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James Mitchell Dead Actor and “All My Children” Cast Member Dies at 89

James Mitchell dead: actor, and “All my Children” star has died at the age of 89.  James Mitchell was best known by his fans as Palmer Cortland on ABC’s hit daytime soap opera “All My Children.”  His cause of death was complications from pneumonia, which resulted from his constant struggles with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Mitchell joined the cast of “All my Children” in 1979, and was a regular until 2008.  He made appearances all the way up to a 40th anniversary special.

Those close to him note that he loved playing his gruff, and icy character that used money to weild power over his children. 

James Mitchell led an interesting life, and even performed with the legendary Fred Astaire.  He was a trained dancer, and taught “movement for actors” at universities such as Yale.

“Soap Operas” came to be in the 1930s.  At first, they were radio shows.  The name “Soap Opera” comes from the fact that these shows were sponsored by companies that sold household products (such as soap) and “opera” was used to designate the overly dramatic nature of the shows.

“All My Children” is considered an “open” soap opera – which means that it can continue in perpetuality with no end in sight.  “Closed” soap operas have story lines that eventually do end.

Today is a sad day for James Mitchell fans and “All My Children” fans alike.  Funeral plans are pending for the actor at this time.

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