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Brittany Murphy Death Photo: Available, Attainable, or Not?

Brittany Murphy death photo: A death photo of Brittany Murphy is something that many want to see. Celebrity death photos are always popular days after a high-profile death.  Brittany Murphy is proving to be no exception to the death photo frenzy, and searches have yielded many empty handed.

That being said – there’s not a Brittany Murphy death photo out there.  You have to ask yourself – should there be? I mean, come on – when someone dies, don’t we at least owe them an ounce of respect?  Are there death photos of regular, every day people floating around? Most likely not.

Celebrities should be offered the same courtesy.

That being said, there’s still no official cause of death ruled in the case.  Brittany Murphy’s death isn’t said to be the result of foul play.  There have to be more test performed before we will know what caused the 32 year old to be healthy.

Even though there’s no official Brittany Murphy cause of death or death photo, there are plenty of conspiracy theories floating around.  TMZ recently published a laundry list of drugs that were found at the actresses residence at the time of her death. 

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton eerily predicted her death on a radio show when asked if he seen anyone heading down the same road as Michael Jackson.

So far, there’s no Brittany Murphy death photo, nor should there ever be.  She was such as beautiful individual and there are many, many pictures of her that are much more suitable to her remembrance.

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