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Latest on Tiger Woods: Rachel Uchitel is in Florida – Is She Visiting Family or Tiger Woods?

Latest on Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel has been spotted in Florida, but is the original alleged mistress visiting family, or is she sneaking a peak at her secret lover? There are varying reports as to what is going on with Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods.

Some think that Rachel and Tiger remain in love.  This is partially because of an email that was released earlier in the scandal.  In the email, Tiger told Rachel that he was glad that he found someone he had a connection with. He even went as far to say he didn’t have that at home – essentially dissing his wife! Of course, the email hasn’t been authenticated by the Tiger and it could be another example of media frenzy. However, Uchitel hasn’t at this time come forward and denied the rumors of the email.

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Some believe that Rachel Uchitel is pregnant with Tiger’s baby. This is one of those ridiculous tabloid rumors.  Uchitel has been photographed in Florida with a taut belly.  Any woman who has been pregnant can tell you that women that get pregnant quickly lose their tight bodies.  Rachel also denies the rumors that she’s with cub.

So why is Rachel Uchitel in Florida? She claims she is visiting family and friends, and that the trip has been in the works for months.

As for Gloria Allred, Rachel Uchitel’s high profile attorney – she has “no comment” as to whether or not her client has been in contact with Woods.


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    1. Greg says:

      The Jews took Tiger to the cleaners. Funny, the only mistress within the chain to bring his empire to its knees and get the huge payout for silence is a Jewess with a history of serial adultery. This Jewess hired another Jewess lawyer famous for shaking down celebrities to do her dirty work. Moral of the story? If you’re going to cheat, stick with the non-Jewish girls.


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