Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough

Nancy Drew is one of my current favorite games and the interesting thing is, I remember my family had a great affection for this brand as we had Nancy Drew books strewn around our home all over while growing up.

The fact that they have come out with a video game in itself is very cool. I love playing the game and now I am going to make public some of the tips and advice on how to – I came, I saw, I conqured – this game.

Do remember to post your views, opinions, and if you have any tips, post them below so other Nancy Drew Ransom fans can gain from this exercise.

So my friends, without further ado, lets start the Nancy Drew Ransom Of The Seven Ships Walkthrough. Just so that we are clear, I will be giving some Nancy Drew Ransom background for those who just started playing this game and then we will move on to some Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Advanced Tips Guide.

Game Sketch

The main character Nancy Drew and her best friends Bess and George make a plan to visit Bahamas for a frolicking adventure but then Bess mysteriously goes missing. Later on Nancy and George get a ransom note indicating that Bess have been abducted and is being held for ransom.

So this is how the game develops, and you as a player either don the role of Nancy or George depending on whom you fancy.

So now Nancy and George (meaning you guys) will go snorkeling, diving, swimming, practically having a Bahamas vacation with a mission. Mission being to find your friend. Ain’t that cool?

Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough

  • Take calculated risks and don’t worry about getting back to square zero – the game will automatically return the player to the point where they made the mistake.
  • Make sure you engage in pursuit of happiness like Bahamas diving, sailing, and interacting with island wildlife.
  • This is a mini Treasure Island hunt as well so along with searching for the lost friend, look for treasure too.
  • Lay mini-games with the monkeys at the research center to earn fun prizes.
  • You get the option of donning the hat of either Jr. or Sr. Detective depending on whether you want to play the tough player or easy game.
  • Play as Nancy Drew and George – see her best friends, George Fayne and Bess Marvin, for the first time.

I am going to include the Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough video by embedding the Youtube clip as well. Check it out and master the art of this game.

Remember to leave a comment, opinion, advice and tips for other users if you can. That’d be great!

    150 Responses to “Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships Walkthrough”

    1. Anna says:

      If you talk to the parrot it will give you hints and when you are sailing look for bottles. The parrot gives you hints so get plenty of Guavas!

      • nancy says:

        I played the monkey games all of them. I can’t get the damn compass. I have the book. How do I talk to Bess? and get the compass to ask for the metal detector?!

    2. Bailey says:

      How do you find the sails??? How do you find the *ball/sea urchin??? HELP!!!

    3. lalala says:

      i need help with finding where 2 scooba dive help? please

      • johnnie says:

        when you decode the book then it will let you dive. when you go to the boat go right and you will see a little island shaped like an c go in there and you will be able to

      • Danielle says:

        Once you leave the dock, go right, but don’t hug the shore.
        Sail until you find a bunch of rocks that form a circle, and then sail into the middle of them.
        The game will automatically change your screen until it looks like you are sitting in the boat.
        Click on the ladder to submerge.

      • shay says:

        Where to scooba dive is southeast from where you set sail (the dock) It took me a while too so dont give up. But remember in order to scuba dive you need to know what your doing there first so decode the journal.

    4. lalala says:

      to find the sails you ask the parrot and it will say go to the shed look at the flags on top of the box where the sails are and then go to the area in the hotel and see the flags on the wall there are numbers right down the code enter it and there you go

    5. Irena says:

      Please help. I’m stucked. I can’t get the compass from monkey, I’ve played with him a 1000 times, amd I never get it. It must’ve been that I’m missing something….HELP!!!

      • Keith says:

        You read the pamplet that you get next 2 the big monkey facts board in Shark Diving Resort it will tell you how much the signs are worth in the cocunut toss.

        • kitty says:

          I’ve also played against the monkey over and over! I keep winning junk, but no compass! I’m stuck! And I hate that monkey, I will go mad if I keep playing against him! please help!

