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American Idol Pants on the Ground Continues to be a Top 100

American Idol’s unique hit from General Larry Platt, Pants on the Ground, is on the Billboard Top 100 – STILL!! The song has dropped 14 slots from its high point of #46, but it still amazes many that the zany and eccentric senior citizen with a legitimate gripe of how certain individuals wear their pants was able to create an overnight hit that has become a cultural icon of 2010.

General Larry Platt is a former civil rights worker that worked along side of Martin Luther King, Jr.  It angers him to see people walking around with their pants drooping, oftentimes dragging on the ground. Inspired, he wrote a song and performed it for the first time on an American Idol audition in Atlanta.

What’s very surprising about the Pants on the Ground hit is that it beat out artists this week such as Lady Antebellum, Mariah Carey, and Pearl Jam.  Who would have thought that this would be possible?

To see a video clip of Pants on the Ground, Click here.

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