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Jerome Corsi Obama Book – Obama Nation

Obama Nation is The New York Times bestselling book by Dr Jerome Corsi in which the author analyzes the life and career of Barack Obama.

Its controversial and the timing may lead one to conclude that the author is trying to latch onto Obama mania that has gripped the nation and the world, which I think is safe to add after Obama’s rock star like reception in Europe.

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Minnesota Plane Crash

A chartered Raytheon Hawker 800 crashed at a regional airport in Minnesota while trying to land in a thunderstorm killing everybody on board.

One of them survived the fatal landing but died while en route to the hospital.

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Jason Bay Scouting Report

Presenting the Jason Bay Scouting Report here but I did a toss on this report and the Ramirez news. You know who won. Basically the Reds brought outfielder Jason Bay from the Pirates and sent Manny Ramirez to Dodgers and Brandon Moss and RHP Craig Hansen to the Pirates in a three-team deal.

More on Jason, he was born in 1979 and is a Canadian native. (He should be out playing hockey!) In his quite young and impressive major league career, Jason Bay has demonstrated above average power to all fields.

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Shame NTRO !!

How many of us have heard of the “National Technical Research Organization”? Ideally none. Well for starters it is the commission that the Kargil committee had thought was an “absolute necessity” to stop cyber crime and track emails sent out by terrorist organizations.

According to this one newspaper article, all the old horses of the DRDO, IPS (and the sorts) are heading it. Well even in this area India seems to have chosen the grey haired paunchy uncle to the sauve and tech savvy young turk. With the recent spate of bombs blowing up Indian besiness and technical hubs, the NTRO has been caught day dreaming at its job.

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Hannity and Colmes Fight

I have been watching this show for a few days since it follows right after Bill O’ Reilly. (Not that I need to give any reasons here). I started appreciating Ol’ dyed in the wool conservative and republican Bill a bit after he started peppering his judgment on Obama with a few favorables.

This basically showed that he is not uniformly against a certain personality but based on certain single incidents he passes the comment.

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Pandemic 2 Of Crazy Monkey Games

I like their by line and I thought just for packing so much creativity in one single line deserved to be written and raved about.

If you go to the Crazy Monkey website to play this game – Pandemic 2 – this is how they promote it:

Customize your disease, kongregrate,  and wipe out the population?!

Just what exactly is this supposed to mean?

Another fan of the game had this to say –

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Mindfreak Chris Angel At Clearwater

Call it dumb or daring but Criss Angel of the popular show Mind Freak on A&E has now promised his mother that if he survives the latest life threatening trick, then its going to be his last.

Think about it. Anyway you look at it, whether he survives or not, his trickery days seem to be over. Right?

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Ivan Rodriguez

I was expecting it to happen any day and now I am glad to announce that Yankees have signed 14 times all star catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Detroit based Tigers.

I never tire from telling people, albeit only online, that Yankees stadium is just about 15-20 minutes from my place. Though I am in the better part of New York, up further north.

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PS3 Update 2.42

Sony has just come out with its latest PlayStation 3 firmware update, but I am warning fans not to expect anything big in PS3 2.42.  The major fix in the PS3 Update 2.42 is that it addresses the quality of the playback for some PlayStation 3 format software. Thats the highlight of this update.

Japanese giant Sony updated its Playstation 3 firmware, bring the version to 2.42. But its a minor fix more than anything else.

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Taylor Bradford

Taylor Bradford, red shirted junior from Nashville, he played his first two years at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. (This place, by the way, is only 15 minutes from my parents home)

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