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Fort Hood Shooting Victims Names: Fort Hood Shooting Victims Names are Names We Want to Know

Fort Hood Shooting victims names are in high demand. The Fort Hood shooting victims names are the  names of the Fort Hood Shooting victims that were either injured or killed by Malik Nadal Hassan.  The Fort Hood shooting happened about 24 hours ago, and already people want to know the names of the victims.

One victim was Kimberly Munley, the civilian police officer that brought down the attacker. She was injured, but in stable condition.  The Fort Hood Shooting victims names list has not been officially released, however the Huffington Post reports on various victims names that have been leaked.

Private First Class Michael Pearson of Bolingbrook, a 21 year old, was shot 3 times.  Francheska Velez, another 21 year old soldier that just returned from Iraq was also a victim.  She was pregnant.  Matthew Cook was shot in the abdomen, no word on his condition.  Amber Bahr a 19 year old was shot in the stomach, but is in stable condition.

Keara Bono was shot in the back, and is still alive.  She arrived at Fort Hood only one day before the Fort Hood shooting, and was set to deploy to Iraq on December 7.

Jason Dean Hunt and Amy Krueger are also unofficially named as Fort Hood Shooting victims names.

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Allahu Akbar 1 Big Controversial Term: Did Malik Nadal Hassan Claim “Allahu Akbar” During Fort Hood Shooting?

Allahu Akbar is a religious phrase. Allahu Akbar was made controversial by Malik Nadal Hassan. Was Allahu Akbar claimed by Malik Nadal Hassan? What does Allahu Akbar mean? Many Americans are wondering many things about Allahu Akbar, Malik Nadal Hassan, and the reason behind the Fort Hood Shootings.  Although it will be difficult to know the whole truth until it is revealed, let’s take a look at Allahu Akbar and its meaning.

“Allahu Akbar” and “Allahu Ekber” are similar terms that mean “God is Great.”  Allahu Akbar is an Islamic explanation.  Allahu Akbar is also the national anthym of Libya, and a song by Matoub.

Malik Nadal Hassan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood.  Malik Nadal Hassan is a Muslim, and according to CBS reports he exlaimed “Allahu Akbar” as he was shooting.  So far, there have been 13 deaths and 30 injuries in the Fort Hood attacks.

Allahu Akbar has received a lot of negative press in America.  It is said that the 9/11 attackers exclaimed “Allahu Akbar” during their attacks.  Radical jihadists are said to make the same exclamation when completing suicide attacks.

If Malik Nadal Hassan did in fact exclaim “Allahu Akbar” while completing the Fort Hood shootings, what does that mean? Was his act an act of Jihad, or “Holy War”  or was he just a soldier fed up with the system.  Some reports indicate that he was set for deployment, and was receiving harassment from other individuals of the Muslim faith.  Other rumors circulating include that Malik Nadal Hassan was acting on behalf of a radical group.  Again, those are just rumors.

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Fort Hood Shooting Victims: A Bad Day for Malik Nadal Hassan’s Victims of Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood shooting victims are victims of the Fort Hood attacks by Malik Nadal Hasan. Fort Hood shooting victims wereeither injured or killed by Malik Nadel Hassan. Fort Hood shooting victims and their families have a long way to go for recovery.  The Fort Hood shooting is unlike any other shooting in history, as the Fort Hood shooting happened at a military base and the suspect was a military professional as well.

Malik Nadal Hassan was a mental health professional at Fort Hood.  He is a Muslim, and was facing deployment. Chastised by his own kind, he snapped.  He orchestrated the Fort Hood shootings and the Fort Hood shooting victims totaled 13 dead and injured another 30, according to

Originally, officials said that the guilty individual from the Fort Hood shooting was dead. Malik Nadal Hassan is not dead, rather injured – but in stable condition.  Army officials state that his “death is not imminent”

The country watched in shock yesterday as the story of the Fort Hood shootings started rolling out.  What happened? Was the Fort Hood shooting a terrorist attack? Was there a rogue solider on the loose?  All these questions flashed in to the minds of many Americans, especially those already tired of all the fighting and the war.

Fort Hood shooting victims names are hard to find online. As more information is rolled out and next of kin are notified, more information will become available.

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Attack at Fort Hood: 12 Dead After Fort Hood Shooting, What’s Next?

The attack at Fort Hood is scary. The Fort Hood shooting and Fort Hood attack are horrendous, as 12 Fort Hood residents are dead.  The body count for the attack at Fort Hood and Fort Hood Shooting could be rising.

Today, at least 2 suspects stormed the Fort Hood military base near Austin, Texas.  Fort Hood is home to over 4,000 active duty officers and over 40,000 enlisted military professionals.  Fort Hood also employs about 9,000 civilians.  At least one of the gunmen have been killed.

After the Fort Hood attack, you have to wonder what is next.  Was the attack orchestrated by soldiers fed up with the system, or worse yet – someone that wanted American soldiers dead?  Our questions about the Fort Hood attack have yet to be answered, and many are searching frantically for the newest Fort Hood updates.

