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Spirit Day Supporters Wear Purple

Wonder why so many people are wearing purple today, and even changing their Facebook and Twitter pics to the color purple? Continue Reading

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Four Infant Deaths Prompt Graco Stroller Recall

Attention parents and caregivers … Approximately 2 million Graco Quattro and MetroLite strollers have been recalled due to risk of entrapment and strangulation, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Graco Children’s Products Inc. announced on Wednesday.  Continue Reading

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Is Beyonce Pregnant? Magazine Says It’s True

Are singer Beyonce and rapper-husband Jay-Z expecting a child?  One popular magazine says it is true. Continue Reading

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Jenn Sterger Playboy Pictures Hot Again

Jenn Sterger, who posed for Playboy and Maxim shortly before beginning her reporting career, is seeing her Playboy pictures become a hot topic once again after the recent publicity over the scandalous penis pictures allegedly sent to her from legendary quarterback Brett Favre when both were employed by the New York Jets.  The 26-year-old television personality, now the host of Versus’ “The Daily Line,” is undoubtedly finding it ironic that the penis pictures allegedly sent her by Brett Favre have led to a multitude of searches for her old Playboy pictures.  Even though, according to Jenn Sterger, there was never more than an electronic connection between the two.

Jenn Sterger’s saved pictures of a man’s genitalia ended up on Deadspin last week.  Scandal ensued.  She and her manager maintain that she did not give or sell the pictures (purported to be of Brett Favre) to Deadspin.  Deadspin has corroborated, saying they bought the material — cell phone photos, text messages, voice mails, and cached e-mails — from a third party.

The pictures — three shots of a male penis taken from the waist down — are allegedly of Brett Favre.  The sender of the sext messages, according to Deadspin, came from a cell phone registered with a Mississippi area code (Favre’s home state).  The pictures, voice mails, text messages, and e-mails from MySpace all appeared in a video posted in an article on Deadspin.

The NFL is looking into the situation.

Jenn Sterger, who once said she would cooperate with the NFL’s investigation, now says she is looking for a “proper resolution,” according to the New York Daily News, which many take to mean “cash settlement.”

And while people wait for the next installment of the Brett Favre soap opera, many search for Jenn Sterger’s Playboy pictures, especially the topless photo.

After being discovered on national television as one of the Florida State Cowgirls (an unofficial cheering squad that went to Seminoles games dressed in skimpy cowboy garb) during a college football game, Jenn Sterger soon began appearing in photo layouts and interviews, including those done for Playboy and Maxim.  Pictures of the sexy television personality can be found by the hundreds online.  She was employed by the New York Jets in 2008 when she allegedly received the alleged unwanted advances of veteran quarterback Brett Favre.  Sterger told the story of the penis pictures to Deadspin in February but had backed away from supplying the website with corroborative proof of her allegations.

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Kim Kardashian Goes Naked For ‘W Magazine’

She admitted she was uncomfortable when she did Playboy, but Kim Kardashian says she wasn’t uncomfortable at all doing the photo shoot for W Magazine’s November issue.  Besides, it was for art — well, at least, the Art Issue of W Magazine.  Mark Seliger photographed the beautiful reality show star for the cover story, catching her in all her natural glory and silver-coated, too.

Completely naked, the voluptuous 29-year-old star of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” posed for pictures in both her most natural state and in a micro-thin coating of silver body paint.  She disclosed to W Magazine in the appropriately titled “The Art of Reality” that she was far more confident in her 29-year-old skin than she had ever been in her earlier years.

“I used to think, I have to be this or that or skinny, and now, because of the show, everyone is embracing just me, which has given me such a confidence,” Kardashian told W Magazine. “Now, I’m like, ‘Why did I ever give that feeling the time of day?’ I’m so mature now. I’m a grown-up version of myself.”

And that she is — and one apparently worth searching for.  A Google search of “Kim Kardashian” will net the user nearly 83 million results.  Most of those results come with pictures.  Why?  Because Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed women in the world, not to mention one of the most sought-after to be photographed women in the world.

Kim Kardashian became famous less than a decade ago by being known as Paris Hilton’s BFF, but it wasn’t long until the photogenic brunette had her own reality show on E! Television.  A sex tape she now says she’s embarrassed by and a Playboy photo spread that she admits to being uncomfortable doing (she says her mother talked her into it) didn’t hurt to get her some name recognition.  A few short years later, her reality show with her family, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” is still a popular draw and has spawned a couple spin-offs.  She has launched several fashion ventures, including a line of swimwear, and  continues to be a much in demand model.

You can catch Kim Kardashian fully naked on the cover of W Magazine now.

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Bishop Eddie Long Pictures and Sexual Scandal Update

Bishop Eddie Long pictures and sexual scandal updates are desired by the many people who are upset at the Atlanta based religious leader. The Bishop Eddie Long pictures deal with the scandal over alleged sexual abuse.

Bishop Eddie Long is strongly against homosexuality.  Therefore, when the Atlanta based religious leader was accused of having sexual relations with three young men, it became a big scandal. The photos released in question were taken to make himself look attractive to his three alleged victims.

Lawyers for the victims claim that “texts, emails, phone calls, and photos” will prove the case.

Whether or not Bishop Eddie Long is guilty of anything is uncertain.  The pictures released didn’t show anything all too revealing or inappropriate. However, allegations include requests for oral sodomy as well as the requirement of being naked while being jet set all over the world.

Bishop Eddie Long pictures were released by ABC news, and more information can be found here.

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Jennifer Grey Brings Tears, Pride To ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Season 11 of “Dancing With The Stars” kicked off on Monday night, with emotions running high as frontrunner Jennifer Grey remembered her late friend, co-star, and dance partner Patrick Swayze. Continue Reading

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The 2010 Oktoberfest Starts Tomorrow

The start of the 2010 Oktoberfest starts off tomorrow Saturday September 18 2010. This year they will have the floats and parades that amuse people every year. This year just like last is said will be one that you can’t miss.

If you like parades and getting together with people who just want to have a great time then you shouldn’t miss out on all the activities that it has to offer. At noon tomorrow the festival will start off at a beer tent at Schotttenhammel at 12:00 noon sharp.

If you’re a die hard Oktoberfest fan you sure don’t want to miss this. After 12:00 noon the festival gets into high gear, and all the Octoberfest beer halls can tap their beer kegs so the party can get started.

If you have attended this year’s Oktoberfest, please leave a comment to tell everyone how it was and what a great time you had.

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‘The Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar Welcomes Baby Draco

Actress Danica McKellar, best known as Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years,” and her husband welcomed a baby boy into their family on Tuesday night. Welcome to little Draco. Continue Reading

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Cancer Survivors Among Stars At ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ Telethon (How to Donate)

Many stars will be present at the “Stand Up To Cancer” telethon on Friday night, including some who are cancer survivors themselves. Continue Reading

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