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Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough

Nancy Drew is one of my current favorite games and the interesting thing is, I remember my family had a great affection for this brand as we had Nancy Drew books strewn around our home all over while growing up.

The fact that they have come out with a video game in itself is very cool. I love playing the game and now I am going to make public some of the tips and advice on how to – I came, I saw, I conqured – this game.

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Ahune The Frost Lord

Isn’t it summer already (but looking at the rains in NYC one might be fooled into thinking its the monsoon) and being a WoW fan you should know what this season heralds.

Blizzard, the top notch video game & entertainment company, has done it yet again. Trust me, Blizzard is to Video Games what Apple is to rest of the things.

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Megamouth Shark

The megamouth whale or shark as it is more popularly known is one of the most rare and peculiar species of deep water shark.

Megamouth Shark was spotted for the first time in recorded history in 1976 and since then very few have ever seen it again.

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If Haloween excites you than you should not miss out on the scary fun provided by The site allows you to play many horrifying Halloween Games online from here. Additionally you can create your own spooky Nicktoon monsters and give a healthy dose of scare to your family and friends! And as an icing on the cake, if your Your monster is creative and ingenious, it could also grace the Nick TV!

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Get Ready For Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 3

Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 3 is the latest offering from the creative team behind this popular show.

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Heavens To Murgatroyd


So what does Heavens to Murgatroyd mean? I didn’t know about it until some time back.

It is an exclamation of surprise. Much like Cappn Haddock in Tintin had “Thundering typhoons” etc.


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Code Geass R2 24

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Code Geass R2 16

Yet another level of Code Geass (Code Geass R2 16) is now out in the public. This is an extremely popular animie that has all the characteristics of Japan but is still somewhat popular in US.

I, for one, have never been able to get into their world and start liking them. But I can imagine why it has such a rabid following among the fans.

The best place to view the complete event would of course be The Pirate Bay dot Org. Its the most popular destination for torrent searches and download.

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Enter The Realm Of Alternative Reality

secondlife main 485 Enter The Realm Of Alternative Reality

Google is expanding its horizon and casting its net far and wide. In a business similar to Second Life, Google hopes to orchestrate more fantasizing on the Web.

With Lively, the company has launched a free service that allows users to interact in a 3 dimension software and gather together in communities [like banks, rooms, dorms etc.] using their avatars as alter egos for a chat.

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Code Geass R2

code geass 25 large 35 Code Geass R2

Code Geass is a japanese anime television series, but extremely popular here in United States as well. It was created by Sunrise, directed by Goro Taniguchi, and written by Ichiro Okouchi. Both the director and writer have earlier worked on another Sunrise series, the acclaimed Planetes, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion features original character designs by Clamp.

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