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Carrie Prejean Kyle Boller Beach Photos

Carrie Prejean is hereby declared as a true pseudo celebrity. A person whose oxygen is staying in lime light, without which they would be completely stifled.

Their every moment is either spent in the shutterbugs or thinking how to get the clickers back on their trail again. Stay too long away from limelight and they know they will be trumped by others in this race.

Recently this christian girl, who believes same sex marriages should not be allowed and a favorite of fox news was spotted on the beach doing a whole lotta unchristian things by one of our readers.

We have taken the liberty to post the unchristian photo below for your unchristian-like amusement. Our only request is, please avoid any unchristian like comments below.

Carrie Prejean Nipple Carrie Prejean Kyle Boller Beach Photos

Carrie Prejean Beach Lover

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By the way, the gentlemen doing the honors is Kyle Boller.

Apparently Prejean and Boller had this moment on a public beach doing the PDA totally unaware they were being watched by countless other people.

Not to forget, Carrie Prejean’s last celeb moment came when there was a wardrobe malfunction.

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    2 Responses to “Carrie Prejean Kyle Boller Beach Photos”

    1. Johnzo says:

      Haha! Ignorant tripe masked as religion from one side of her mouth, sex toy (or real thing) in the other side. She’s lamer than Tammy Faye Baker and her industrial strength mascara.

    2. Truth says:

      God Bless Carrie and her manly Kyle Boller! More All American babies on the way! This is a great day for America! Jealous idiots!!