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Luge Crash Video Available? An Olympic Video Pulled from YouTube

Luge crash video available? An Olympic video pulled from YouTube is creating a stir. The luge crash at today’s Vancouver winter Olympics training event claimed the life of an Olympic luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili.  Now that word is leaking out about his untimely death, a very predictable reaction has happened.

People are looking for the crash video.

For some reason or another, people like to see crash videos.  In some instances, such as the Shaun White X Games crash video, watching the event occur on YouTube is harmless.  Shaun walked away okay. He wasn’t hurt.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with the death of someone, you have to consider the possibility that someone in his family will come across the video.

Would you really want to see your son, husband, or brother die in such a horrific way? I didn’t think so.

Chances are, the Luge crash video will surface again and people will watch it just to see what happens.  It’s no different than when we rubberneck to see that horrific car accident that has left us caught in traffic for hours.

Our thoughts go out to the family of the luger who died during today’s event.  He is the third ever to die during training.  The first two died in 1964 during the event’s inaugural year.

Click here for Video and More News on Luge Crash Video from here.

    36 Responses to “Luge Crash Video Available? An Olympic Video Pulled from YouTube”

    1. Towny says:

      May he rest in peace – but the games must go on in the spirit the athletes would want and he would want…

    2. Tim says:

      The video was actually pulled off of CTV. Canada’s olympic broadcast provider. The reason it was yanked from Youtube was actually because of copyright concerns :P

    3. Shane Doyle says:

      Whine and cry all you want, I just wanted to see the film. If you or anyone’s family doesn’t want to watch it you have the right not to. Are you into censorship of all media or just videos that prove the truth of events so we the people don’t have to rely on state controlled media for a description that NEVER even approaches truth. You must be a communist. Do you have a swastika on your forehead?

      • voodoobetty says:

        what the hell does a swastika and communism have in common you nunce.

        • Jimbo Waldrop says:

          Because communist insist censoring information and the truth from the public. Since Germans are the common communist this is where Shane Doyle gets the Swastika from. Let him be entitled to his own opinion you communist!

          • mitch ferrari says:

            3 things.

            1) Shane Doyle is an idiot. It’s obviously true that he died how they said. They are not lieing about this as it does not concern them, moron. We all know that like me and everyone else who wants to see the video, is simply curious and would be interested to see it happen. Don’t bullshit with some conspiracy bullshit like an immature teenager.

            2) Voodoobetty was completely correct. Jimbo waldrop is wrong because TRUE communism is actually excellent but has never existed anywhere but on paper. Germany is a federal republic (although if you would care to be specific it is a federal parliamentary republic).

            Make sure you know what your talking about before you say it so you don’t look like a fool, cheers boys.

            3) anyone know where I can see the video?

    4. Andy says:

      They just broadcast the video on CNN so what difference does it make whether it’s on YouTube or not? Seems like a silly censorship.

    5. Tim Sherman says:

      no big deal there is aways a place to watch videos like this I am sorry for the family and viewing the video would bring closesure to me if he was famiy sorry again I would want to hold the organizers responsible for this looks like to me there should have been more saftey measures in that area

    6. Mike says:

      The video is still around. Just Google search it and look a little. God bless this athlete.

    7. respect says:

      Yes, I saw the video on CNN before the start of the opening ceremony for winter games in Vancouver. Personally, I’m happy that it was pulled off of YouTUbe and other video sites.

      While the public, regardless as to where that public may be from, enjoys watching crashes and rubbernecking and other videos of the “unbelievable” it is important to keep in mind that a young man, taken far before his time, DIED today.

      The accident was horrific and tragic and the idea that people are watching the death of this Olympic athlete for nothing more than their own temporary enjoyment is sickening.

      Picture this young athlete’s family. If he were your son, brother, friend, would you want him to be made a prime time broadcast for the sake of entertainment?

      I don’t care why the video was removed- be it copy-writing, as another poster mentioned, or the respect due to another human being.

      I think that it should be removed to grant Nodar the respect that he is due, as an Olympic athlete and as a human being.

      • grace says:

        Very well said!

        • Lynne says:

          I agree the video should be pulled. This was a tragic accident and out of simple human kindness and respect, this should be pulled. It’s not something to watch as though it were a music video. For all the whiners about sensorship, sometimes sensorship is necessary for the pathetic people that can’t make the destinction between right and wrong. May God be with the family and friends of this brave athlete. I can’t imagine the courage needed to participate in this dangerous sport.

    8. Bob says:

      Censorship for sure. Is’nt that hypocritical?