          • Susana says:

            First play the color game, the one that the monkey in the tree plays, then you play with the monkey that throw rocks, when you win, there´s the compass

          • Mavis Fird says:

            I found a wakkthrough which reminded me I only had 8 shots per
            game so make them count…and get higher score…It seemed to work for me because I had been going a long time…long——
            good luck….hope it works for you it tokk only a couple of turns…..

        • Susan says:

          why can i not dive at half moon reef?

      • Miranda says:

        ok well u have to keep playing it u cnt find a secret way to get through it.

      • Josh says:

        Be sure to talk to the beach bum before attempting to get the compass. Then make sure to talk to Bess.

    6. Cheyennne says:

      Im having a hvery hard time trying to dig things up under water..?! What do i use to dig the treausre up?

      • Keith says:

        You use the shovel you get in the shed.

      • Keith says:

        You use the shovel you get in the shed

      • Josh says:

        You should have the shovel if not try to locate the shovel then try again.

      • Suzie says:

        Use the shovel – in the shed outside the main lobby. George will give you the key. If you have selected the shovel from your backpack it will go red when you can dig. Right click on it to dig. Hope this helps

    7. crazy23 says:

      who is the villain?

    8. Bailey says:

      Where do you go to scuba dive??? Where’s the shovel???HELP PLEASE!!!

      • Keith says:

        I can only answer one of your questions.You get the shovel in the shed next 2 the golf cart but your not allowed to go scuba dive yet you have 2 do what it says on the ransom note you get at the beginng of the game that George Fayne hands you.

    9. Melissa says:

      Where do you find the sea urchin and how do you go scuba diving??

    10. Keith says:

      does anyone know how to open the treasure chest under water when you go scuba diving i have book that i dug up at Shark Cove that tells me how to do it but that barely helps.

    11. Paige says:

      Ok so I can’t dig up the book or get the metal detector, But that seems like the next step… what am I missing?

      • Keith says:

        You have 2 do what it said on the ransom note. You start under the palm trees that form a W then you go down three and you would end up next to three signs on the left side of it tnen you look at the list Where it shows how far you walk which is the ransom note.The first number is 1 so you do 1 times 3 because theres three signs and your left of it so you move three 2 the left and your always end up next 2 a object.Then you decode the book you dig up then you ask the beach bum for the metal detector.

        • Paige says:

          Ok, so I’ve followed the instructions like 18 times but it won’t let me dig anything up. Does Nancy say something when you get it right?

        • Paige says:

          Thanks for the advice, but I still am having a problem. I get to the same point every time I try but when I pull out the shovel Nancy just keeps taking a step when I am trying to dig. Does that mean I am still doing it wrong?

    12. Keith says:

      How are you able 2 explore the caves at Bat Steep.

    13. Keith says:

      Do you want to know what 2 write in the book you dug up.

      • Paige says:

        No I managed to decode it and I have made a lot of progress since. I really do appreiciate the help though. I’ll let you know if I get stuck again. :)

    14. Keith says:

      Help me.

    15. Keith says:

      You win Guavas by beating the monkeys at there games.

    16. Keith says:

      Your welcome Paige.

    17. Keith says:

      Does anyone know how to open the chest underwater.:lol:

      • Josh says:

        Play around with the yellow bars you have to make the patterns into squares three times in a row or it will have you start over.

    18. Keith says:

      Oops the lol sign was supposed 2 turn into to a face laughing.

    19. xo Bella ox says:

      Heey, i don’t know if any of you have made it this far, but i’m on the part underwater in the Blue Hole cave and you have to do something with the 7 hour glasses in some order and i tried what seemed like everything, but of course nothing worked!! Help if you can please!
      -thanks :]

      • Keith says:

        I need to know how to open the treasure chests underwater when you scuba dive. The chest that uses the tiles to open.

