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Peyton Manning Handshake Absent at Super Bowl

Peyton Manning handshake absent Super Bowl.  Quarterback Peyton Manning handshake would have been nice for the Saints, but after losing the Super Bowl the quarterback stormed off the field.  Of course, he could have been trying to avoid a Tebow-esque breakdown – but still – he should have at least shook the hand of the Saints quarterback.

Many Manning fans are shocked about the lack of Peyton Manning’s handshake after the Super Bowl loss.  Of course, everyone knows that he is sometimes a little particular about the game.  Okay – make that very particular and sometimes anal.  But that’s what makes him the best.

Another thing that’s shocking about Peyton Manning’s handshake-less Super Bowl was that he grew up in New Orleans.  The Saint’s victory should have been bittersweet to him.  On one hand, his father used to play for the Saints so he should feel a little proud of the team.


On the other hand, the Colts were favored to win and had an almost undefeated season.  Everyone expected them to win.

I must say I was shocked that Peyton Manning didn’t shake hands with the opposing team.  Up until this point, he’s always exuded  bit of southern charm that goes a long way in making him attctive for the masses. Never would I have thought the day would come when “classless” was put in the same sentene along with “Peyton Manning.”

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    1. Hoosier says:

      The losing team usually walks straight off the field after the game is over. It is different from all other games. There is confetti, celebrating, and a massive crowd of people on the field. The losing team doesn’t want to stand in the middle of the other team’s celebration for minutes just to shake hands.

      • grannyt says:

        I’m sorry but other Colts managed to shake hands and offer a “good .game” before heading to the dressing room

      • grannyt says:

        I’m sorry but other Colts managed to shake hands and offer a “good game” before heading to the dressing room

      • New Orleans Mom says:

        He still should have shaken their hands like a real man and not walked off the feild. A real man would have shaken their hands and then left the field.

        • TMFD says:

          Peyton Manning is nothing but a man, and furthermore the best quarterback in the NFL. That would be why he is about to be the highest paid in the history of the NFL. People make to much out of things, I mean would you want to be on that field celebrating with the saints if you were in Peyton’s shoes? Come on people give the man a break! He is still first Class in my book, Go Horse!

          • Nobra200 says:

            Give the man a break? I’m from New Orleans and a big fan of ALL OF THE MANNINGS! We’ve supported and cheered the Manning brothers since they played football at Newman! As a native of New Orleans and a PROFESSIONAL he should have put his personal disappointment aside and shown some RESPECT for the city he was BORN in and the fans who supported him BEFORE he was THE STAR QUARTERBACK OF THE NFL! Bad move, Mr. Manning! I know you weren’t brought up to be a SORE LOSER! SHAME ON YOU!

            • TMFD says:

              Yes give the man a break! No one is perfect! Maybe take time to consider how you would feel if everything you did in your life was scrutinize by the public. Maybe people wouldnt think you’re so great either. Bottom line Peyton is a star quarter back and shows so much love and compassion for the public as well as his die hard fans. Anyone want to talk about all the charitable things he does? Again we are all human make bad calls sometimes. At the end of the day, if this is the best people have to throw at him, I say its a good day!

            • TMFD says:

              Yes give the man a break! Maybe you’ve never done anything you wish you could go back and do over, I have tho. Maybe we should consider how we would feel if everything we did and said was scrutinized by the public. No one is perfect, but Peyton…is damn close in my book. Anyone on here want to talk about all the charitable things he does? I sure hope so! And to all who criticize him I say shame on you! Again go Horse and thank you to all the Indianapolis Colts for giving us one hell of a season! Cant wait til next year!

            • DJ says:

              Peyton Manning has given lots of his time and money to New Orleans. Since Mr. Manning is usually in the spot light, I believe that answering press questions was not the time. He would have been swamped by media on his way to see Drew Brees. Mr.Manning has only had the nicest and most respectful things to say about the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. Exercise some common sense.

            • zippy123 says:

              Why are you so sure it was an overt decision versus a simple mistake? This was his first Super Bowl loss. Maybe the disappointment simply put him in a haze and his mind shut down. Or he was damn angry at his performance and himself and didn’t want it to rub off on people. I used to compete in athletics years ago, and sometimes when you lose, you just blank and focus on what you can do to get better and forget simple rules of etiquette, not because you are being rude or lack sportsmanship, but because your mind is thinking about how you should have approached the game. And this was the Super Bowl, the magnitude difference is huge and obviously more impactful emotionally and rationally.

              Also, good guys who are disappointed in themselves or angry usually walk away (as they should) from situations so they don’t complicate things further. That’s being smart, not petty or horrible.

              If anything, what the comments show are how classless people are in understanding others; one oversight or even a mistake, esp. such a little one, over years of excellent behavior and courtesy, and suddenly he’s taken to be wholesale classless, he’s horrible, he’s no longer a son of NO, and people are ganging up on a guy who’s down. I saw ESPN playing up on this as well this afternoon, of course failing to mention he called Brees soon after, and yet here, days later after the event, people are still piling on.

              Unbelievable. I liked the Colts to win, but I was happy for New Orleans given the history of the team (much like I liked it when the Bucs won years ago), but the comments coming out against Manning simply show how petty and disappointing people are to others who make such minor errors. It’s sad when Saints fans make their team look bad, or people wishing the Vikings would have won the NFC Championship.

              It seems people in attacking Peyton don’t seem to realize how awful they come off themselves. Strangely, some of the worse comments seem to be coming from women, if I can assume that from the names they are using (esp. those NO fans that want to underplay the Saints D in handling Manning in order to put Peyton down, weird, seemed to me the Saints had damn good coverage the whole playoffs).

