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Hurricane Paloma Track

Hurricane Paloma has become stronger and turned categorically into a hurricane this Thursday and is now barreling its way to the Caribbean islands and towards Cuba.

National Hurrican Center has a Miami base office that reported the storm, which formed early Thursday east of the Nicaragua-Honduras border, was packing winds with a combined force of near 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour), with higher gusts.

Check out more reportage of the hurricane including photos and maps here – CLICK HERE.

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Track Map Hurricane Paloma Plot Paloma Path

Tropical Storm Paloma strengthened into a hurricane Thursday as it barreled northward across the Caribbean towards Cuba, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

The Miami-based monitor reported that the storm, which formed early Thursday east of the Nicaragua-Honduras border, was packing sustained winds near 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour), with higher gusts.

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Little Tujunga Canyon Fire

 Little Tujunga Canyon Fire

Intense fires have been burning at Little Tujunga Canyon. A fire carried by the season’s first major winds blasted out of the foothills of the northeastern San Fernando Valley today, blackening 750 acres and destroying one house before winds shifted and the fire’s advance was largely halted.

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Tropical Storm Marco

Watch out for this one. The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Marco has kept its strength off Mexico’s Gulf Coast with maximum sustained winds near 65 mph (105 kph).

A hurricane watch is in effect for Mexico’s Gulf Coast from Cabo Rojo south to Veracruz, and a tropical storm warning is in effect for the coast from Cabo Rojo south to Punta El Lagarto.

204555W sm Tropical Storm Marco

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Hurricane Ike Computer Model

hurricane ike 300x298 Hurricane Ike Computer Model

Ike is forecast to maintain Category 4 status as it moves across the Southeastern Bahamas and near eastern Cuba. Some further strengthening is possible due to less wind shear and warmer water. This could allow Ike to become a very strong Category 4 or possibly even a Category 5 hurricane before affecting Cuba later.

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Oil Market Gustav

The fact that Gustav is going to have an impact on the Oil market and Gas prices in US is a given. What we can debate on however is, how much will be the impact.

Available news reports show that oil prices fluctuated sharply when it became known on Thursday that Hurricane Gustav has spun toward the Gulf of Mexico and was gaining strength with every passing hour.

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Hurricane Gustav Tracking

Hurricane Gustav comes calling right at the heels of Hurrican Fay. And if you think you are sitting somewhere far off from the landfall and cannot be affected by such inclement weather situations, then think again. Hurricane Gustav hit Haiti and ended driving up gasoline prices.

Networks are reporting that Hurricane Gustav struck Haiti and sent global oil prices sky rocketing on fears that it could become even more dangerous than before by the time it reaches Gulf of Mexico.

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Energizing Our Future

alternative energy 3 Energizing Our FutureWith the conventional sources of energy fast depleting, nations are looking for alternative sources to light up their homes and drive their cars. These sources are present literally in the backwards of these countries.

An interesting and very little known source is gas hydrate which is frozen methane gas. It is present in the depths of the oceans around the World. One such area is the Gulf of Mexico where at a depth of 29000 meters one of the largest deposits of gas hydrate has been found.

Usually at such murky depths there are very few living organisms. But in the area in which the gas is found is marked by characteristic evolution of gas bubbles from the faults in the ocean floor and attracts quite a few animals due to rich food reserves.

Holland is one such country where wind power is being harnessed on a large scale from the North Sea for powering homes. Shell has undertaken a huge project to make the first of its kind off shore wind energy harnessing system. Huge wind turbines standing more than 200 feet above the water surface have been installed in the open sea for this purpose. each turbine can support 200 households for a year.

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Track Map Tropical Storm Fay

We are going to track and map the tropical storm Fay until it blows over. Right now, according to the latest sources tropical storm Fay is heading towards Cuba.

Also, severe weather over the Dominican Republic has further strengthened and multiplied its devastating effect, according to US weather forecasts.

To give you an idea about how powerful this storm is, the winds are blowing at the speed of 40 miles an hour. (About 65km/hr)

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Track Map Chicago Tornado

I am starting this thread to track the Chicago Tornado, related news, any warnings and providing maps eventually. This is a potential national emergency.

It all started with a storm which led to the met department issuing warnings in downtown Chicago and eventually the evacuation of fans from the Wrigley field. Surprisingly, I heard nothing about it from the regular news channel so far I have been watching.

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