        • Michelle says:

          Its like sudoku you cant have the same color tile in the same row or column as any of the other 8 three by three squares

    20. Bailey says:

      Ok so got the shovel…but i dont understand the instructions i looked at the other persons advice but i dont get it. Can someone just say go this way whatever times then that way whatever times? So confused…

      • Keith says:

        You start under the palm tree that forms a W the you go 3 down, 3 to the left,9 up,9 to the left ,2 up,3 to the left, 15 down,4 to the left,6 down,12 to the right,5 up, 6 to the right,4 down,8 to the right,2 up then right click in front of your feet.

    21. Lisa says:

      I can’t get the sand timers to be exact..any hints..I know the order they need to be in but everytime I start Caridad…it tells me…uh oh…made a boo boo..and thats that. i have done it about 20 times… any ideas?

      • Keith says:

        Lisa do you know how to open the treasure chest under water when you go sailing.

        • Lisa says:

          Keith..did you get the chest open? I am sorry for the delay, the darn timers have me almost bald.
          the chest is that you have to move the edges to form 3 squares, then the chest will move and you will have to move the sides to form 4 squares, then it will move again and you have to finally make it 5 squares..think righ lower angle for the last one. I hope this helps.

    22. Mike says:

      I cannot seem to be able to “see” the metal detector behind Johnny. No hotspot is available. I have restarted the game three times now, and it never appears where I can “see” it to trigger the question. What is the trigger to make the metal detector a hotspot so I can “see” it?

    23. Dee says:

      This game is so frustrating…I can’t dive although I have shovel, suit and the detector…good grief…I used to enjoy the Nancy Drew games but they’ve become so darn complicated that it’s not much fun anymore. Give the the old way of playing…this is way too complicated!!!

      • Keith says:

        You go 2 the rocks that form a C and you put the sailboat next 2 one of the rocks and it will dock then you click on the ladder.

        • kitty says:

          I’ve played against the monkey over and over! I keep winning junk, but no compass! I’m stuck! And I hate that monkey, I will go mad if I keep playing against him! I also can’t “see” the compass. please help!

    24. Mike says:

      Keith, any thoughts on my question above? I’m pretty much at a standstill until I can figure this one out! Thanks.

    25. Mike says:

      Keith, any clues regarding my question above? I’m stuck here without the metal detector/compass task.

      • kitty says:

        I finally got to ask the metal detector question!!!!!!! :)

        I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but it was one of two things:

        First, I reread the book in the book exchange basket. Then I went to sangre beach, and I reread el toro’s journal right in front of the beach bum. Only after that was I able to talk to him about the metal detector.

        I hope this helps. (thank you anyway Keith)

      • Kitty says:

        I finally got to ask the metal detector question!!!!! :)

        I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but it was one of two things:

        First, I reread the book in the book exchange basket. Then I went to sangre beach, and I reread el toro’s journal right in front of the beach bum. Only after that was I able to talk to him about the metal detector.

        I hope this helps. (thank you anyway Keith)

      • Keith says:

        You play the cocunut toss with the monkey and you get the compass from that monkey then you talk 2 the beach bum and he says you can use the metal detector then you click on it in front of the cloth hung up.

    26. kitty says:

      I’ve played against the monkey over and over! I keep winning junk, but no compass! I’m stuck! And I hate that monkey, I will go mad if I keep playing against him! I also can’t “see” the metal detector.please help!

      • Keith says:

        You play the cocunut toss then You talk to the beach bum and he says that you can use the metal detector and you click on it in front of the cloth hanging up.

    27. Summer says:

      I’m really stuck. I’ve followed the walkthrough and I’ve done everything and it still won’t let me dive in blue hole. I know I need the glow sticks from Johny but I have to know it’s dark 1st before I can even talk to him about it…help.

    28. kitty says:

      I finally got to ask the metal detector question!!!! :)

      I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but it was one of two things:

      First, I reread the book in the book exchange basket. Then I went to sangre beach, and I reread el toro’s journal right in front of the beach bum. Only after that was I able to talk to him about the metal detector.

      I hope this helps.

