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Erin Andrews Named To Dancing With The Stars 2010 Cast List

Erin Andrews, the ESPN sidelines reporter that weathered a media storm over a video scandal in August, has been named to the “Dancing With The Stars” cast list for its 2010 pairings.  Although Erin Andrews has been a well known personality in the sports world, she became a national and an international sensation when she attempted to stop the dissemination of a peephole videotape of her naked in a hotel room appeared on the world wide web.  Now that the man responsible for shooting that video has been caught and prosecuted, it seems that not only can Erin Andrews return to her reporting at ESPN (which she did and continues to do) but she can dance as well.

There isn’t a sports fan out there that has internet that does not know who Erin Andrews is, and she’s known as much for her good looks as for her reporting.  Nicknamed Erin “Page Views,” Andrews has held a special place among guys who are sports fanatics and who simply like looking at attractive women for years.  She was named Playboy‘s Sexiest Sportscaster two years in a row. 

That being said, she had never appeared naked in Playboy, nor had she done any racy photo shoots along the way.  Andrews maintained that she wanted to get ahead by solid reporting, so she steered clear of lingerie pictures, barely there and/or nude calendars, risque photo shoots and videos, Playboy spreads, and racy pictures (although that never stopped the interested from scouring the internet and hoping for a hit). 

But a blurry peephole video started getting international traction in 2009 and some speculated that the naked blonde unknowingly cast as the lead in the video (which turned out to be seven separate videos spliced into one) was Erin Andrews.  The reporter put speculation to rest when she acknowledged that the peephole video was indeed of her and announced she was pursuing legal action to stop its dissemination and go after and prosecute whoever was responsible for invading her privacy. 

The following month saw the story plastered in the New York Post; blurred and barred-out naked images of Erin Andrews were shown on Fox News and CBS.  The coverage of Andrews became nearly as scandalous as the peephole video itself as major networks and publications used Andrews’ internet and sports world status to increase sales and ratings. 

And then a man named Michael Barrett was arrested at O”Hare airport in Chicago and charged with making the peephole video.  The story died down and, when football season started up, the pretty blonde sideline reporter resumed her job at ESPN.  She even appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to talk about the trauma of seeing herself the center of scandal. 

Now she’s ready to take on the national spotlight again.  This time she will have a little more control over what gets shown on video as she participates with the rest of the cast in the 2010 incarnation of ABC’s hit reality competition “Dancing With The Stars.”  Some of her fans might finally get to see her in something barely there, since “Dancing With The Stars” is known for its female contestants wearing as little as possible. 

And she won’t be blurry this time…

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