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American Idol Last Night Brought Pants on the Ground and More

American Idol last night brought “Pants on the Ground” and more.  “Pants on the Ground” is an American Idol audition that will go down as one of the most viral Internet videos of 2010.  General Larry Platt’s original American Idol audition song “Pants on the Ground” got a laugh even from Simon Cowell.

No, the General didn’t advance to the next level.  He was 62 years old and the cutoff for American Idol is 28. However, I have a theory: General Larry Platt is over the American Idol cutoff, yet Simon Cowell said we probably haven’t seen the last of him.

Simon is departing American Idol at the conclusion of Season 9 to focus on “X Factor” – a popular British show that he is bringing to the US.  Similar to Idol, X Factor is a singing talent show – only there’s no age cutoff.

So will we see General Larry Platt on X-Factor?

The Atlanta auditions were entertaining as ever. Mary J Blige did a great job as a guest judge.  Of course, Simon Cowell made the night complete with his cynicism and words of… er … encouragement.

Now that American Idol is off, there are those that can’t get enough of last night’s episode – namely the “Pants on the Ground” video.

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