    29. Keith says:

      Does anyone know where to get a sea urchin because I need to lure the monkeys from the paths on top of Bat Steep.

    30. Lisa says:

      Is anyone at the sand timers yet. I have done it exactly how its suppose to be, I did cheat too and go the times/and when to flip but I still can’t do it… UGH! I agree, this one is challenging…that beach walking was brutal.

    31. Kelly says:

      Where is monkey center?!

      • Keith says:

        Look at the map hung on the wall next to George Fayne. It will tell you where everything is. HTH!

    32. ashley says:

      i cant seem to dock the sailboat at the reef shaped like a c. i put it up by the rocks and nothing happens. is there something i need to click to make it dock, or something i need to accomplish before it will let me?

      • Keith says:

        Sail into the C opening. Then the screen changes to Nancy’s point of view. Then, click onto the ladder.

        • ashley says:

          its still not working. i sail right into the reef and nothing happens. what am i doing wrong

          • Sierra says:

            Ok. This confused me at first too. Are you sailing into the “C” looking place with a beach on it? If you are, you’re in the wrong place. Try sailing A bit to the East. You’ll see a sharp rock on the screen, and then you’ll see a bunch of broken up rocks. This is the reef you’re looking for. Just sail in and you’ll switch to nancy’s POV. Now you can dive.

            If this is where you are already, try checking your checklist and finishing everything important before you try to dive. that sometimes makes a difference.

    33. ashley says:

      i sail right into the reef and it doesnt work. what am i doing wrong.

      • Jennifer says:

        That is what happened to me..I sail into the C island and …… nothing happens waaa what should i do? I have everything already!

    34. Baily says:

      I need help!!!! How do you scuba dive?? i dont get it! it would b rly nice if you helped me!!!

    35. Baily says:

      and by the way were is the sea urchin??

      • Keith says:

        When you find the treasure chest and open it your aloud 2 go on top of Bat Steep and monkeys are in your way so you go 2 Shark Diving Resort and press the button labeled ball you press on it then you go on the sailboat and go 2 the ricks that form a Cthen you click on the ladder then you move torwrd the pile of stuff in front of the ladder then BAM!!! you got your sea urchin.

        • Channing says:

          I’ve opened the Caridad treasure chest but when I climb to the top of bat steep I don’t see any monkeys, but I still can’t get to the top.

          • Kieth says:

            You click on the stairs when you get on the top of Bat Steep. You get to the top when you start at the bottom you go in a strait line untill you get to the top but don’t go into any caves.

            AMPJAM= Any More Problems Just Ask Me

            • Felicia says:

              I feel like I have done everything so far, and I keep winning the game against the monkey with the extra toe, but he never gives me the pulley as an option. Is there something that triggers this?

    36. geena says:

      anyone know how to put the rope on the pullys? i am so sick of watching that rope snap!

    37. Baily says:

      try going to and type in ransom of the seven ships walkthrough

    38. Sierra says:

      I’m stuck on the part where you have to go to the reef you saw through the astrolabe. I sailed to half moon reef, the reef I believe nancy said, but I can’t seem to find the area with the jelyfish that my walkthrough says to avoid. I don’t think that I’m in the rightr place. Help please??

    39. Jules says:

      I’m having trouble, too with that darn sea urchin. BTW, if there’s anything you can’t do, like scuba dive or get the detector, it’s because you’ve missed a step. can’t get the detector until you’ve translated the first half of the journal AND gone into the “C” rocks–can’t go into the “C” to dive until you translate the book, which by the way, you clcik on the jibberish and then an alphabet shows up at the bottom of the page. Can’t win the compass to get the detector until you’ve translated the book…
      Now, back to my problem–I don’t know what I’m missing, but I’ve gone through 10 tanks of air and NO sea urchin or coral–I can’t do anything except dig up “treasure” with the shovel. I see the two “balls” close to the her boat, but nothing happens when I clicks, etc.. HELP!!