The FBI is en route to Fort Hood to help with the investigation.  This factoid is raising a lot of eyebrows, as typically the FBI tries to stay out of military investigations.

The attack at Fort Hood leaves many people questioning: what’s next?  Military bases are supposed to be the safest places in the United States.  Incidences like the Fort Hood shooting should never take place at a military base.

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Fort Hood shootings and the attack at Fort Hood.  Although there is no logical explanation for what happened, hopefully the media will be able to inform concerned citizens about what happened at Fort Hood.

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Fort Hood Shooting: A Bad Shooting in Fort Hood, Texas Kills Several

The Fort Hood shooting is breaking news. The Fort Hood shooting is scary. The Fort Hood shooting happened in Fort Hood, Texas military base leaving several dead and many more injured.

Fort Hood is a military base that houses 4,929 active duty officers and 45,414 enlisted military professionals.  The Fort Hood Base also employs nearly 9,000 civilians.

Never have we seen such an attack at a military base.  So far, one gunman is in custody and a second is on the loose.  It is unknown at this time whether the injured and killed are military or civilian.

The Fort Hood shooting took place near the soldier readiness facility, where soldiers go up to 60 days before they are deployed to begin rounds of various vaccinations and medical tests.

A nurse at the hospital where those injured were taken told reporters that all the victims thus far at her hospital have been military.

This is not the first Fort Hood shooting.  In 2009, a 21 year old soldier killed his lieutenant and then killed himself.  Today’s Fort Hood shooting is a heinous act that claimed the lives of many Americans.

Currently, the FBI is en route to Fort Hood to help with the investigation.  The suspects were wearing Army fatigues, but Fort Hood officials have not indicated whether the suspects are military professionals.

Repeat deployments and battle stress have taken a toll on many soldiers, according to Fox News. A record high suicide rate has been experienced in recent times.

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Veterans Day 2009: Veterans Day 2009 Celebrations and Deals

Veterans Day 2009 is November 11.  Veterans Day 2009 is next Wednesday. Veterans Day 2009 will bring a lot of Veterans Day celebrations and sales, so everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled for deals and things to do.

 Next Wednesday, several students will be off from school as various school systems close for Veteran’s Day.  In addition, mail will not be delivered and several banks will be closed as well.  Many Americans will still have to work on Veteran’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t take part and honor our Veteran’s.

Dollar General has an amazing Veterans Day deal.  All those on active duty in the military and their families will all receive a 10% off coupon to spend at Dollar General Stores.  It’s great to see a company such as Dollar General giving back to those that fight for our freedom on Veteran’s Day 2009.

 MidWest Airlines is offering a special sale on flights from November 11, 2009 to May 26, 2010.  You must purchase your tickets before November 10, 2009 to qualify for the savings, so if you need to be somewhere this Veteran’s Day make sure you book early to take advantage of this sale.

 Veterans Day began shortly after WWI and continues today. If you wish to teach your children about this holiday, there are many printable coloring pages that will help you do so.  It would be so special for your child to color a Veterans Day 2009 picture and give it to someone that serviced our country.

Want to read some inspirational Veterans Day Quotes and learn how you can say “Thank You” This Veterans Day? Click HERE for more details.

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Severodvinsk Class Submarines

8823b62d944f43a6e32c3cf0589a3682 Severodvinsk Class Submarines

Russia made quite a pile of money when the gas prices touched the sky sometime back. And even then it has a lot of natural resources which it sells to Europe and earns quite a handsome amount.

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Eric Shinseki – Your New VA Head

General Eric Ken Shinseki was our 34th Chief of Staff of the US Army for the exact time period when I was doing my under grad.

Good news for those who support Gen Eric is that he is to be chosen to be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs by the Obama administration. This is an awesome move given Gen Eric was the only officer to publicly disagree with Rumsfeld and Paul, the two neo cons who led US into a war with Iraq and ensured our soldiers were outnubered during the high insurgency days.

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B 52 Crashes in Guam

 B 52 Crashes in Guam

An Air Force B 52 long range bomber has crashed near Guam and rescue operations are underway. There were two crew and they bailed out. There is no information about their condition or what caused the crashed.

B 52 is a few decades old air craft but has an admirable safety record. The last crash was in 1994 and was blamed on pilot error.

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9 Soldiers KIA In Wanat, Afghanistan

troopsdm0803 468x432 9 Soldiers KIA In Wanat, Afghanistan

Iraq seems to be on track to stabilization although peace is still very very fragile in that country. But what is proving to be rather irksome is Afghanistan. Especially because the militants have the ability to hit at the stationed American and NATO forces, and then scurry back to ungoverned tribal bad lands of Pakistan for R&R.

The fact that Pakistan is not doing its bit or unable to do so, either intentionally or unintentionally, to eliminate this threat is further adding to the frustration of American troop commanders posted in Afghanistan.

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