of that dogs confessions..ive googled it and its everywhere…it makes me feel alot worse knowing that he would still be here if it wasnt for the chandlers..absolute disgrace,tragedy all that..losing mj is the single biggest loss to sickens me and ill will never get over it..talents like him have never come around and the world didnt know what we had..he need to be protected..we were lucky to have lived @ the same time..he truely was a gift from no one did so much for the world in so many ways..those who bagged and contributed in the hate for no reason other than greed and sensatinalism should burn in hell…they did it with MJ…shame shame shame

        • MJ 4 Ever says:

          jaytee. On this Anniversery of loosing the King of Pop, I totally agree with you. We will Honor MJ’s memory all day long!!! We love’d Mj more! The Greatest Artits of all times will NEVER be forgotten. Murray and Chandler will get what they deserve when time is over..But for now Long live Michael Jackson’s memories 4 Ever! Love you Mike

      • michael wifey says:

        Hey im still sad and mad its a year but it still hurts…… As for the story im sad that people would do anything for a little money that sick work for your own money michael worked for his and he shouldnt of had to share it with anyone

    48. CLS says:

      Collect: This is an MJ blogg. Fans 99.9%, the rest idiots! What does cord blood have to do with this site???? You need to log into a blood bank site..RIP MJ!!! We loved you more!

    49. David says:

      Jackson was truly an Angel sent from God. We shall see them, but we shall not know it was them. His unfortunate sin was vanity. I can use all the signs in the intire book to cordinate it all for you. Angels will always suffer higher punishment for sin. It is written, read revelations start to end until you found it… Jackson love vanity with his million dollar gloves and plastic surgery, but it simply did not work for him the same way it did other composers because its a sin. However, he quenched his thirst for vanity with all those fancy clothes and plastic surgery, so that he could be very humble in more important aspects of his life… The fourth and most powerfull horseman of the appocalypse will be represented by three primary signs… 1: pale 2: conquers 1/4th of the earth 3: given a name as death I think “The Thriller” is the closest match to the 4th horseman ever to have existed. No one could possibly represent the world pale better (black man who turns white… white as snow!) His fans equalled almost exactly 1/4th of the earth… Listen to “We are the World”… He cordinated that whole thing. He was so miserable in his latter life not because of being accused of child rape. Its because the world had given up on Love and Faith. Don’t agree? Look at the pop music the new generations listen to today and compare it ti “We are the World”… Imagine being the man who worked so hard for change and then having to listen to music that inspires hate, crime, indecentcy, and then they have the nerve to give michael credit for that sick music on top of it. He was persecuted to the max, and suffered hell on earth so we could all have a piece of heaven. Thanks Mike…

    50. XxdanyloveMJxX says:

      i know mj was TOTALLY innocent….. and that kid was dumb!!!!

    51. Rhonda says:

      Why were there no charges pressed against this kid and his so called father? Why did they get to keep the money…WTH?

      • Deucebugs says:

        My God!!! This kid should be sued by the Jacksons and have to pay back every dime to the Jackson children!!! He really disgusts me. I’d say, hey Jordy, ya dumbass, why don’t ya just go blow ur brains out like ur dumbass daddy did, but it’s obvious u have no fucking brains, so just go blow ur head off!!! Come forward now with that news? Why? That gona bring Michael back? U wana clear ur conscience? Fuck that Jordy!!! I hope MJ haunts ur cocksucken ass!! Faggot mother fucker!!!

      • joe says:

        I know, it’s completely injustice for Michael, he is treated the opposite way of what he SHOULD have been treated!! Bad things always happens to good people…and I feel very sorry for Jordan and his father, how can he keep living without feeling guilty?…Hope he becomes a better person. RIP, michael(angel)

    52. amanda says:

      Wow,evryone should know that the child and his father just wanted Jackson’s money…who wouldnt and he made every excuse to get it! All these lies made his life span shorter! I hope jordie chandler and his father are ashamed and know we all know now of their scam! May the KING OF POP R.I.P!…iloveyou Michael Jackson!! <3

    53. dynamite says:

      Evan(even if he is dead) and Jordan Chandler are pieces of shit! I don’t care what my father did to me I would have never said that someone did something so vicious when they didn’t. You don’t accuse someone of something so serious. 13 or not he knew what was right and he decided to do the wrong thing. I hope they are punished for their vicious false LIES! And then to live off of his money that they lied to get is pathetic. BURN!