    40. Baily says:

      okay i am stuck. how do you get the octopus out?? well i no you are supposed to get a mollusk but where??

    41. connie says:

      octopus…at very bottom u see a old diving “head” there are mollusk there. put it on the furthest rock out to the right.

    42. Baily says:

      yay thank you soo much i am gaonna see if i can do it!!!! Thanks

    43. Sue says:

      Stuck on the hourglass puzzle. Cant get the timing right. Does anyone have any clues????

      • Kieth says:

        You have to do them in order heres the order

        4 1 6
        2 7 5 3 The first five you start in between the 1 and 2 line on the hourglass then the last 2 you start in between the 2 and 3 line and they have to run out at the same time.

        • nova says:

          i cant go diving in blue hole yet and im not sure if there’s something i need to do, but i think i’ve done everything, i could really use some serious help!

    44. Keith says:

      What numbers do u put in Johnny’s GPS.

    45. Cookie says:

      Here’s the co-ordinates for Jonny’s GPS…Good Luck!

      Kraken – 23’54′ 74’12′
      Gull – 23’51′ 73’48′
      Reef – 24’09′ 74’18′
      Dread – 24’00′ 73’24′
      Ship – 24’06′ 74’00′
      Cyclops – 24’09′ 73’42′
      Triangle- 24’18′ 73’27′
      Moon – 23’57′ 74’30′

      • Kieth says:

        Sorry I already figured it because I looked at the Yahoo! walkthrough. but thanks for helping.

      • Irene says:

        How do you find these? I’ve searched the entire place and i cant find the triangle, moon reef or cyclops! help!

    46. Kieth says:

      Does anyone want to know the name for the next Nancy Drew because I beat the game.

    47. Lexi says:

      Where is the coral when yougo scuba diving

    48. susan says:

      I can not find where to dive for the octopus. I have sailed south from Dove Isle then SW and I can not find anything that looks like and octopus or jellyfish. HELLLP!!!!

    49. amanda says:

      i cant get the dial thingy from sharks cove can anyone help me????????

    50. Brenda says:

      I need help with the puzzel behind the octopus I cant figure it out help PLZ

    51. Keith says:

      Does anyone want to know how to get a pirate egg.

    52. Natalie says:

      I feel really stupid, but when I’m scuba diving, I don’t know how to get out. Like I go to the top as far as I can go, and I’m just stuck there. What am I doing wrong?

    53. Elizabeth says:

      I can’t seem to be able to get a sea urchin. I know where the brian coral is, but every time I go to it I can’t get a sea urchin. I think I’m supposed to be able to automatically zoom into the coral but I can’t! help!!

    54. melinda says:

      I found the chest and I know how to open it but when my air runs low I can seem to get out of the water. Its driving me crazy! I keep running out of air! what do I do?

      • Josh says:

        You may not be running out of air you may be causing your self too much pressure on your swim back up. Try to take your time and avoid those pesky jelly fish.

    55. Dena says:

      I am diving for the treasure know the location but it’s not doing anything for me. I am playing it on the Senior level. I have even tried using the shovel.


    56. emily says:

      does anyone know where the shipwrek is and how you dive down in the ocean

    57. Sarah says:

      How do we get the sonar batteries in the bat thing can’t figure that out?

    58. Terry says:

      I’m really stuck. I’ve followed the walkthrough and I’ve done everything and it still won’t let me sail…???

    59. Terry says:

      I’m really stuck. I’ve followed the walkthrough and I’ve done everything and it still won’t let me sail…??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is not check but i’ve done this..i think so!!!Follow the directions in that book i dug up


    60. Summer says:

      I am pretty far along in the game. I am now at the point where I’ve dived in Blue Hole but I still need the ant and the owl dial to complete the game. To get the owl dial I need to go to Shark Cove use my metal detector, but as I’ve long since found the book, it won’t let me behind the rock, and so I can’t get the owl dial. What do I do now?