          • jennifer says:

            Peyton is no longer the best quarterback in the NFL.(Who cares if hes the highest paid. That just shows the stupidity of the NFL.) The Super Bowl proved who the best is. The fact that peyton could not put his pride aside and shake hands with the Saints shows what a LOSER he really is. Drew would have never done that. Peyton needed to put his head down in shame and defeat because he knows he is NO LONGER #1 and that he got stomped. Can you feel the BREES in the air???? GEAUX SAINTS!!!Who dat say gonna bet dem Saints??(not the colts and NOT peyton manning)

            • TMFD says:

              Well I say congrats, I mean hell the suns got to shine on a dogs ass someday. Right? Peyton is still the star to all his loyal fans in Indy! Again, cant wait til next season! Go Horse!

            • Ash504 says:

              Peyton can’t be too much of a star to his “loyal fans”. I mean 11 people showed up to meet the team at the airport after “the big game”. Wow!!!! Those are some loyal fans!!!

            • Black n Gold says:

              Jennifer, youre not very smart girl. Who on Gods green Earth says that Peytons a loser? Besides the people who just dont like him. Glad youre proud of yourself.

      • joemama says:


    2. Indy Fefe says:

      Yeah it would have been nice for him to shake hands but everyone is allowed to be in a bad mood after a bad every once and a while. I’ve read a lot about Peyton, being a big Colts fan, and if I know anything he probably that game and THAT PLAY will haunt him for a long time. I kind of feel bad for the losing team in sports because they are FORCED to talk to the media and everyone after they lose. I know when I have a bad day the LAST thing I want to do is talk about it over and over.
      Anyway, Peyton and Drew are friends. I’m sure he will give him that handshake during the off season after he’s calmed down a bit.

    3. Dallascoltsfan says:

      According to Drew Brees Peyton called him later on in the night to congratulate him. Also, immediately following the game 15 Colts players were taken across the street for interviews by the NFL network folks. Peyton is a competitive person I don’t think he would consider it a bittersweet loss even if he loves the Saints. Certainly not right after atleast because of all the raw emotion of losing the game. Even in the post game interview he really just wanted to get out of there without speaking with anyone.

    4. New Orleans Mom says:

      He still should have shaken their hands like a real man and not walked off the feild. A real man would have shaken their hands and then left the field.

    5. z says:

      he’s a big baby.

    6. mike says:

      Manning sore loser, golden boy b.s. you got outplayed and u r not the best qb in the NFL, if you were, you would have won. It was your mistake that lost the game. Brees is and was the better QB. He won!

    7. Mark says:

      Mr. Manning made a mental error and threw an interception. That, and the opening second half hail Mary were the difference. I guess now the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s include a handshake. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

      Go chargers next season

    8. Pete says:

      In Hockey, the teams line up and shake hands in the last game of a series…even before the winning team gets to skate the cup.

      Say what you want, give excuses until the cows come home…peyton showed his true colors, he couldn’t muster up enough sportsmanship to find Brees and Brees WAS looking for him.

      Some people have class, others learn it…Peyton is in neither group.

    9. bruce says:

      I think peyton was upset because he was told to lose the game because the bets was colts favor to win and if they lose the bookies win plus the whole world favored the saints had to win so I think it was all put up.

    10. Ripley says:

      It’s easy to display good character when you’re winning, but Peyton’s lack of character was demonstrated by his inability to shake Drew Brees’s hand. A simple gesture that would have spoken volumes to all his fans and to the Saints fans as well. I’m extremely disappointed that he was unable to set an example.

    11. david says:

      I think the saints deserve that win, but very good game, back and forth. The colts made mistakes, who cares, the fact of tbe matter is the colts will be back, they are a contender every year. So what if peyton threw a pick, porter had a good read on the play and it happens to the best. look at it this way, when micheal jordan was playin, anything he did wrong was put on blast, same goes with manning, people just love to see great players go down, why i dont know. Put it like this, brett threw the same pass and tracy porter grabed it, were was the media then, huh lol. so every other quarterback who throws picks are still great, but god forbid if manning throws one, who by the way has one of the lowest interception percentage rate per year. Also i dont mind that the saints won, but talk about the most fake fans ever. since when have ther ever been so many saints fans. at least the colts have layol fans year in and year out. Im so tired of the saints deserve to win cause 5 years ago a hurricane came . that was a very sad time, but dont use that as leverage get real. COLTS WILL BE BACK, SAINTS WONT GO INDY . NAPTOWN BABBY 765.

    12. Corvettelen says:

      He didn’t shake hands because he’s a poor loser….but still a LOSER.
      Drew and the Saints beat him and the Colts and he just can’t stand the thought that he’s not the Super Hero. I don’t understand why Wheaties Fuel uses him for endorsements unless they are saying Eat our cereal and be second best. Just put a big “L” on his forehead.

    13. CJ says:

      It may be that Manning was angry with himself, so he just walked off. Maybe he didn’t want to upstage the Saints by trying to cut across the field, you know all the reporters would have been in his face asking questions. But what distresses me is that most people keep saying the Colts made mistakes insinuating that the Saints did nothing. In fact, many commentators about the game give little credit to the Saints. There were two teams on that field. The Saints made plenty of mistakes too, but were able to adjust and kept going. And to be honest, it wasn’t Manning throwing poorly so much as Tracy Porter’s timing on the play that made the difference. Had he not broke to the ball when he did, that pass would have been a completion.

    14. 49ers fan says:

      Maybe he really had to go to the bathroom.


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