    54. missou ikd... says:

      c vraiment DE LA FOLIE pour faire rip a toi michael

    55. M says:

      Club = IDIOT!!! Look in your mirror and see creepy.

      • Rachel says:

        ,im not trying to be mean,but what does that mean exactly?

        • M says:

          Rachel, there WAS a post right before mine from someone that called themselves “Club”..They were disrespecting MJ calling him creepy, so I responded with that I wrote…Club = IDIOT and told him/her to look in the mirror and see creepy..Apparently the people in charge of this site think it’s funny to take out certain posts so it looks like someone is just writting stupid stuff. Club was a real person posting something on this site. Thats a shame we can’t answer to a post and then someone delete’s it. I’m done on this site. God Bless MJ and we loved you more!

    56. maria says:

      This is actually false information. There is actually real confirmation that Jordan said he lied. This was a rumor cooked up by either the media, a fan or Jacksons family. As for the family dropping the claims for money? Oh I believe that 100%, especially in United States. Some people would do anything for money, even make their kids suffer and/or sell their kids. Does that mean Jackson is guilty? Of course not, we’ll never know that though. Of course fans want to believe hes not so their opinions aren’t exactly reliable. However, you can’t rely on kids to tell the truth either because they’re influenced by their parents. Kids are innocent in the fact that they’re naive but otherwise kids aren’t innocent anymore. They lie too, they cheat too, and they will do things for attention. What do I think? I think Michael Jackson is definitely a pop icon and nobody can take that away from him. I definitely don’t think he molested the cancer kid in 2004-2006 [don’t recall the year] and I’m indifferent about the 1993 case. I think people are selfish and greedy enough to accept money, despite their child’s suffering but I also think people are liars and it may be a lie. Do I think he was capable of molesting a child? Yes. Child molesters can’t stay away from children, they’re obsessed with them so yes he was capable of it. However, if he did molest children, I don’t believe it was any of the ones that came public with a media circus about it.

    57. MikesFan says:

      RIP Mike, we love you! Understand that these families are just scum balls. How can you live with yourself when you know you ruin someone else’s life. It breaks my heart when I think about it. WICKED! I’ve always believed Michael was innocent and I hope Chandler and the other one–Gavin get exactly what you and your family deserves in THIS life. Both families who accuse michael of evilness are just low life scum bags. That is why Evan Chandler took his own life shortly after Michael died. He knew he framed that man. I hope he does rot in hell for that and the bastard didn’t leave a confession note after he killed himself. SELFISH A-HOLE! I hope wherever you end up, Michael finds you and beat your a$$

    58. Bobby says:

      AYoo, Freaks ! Why The fuck would you just accused such a innocent person? Yeah because it was so funny how you were trying to get a lump of cash from him even though he was pouring in dept. I absolutely hate Jordan Chandler. No matter how much you say your sorry, what you did was UNFORGIVABLE. Knowing Michael Jackson was dead, made you come to your senses & realize what you did was wrong? come on dude. i know Michael Jackson would have forgave you because of the nice & kind mind. but us, as his number one fans think your a BASTARD and your just unforgivable.

