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Virtual Vietnam Wall

Vietnam Memorial Wall Wikipedia Virtual Vietnam Wall

After watching the documentary and seeing the story behind this monument, I would say its got to be the best memorial every built. Of course each memorial has its own significance and it would be hard to rate memorials, especially which honor the sacrifices made by those in the Army [like India Gate etc.], but there is definitely something about the Vietnam Wall which is missing in others.

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Pentagon Worker Sentenced In Spying Case

ap chinese spy 080211 mn Pentagon Worker Sentenced In Spying Case

CNN is reporting that an ex Pentagon worker who supplied classified information to a New Orleans furniture salesman, whom he thought was, a Taiwanese aligned individual, but in reality a mainland China spy has been convicted of spying. The sentencing would be carried out later.

At the sentencing, 51 year old Gregg W. Bergersen of Alexandria apologized and said he never meant to hurt his country and he did it out of the sense that ends justified the means. All the time thinking that he was further strengthening the defence of American ally Taiwan.

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Jungle Malady Leishmaniasis

aab Jungle Malady Leishmaniasis

With little fanfare, three American hostages rescued from leftist guerillas in Colombia returned safely to the United States, more than five years after their plane went down in rebel-held jungle.

You must have already heard the rudimentary details about background of this event. Just to recap, 3 american contractors working for Northrop Grumman and deployed against the rebels and drug cartels in Columbia fell into the hands of their captors after the plane they were flying in crashed.

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Mother Of All Prison Breaks

There was a suicide attack on one of the prisons in Kandahar, Afghanistan that had been holding a high number of hard core terrorists it seems.

NATO has gone to the extent of admitted that arch foes Taliban scored a tactical success with this suicide attack on the prison that allowed hundreds of captured enemy combatants to escape.

However a NATO general, Carlos Branco, says it was an isolated incident.

So far there has been no news of recapture of these escaped prisoners.

Afghanis have now sealed off the prison and are conducting an investigation into the attack. Talk about latcing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Many of these escapees will finally end up somewhere in Pakistan and back in the business of what they do best.

Read more details from here.

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US Air Force: New Cyber Command Recruitment Ad

The United States Air Force is looking for a few good men (and women) to stave off Cybarmageddon. Join the Cyber Command!

The Air Force is going large with a new tech-themed recruitment drive sporting the tagline: “A Changing World.” In this 30-second TV spot, cool headed airmen in the service’s fledgling Cyber Command are seen combating one of the “three million” hacker attacks that target the Pentagon building every day.


Youtube pulled this video off its servers after it was handed a copyright infringement notice by the US Air Force.

But according to Threat Level (Wired), US Air force is a government agency and therefore has no locus standi on trying to project the ad as covered by copyright law. SO they still have it on their servers.

However, I searched the video again on Youtube some days later and I found it.


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