    61. Kat says:

      HELP I am at the part where u do the suduko puzzle, but I have only 3 secs to beat it!!!! Is there any way to get more seconds???

      • major monkey says:

        Instead of figuring it out on the screen, draw the puzzle on paper and pause the game while you figure out the puzzle. The when you get it just unpause the game and put the colors in place. You should stop halfway through and return to the surface to get more air. Just go to the resort and go to the closet where you found thescuba gear. click on the pic. of gear on the top bar of the screan and then click the button on the machine. Go back to the chest and finish the puzzle. Hope this helps ;D

    62. Kim says:

      I have decoded the journal and flipped thru it afterwards, but can’t get Nancy to agree it’s been decoded. My list still says use brass disk to decode journal. I’ve gone diving and finished Suduko, I only have look for someone around cave I was in, figure out disks, and what symbols and works pointed to. How do I get Nancy to agree journal has been decoded, so more parts of the game open.

    63. Sabella says:

      I”m only finding 4/5 bat caves, am I blind?

      • major monkey says:


    64. alli says:

      i cant get the journal
      !!!!!!! GRRR
      help me!

    65. Lena says:

      I found monkey’s ball

    66. Robin says:

      I have done everything step by step by walk through but can not get Nancy in the blue hole she dives in but stops. I have all 6 disc…i have glow sticks….what am i missing

    67. heather says:

      I got the brass dial i’m up on bat steep, i decoded the journal it says i need something a fathom tall which is coucuo’s perch but when i go to coucou there is nothing about a perch i can click on all i can do is ask for a hint (which dose not help) or do a trick so what do i do?

    68. reza says:

      help me
      send save game for me

    69. Anon says:

      Well, this game certainly blows. I have been a diehard fan since before this series was even popular. I had Secrets Can Kill when it first came out and obviously have read all 50 original books in the series…sadly, Her Interactive thinks it can put out any bullshit to make some bucks. They are ruining this series with low quality, unimaginative games (which is so unfortunate since before they were spitting out two damn games a year they actually produced quality work). CRAP puzzles and “challenges” that are more irritating and stupid than witty or fun. No idea how they can even cater to the idiot fanbase that seems to enjoy these games either, as these puzzles are way above their level. It was fantastic until Creature of Kapu Cave; that was the dumbest waste of time ever. And they’ve been poor quality ever since. They will never make another game like the Secret of Shadow Ranch, or Ghost Dogs…guess the fun days of Nancy Drew are done Can you say SELL OUT?! I know I can.

    70. sandie says:

      How do I get the metal detector to work at shark cove to find the owl dial? I have it, just nothing happens when I go there.

    71. Kieth says:

      You have to read the book in Shark Diving Resort then your able to ask. Its on the table in the basket.

    72. Keith says:

      It is different everytime. You follow the rules in the book you got at Shark Cove. The directions are on the last page. When you think you got the right keyhole you you get out the key with holes at the end. If you want El Toro’s treasure and get a award at the end. You get out the other key and you find the right keyhole but the directions in the book that you got at Shark Cove doesn’t help. The keyhole is the same everytime. It looks like this \ | / but instead you use the other key for this.
      Then the \ | / picture of a ox will move then when you
      / | \
      / | \
      click on it and a puzzle will be behind the picture and the order of the puzzle is


      then another puzzle will be behind the puzzle you insert both keys then you press | || |V V those are the ones that are supposed to be the color yellow while the ||| should be black then BINGO!! you got El Toro’s treasure and you got your reward.

    73. tara says:

      i retrieved the “treasure” but cant get through the door.. is there any way you could describe the key hole.. did you say it was the same everytime?

    74. Keith says:

      No I said the treasure keyhole is the same everytime.

    75. Bill says:

      There are two steps to the puzzle. the first part is the hardest, you need a picture from on of the walkthroughs, and you can with some patience do the firstpart,assemble the six sections to the scrammbled parts. LOOK at the picture!!
      the second part is easy it is a slide it puzzle.