      • Deucebugs says:

        OMG!!!! You couldn’t have said it better!!!Yes, Jordy fuck, what you did WAS UNFORGIVABLE!!! My daddy made me tell only lies… You stupid piece of shit. It’s like, did you not have a brain at age 13? I will NEVER forgive you, you worthless faggot cocksucker!!! You deserve to rot in hell!!! Your dad killed himself, why don’t you? You need to, even though you’ve changed your looks fuckwad, I hope someday that either you suffer tremendous pain or better yet, someone kills you!!! You don’t don’t deserve to be living. You and your fuckwad dad killed the greatest entertainer in the whole world, King Of Pop, and the most beautiful, kind, caring, and loving man on this earth!!! It’s a damn shame, Jordy. I fucking HATE you, as ALL the MJ fans do!!! You, your dad, and that other little cocksucker, Gavin Avizo or whatever that faggots name was are truly responsible for this wonderful mans death, who was completely innocent!!!! And the fans knew he was all along!!! I really don’t know how you can live with yourself, faggot? Your stupid dad couldn’t. I firmly believe that’s why he killed himself!!! You know, what I don’t get and NEVER will is why the fuck the courts and our justice system didn’t just throw out your fucking case, cause they had a recorded tape of your stupid dad saying, if I go thru with this, I win big! MJ won’t sell another record and will be destroyed forever! Well, fuck, it’s not rocket science to see what this fucker was trying to do!!! I just don’t get it. Our justice system and the courts just suck! Oh, and guess who else needs to fucken die and burn in hell? Diane Dimond that used to be the spokeswoman for Hard copy. She was trying to put MJ in prison. She would pay these fuckers that thought that they had a big story millions of dollars to tell their story. She even once said she had some fucken love letters that MJ had wriitten to Jordy fuck, but when asked to present them, she said, ” Well, I actually don’t have them in my possession”. Then she was asked, “have you read them?” And she said, “Well no…” What the fuck?? Stupid bitch!!! Well, MJ is no longer suffering now and is with our God almighty, and he is at peace… I hope he haunts all you fuckers that caused all his stress since 1993!!! Fuck all of you!!! And you fucken rotten bastards WILL got to hell for what you did!!! R.I.P. Michael. I love you more!

    59. Someone in d Dark says:

      I knew it……money can do anything….n now i hav 2 say dat “FUCK the Press, MICHAEL is THE BEST”. People Believe wat they see… today v believe dat MJ waz innocent but one day d whole world will say dat he waz really innocent… yes its true he shared his room with children bt media said he shared his bed which is nt true……N when dey said bed they made it sexual which is nt done!!!!!! RIP…… MJ u ROCKKKKKKK

    60. Abi says:

      Hey he might be creepy in all but that doesnt mean he’s not an amazing person & desereved much better than the way he was treated ; i actually find me self a little creepy lmaoo<3

    61. Eric says:

      Hey Jordan do you believe in “Karma”? you better, it believes in you & is lookin’for ya! All you really did was show the world what kind of people you are, you need to redeem yourself & to start you will give me 80% of whatever is left of $US15,000,000.00 then you will beg forgiveness to MJ’s family, friends & fans in that order.

      • MJ 4 ever says:

        Eric, well said!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was me, I seriously would be looking over my shoulder each day!”KARMA”..yep it will get ya! We loved you more MJ. RIP

    62. Rachel says:

      Michael is innocent! Why do people still make fun of him? Let the man rest in peace.

    63. Chrissy says:

      Always new it, may his sole now rest in peace. Chandlier was what was the beginning of the end for MJ. I cannot believe people were and are now so ugly in life. But then his father couldn’t live with the guilt and killed himself. Money does not buy happiness now does it.

    64. Tiffany says:

      I love Michael, “You need to log into a blood bank site..RIP MJ!!! We loved you more” that’s correct!

    65. fergie says:

      Wow, ok, I believe MJ was innocent. If anyones knows anything about the Jehova’s Witness’ (MJ religion of choice) than you know, if they thought for a second he touched a kid they would have “disfellowshiped” him and ruined his life. He was a great and greatly misunderstood guy, but I also do not believe Rev. 4th horse man is referring to him either.

    66. mjlover says:

      All yu guys tht left comment good about mj RIGHT On I hope jordan and his father burn to shit ! Michael waz innocent the whole time I knew it those sick bastards will get there’s! Karma’s a bitch!!

