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Video: A Trainer Killed at Sea World by Whale VIDEO

A Sea World trainer used to working with the very large marine life featured in many shows in Sea World died yesterday after an incident with a 12,000 pound orca whale.  Foul play isn’t suspected in the Sea World Trainer’s death, although eyewitness accounts indicate that the whale initiated the deadly attack. Sea World claims that Dawn Brancheau slipped and fell in to the tank during a feeding.

There are many families that were traumatized by the incident involving the whale.  The same orca that killed a Sea World trainer was also involved in other deadly attacks on humans.  Still yet, reports indicate that there are no plans to euthanize the Sea World creature.

The president of Sea World promises to keep the public informed of any developments in the case.  Of course, attention will likely divert away from this tragedy over the next couple of weeks.  Everyone’s thoughts are with the Sea World trainer’s friends and family.  She died doing something that she truly loved.

See the Sea World Trainer Killed at Sea World video below:

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