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Tiger Woods Wife Considers Rachel Uchitel Best Among Alleged Mistresses

Tiger Woods wife considers Rachel Uchitel best among alleged mistresses.  Rumors are circulating that Tiger Woods wife, the Swedish former model Elin Nordegren considers the New York VIP hostess best among the alleged mistresses she has seen on the Internet.  Of course, at this time this is all rumors and speculation.

I honestly can’t see a wife actually admitting that an alleged mistress is the “best” for her husband. But that’s just me.

However, if the rumors are true Elin Nordegren may have a point.  Tiger Woods wife is said to have grown angry after National Enquirer reports indicated that Tiger Woods was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel.  Initially, Uchitel denied the claims and sought the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Most of the Tiger Woods drama has centered on Ms. Uchitel.  She had pregnancy rumors, rumors that she was in Florida to be by Tiger Woods, and more.  Some even claimed that Tiger was in love with Rachel and was plotting to leave his wife for her.

Still yet, the new rumors are pretty juicy and controversial.  It makes people take a look at Tiger Woods alleged mistresses and his wife and try to figure out who they think is the best suited for the golfer.

Just for fun, let’s do an informal poll.  Out of the following people, who do you think is best suited for Tiger Woods.  Of course, I won’t include all of the alleged mistresses in the listing – just the more memorable ones. Leave your answer and your reasoning.  The best responses may be used in a future post.

1. Elin Nordegren, wife and baby momma

2. Rachel Uchitel, alleged mistress #1

3. Jaimee Grubbs, VH1 reality starlet and releaser of the “Tiger Woods Voicemail”

4. Jamie Jungers, Las Vegas cocktail waitress who was said to have been with Tiger the night his dad died.

5. Joslyn James, porn star

    7 Responses to “Tiger Woods Wife Considers Rachel Uchitel Best Among Alleged Mistresses”

    1. Truth be told says:

      omg you could not just let this chick fade into oblivion. Now she is planting these rumors. I seriously doubt Tiger Woods’ gorgeous wife compares any of the skanks her husband was with. yeah most rumors circulate around her because her and her skank ass friends are planting them!

    2. Roger says:

      Who originated the term “Baby Momma”? That is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard.

    3. The Heat says:

      …in ref. to reports of The Tiger being in rehab… as St. Augustine supposedly said, ‘please, God, grant me celibacy… but NOT yet…’

      It will be awful it he becomes celibate!

      Please, Tiger, not yet!

    4. Ho's and more Ho's says:

      Skanks, ho’s, sluts. Elin is 10 times those women and don’t even put her in the same sentence with them.

    5. Imogen says:

      Uchitel = U shi1 1

      the worse thing ugly!!!!!

    6. Shannon Davidson says:

      I agree with the above comments. Uchitel is a homewrecking, selfish woman, who could care less about the family she tore apart.

      I also don’t believe that Elin actually chimed in on any of the mistresses..

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