    9. Satan says:

      People wanting to look is inevitable and natural. Jesus, Weegee, the weather or Sports, we love our macabre tragedies- always have and always will. Its human nature. Love it or hate it, eulogize it or sell it as infotainment, either way we flock to it like moths to a flame.

    10. Ricko says:

      where is the safety net????????????? they have safety nets for hockey and auto race drivers. where are the guard rails for this 100 MPH vehicle????????????? SAD-SAD-SAD

    11. Kurt says:

      k Shane ya it’s the truth and the world should see it
      but think about it say someone in your family died and it was posted
      all over youttube and people comment all over it saying
      Hahahahah pwned bitch and wow that guy got fucked up XD how
      would you feel man

      they did the right thing removing it this is a tragic accident
      and not something to look at and laugh and enjoy

    12. Sandy C says:

      Will others choose to use the same luge slide. I read that prior to Nodar’s death the luge athletes were concerned as to the design and turns on the slide, naming one turn ‘Shiver’. Perhaps its faulty design. Bad design. There might be compensation payout for this one, for sure.

    13. magnum says:

      This is disturbing to watch and I feel troubled that I did. That being said, the pictures are incredibly unnecessary and I think very disrespectful. I mean, really, it’s not like those seeing them are going to change our own behaviors since this clearly isn’t something a reader does on a regular basis.
      An eye-opening details.

    14. Keti says:

      You gotta understand people one thing. it’s not about the video… Wether it will be on the websites or not Nodar Kumaritashvili is dead. it’s a tragedy. Imagine how his family feels right now. I didn’t know him but i cried the whole day yestarday. God he was only 21 years old. He had his whole life to live. You should at least respect his relatives and his family. I mean people don’t even care about it. Not all of them but a lot just watches it for fun. They should have removed it. It’s not even the issue to talk about. We should be more concerned about a person than about this damned video. I am Georgian and it’s a tragedy mostly for my country. RIP nodar kumaritashvili. World will remember your name forever.

    15. James says:

      Simply show some reverence and respect. The video should have never been available for public viewing in the first place. Prayers go out to Nodar’s family and friends. Truly a tragedy for this fine young man.

    16. nbnyblake says:

      damn,tragic.people do deadly sports,for a lot of reasons.when you partake in one you know there are risk.these are something you are willing to take.may god bless his soul,lets focus on trying to make it safer for the sledders.

    17. sunshine says:

      This question is directed to Respect in regards to watching the video. What was your purpose for watching the video on CNN? It appears to me that you had the same curiosity that eveyone else has.

    18. linda says:

      This a site where you can see the video.
      I dont think its a matter of respect or senscored images. Its news, and even if its raw and sad, thats what media look for. Why don´t you respond like this when media shows a car crash, a murderer reports or a president is getting BJ´s from a whore??????? Its all the same. Why is an olympic accident different from any of the other situations?
      Not a reason to smile, thats for sure. But why does this case deserve more “RESPECT” than other scandal situations?
      I think its fair, not for curisosity but for people that want to protest against such big irresponsible facilities provided to this athletes, they need to identify with the situation and the only way is to be able to see it, not just hear it.

    19. aiden says:

      if the track was that dangerous they should have put up more safety features around the outside like putting a thick mat thing around the poles and if they had done that he would probably still be alive. may he rest in peace

    20. poopy says:

      the crash was funny

    21. poopy says:


    22. jimi says:

      i like reading people’s arguments against eachother it passes time and for the video HOLY SH.IT that was wicked georgians are pretty cool peole i served with them in iraq. I never understod the saying “died before his time” hell there is no set in stone time you die when you die thats from a soldier’s view anywho take care cyber land.

    23. Danny says:

      personally if i crashed and died in any way, be it luge or otherwise and it was recorded i would want it on the interweb.

      everyone has the right to watch any video they choose should they be able to find it. watching a video never hurt anyone.

      its very sad and my thoughts are with his family but videos like this exist and people are going to watch them. be it out of curiosity, for a laugh or simply because they can.

      we should not be arguing about whether or not its ok to watch it or have it online. we should be discussing why the olympic comity has placed the blame solely on the athlete and his lack of experience in stead of accepting that the course is unsafe and taking responsibility for what has happened.

      if this part of the olympics is not safe then what else has been overlooked or deemed safe when its blatantly not.

      feel free to reply and moan about my comments all you want.

      thanks for reading…

    24. M Davidosn says:

      Great that you are being all moral tb and saying it should be kept within normal human decency. And I agree, we need to be sensitive to the family. I think since you feel so sorry for the families, you need to ensure you donate all the you have made out of the multiple stories you have published about this tragedy to them. Otherwise trying to be on the moral high ground telling us we should not be interested in viewing the whole story, including the video of the crash, is total bs double talk. Do what you preach.