    67. Billie_Jean1230 says:

      I truly was raised at the time when other peers around me thought mj was guilty but to me I really didn’t care. They would make fun of hi and stuff but I never joked about him, because I know he didn’t deserve it. In my head thought,”Leave the poor guy alone..okay that happened like 3years ago, give it a rest” it was stupidity, and I’m happy I never thought he was guilty, but I did used to think he was weird. With the plastic surgeries and when he dangled his kid, that frwaked me out a bit, but I have learned to get on withyour life and to not judge people onthe mistakes they made in the past. He only hung out with kids because adults were only hanging out with him for the money and fame, and he only had a handful of adult friends who he could count on. Kids weren’t caring about what needing he made or what he looked like, they liked him cause he was fun to hang out with. So for those of you who think he was a child molestor, think about something you lost that was dear to you, and how hard you would work just to get a piece of that back.

    68. Mayola Mandiola says:

      The death of Michael Jackson was a massive surprise for anyone who loves music, although taking into account his situation it was possibly not so unexpected. The molestation charges pressed upon him saw the beginning of his deterioration. Once he began to abuse drugs to just get by, that was the time when there came to be no way back, IMHO.

    69. Aidan says:

      The frustration is understandable but the violent suggestions are unnecessary. At least Jordan did come clean and we will possibly never know his exact point of view so lets not judge him like everyone judged Michael

      • Deucebugs says:

        Yep, ur absolutely right!!! Let’s not judge him!!! Oh HELL NO!!!! Let’s just KILL him!!!! Judge him? He came clean? WHoopie!!! He a hero now??? Why even say anything? Why wait until MJ’s dead? Gona bring MJ back? Trying to clear his conscience? I’m sorry… He is a worthless piece of shit!!! He knew it was wrong when he was lying for his father. I’m sorry, but at age 13, you DO have a brain!!! He should have to pay back all that money. You know what they say, what comes around, goes around and let me tell ya, his turn WILL come!!! I only wish I could be there to see it!!!

    70. Emily says:

      HELLL NOO.. i knew this was true.. he had to live his life in pain.. he would never hurt or do something like that to children.. he loved them to much.. i think to father should be put in prision.. if they were sooooo goddamn poor..? why didnt he get off his laxy fuc.king and make money..? i hate people like him…

    71. Elizabeth says:

      I can’t concern myself with the likes of J. Chandler. He deserves to rot in his lies which aided in destroying a wonderful human being. I still love and miss Michael Joseph Jackson and he cannot come back to us. For J. Chandler, it is to late. He should have asked for forgiveness and confessed before Michael left planet earth. R.I.P MJ, you are loved forever in my heart. A loving fan.

    72. Maria-Laura says:

      I love Michael so much, to be honest. I’m 14, and, all my life, have loved this great angel. I was with Michael all the way… Jordan Chandler shouldn’t of done that, obviously, and I’m guessing, it was his father who talked him into it. Jordan didn’t just put Michael in whatever he went through, he also ruined a good friendship, and since Michael was famous since he was five-years-old, so it was hard to get friendships. You couldn’t trust anyone. Why he had to do that, only Jordan and his father know. Why he had to admit after he died, once again, only Jordan would know that. R.I.P Michael Jackson… King forever :) In my heart, always and forever… <3 x

    73. #1 MJ FAN:) says:

      1,000,000% INNOCENT! I cant believe Jordy and his duecebag of a father had the nerve to even think that. Michael Jackson is a human being like the rest of us. He is gods gift and he will never be replaced. All u haters out there better watch what they say. He will haunt u. . .well actually he has a good heart so ur lucky. See thats how good and loving a person he is! He does not, under any circumstance, does not deserve be treated like that then. Well im happy now because he doesnt have to suffer all the pain all u bitches cause for him. The iconic, legendary, beautiful, loving, KING will forever live on in everyones memory. We all love u mike! We always will!!! R.I.P I love u!:) Xoxoxo

    74. MJlover95 says:

      The love of money is the root of ALL EVIL!!!! We shoul’ve known that Jordy was after Michael’s money…Don’t worry about Jordy, God’s got him in the after-life. Shoot, maybe even now!!!! I love you Michael, I always have and I always will.. Rest In Paradise Michael, Your Biggest Fan. <3


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