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Tiger Woods Saga: Tiger Vs Tiger

Not too long ago, kids dreamed of growing up and becoming like Tiger. Now its a punishment to be in Tiger’s shoes. Or is it? If you search about Tiger Woods on the web, all you will hear is this –

Tiger’s advertisment contract cancelled by xyz company.

Tiger’s column suspended by the golf digest abc magazine.

Tiger’s wife is contemplating a divorce and asking for the custody of kids.

Tiger’s mother not happy with the conduct of her son.


It must be sad to be Tiger this Christmas. Nothing to be merry about and nothing to celebrate. This is the picture everybody is drawing of Tiger Woods out there.

The sweetest sound if of a human being crumbling and even though every body goes about pitying Tiger, in their hearts they are feeling glee.

But mark my words. This guy will bounce back. It takes to be a Tiger to be an unbeatable champion in sports. The kind of focus, determination, perseverance needed to not only reach but try harder than anyone else to remain on that spot of god knows how long.

Tiger did a lot of bad things and he made a lot of people unhappy because of what he did but America and American people are a forgiving species. All he has to do is release a press statement saying he did wrong and now he needs to make amends. Right after that he needs to his the course and keep practicing to take his mind out of all this.

Some months when the heat is gone and the tabaloids have moved on to other subjects, he should quietly make a come back (though it would be anything but quiet given Tiger’s craze) and get back to doing what he does best.

Everybody makes mistakes and being the kind of a person Tiger is, he could afford to make a lot of big mistakes. He is a big guy in every sense – huge celebrity, mega millionaire, mega athlete…you name it.

I would still place my money on this guy. So if you are still a die hard fan, wish him Merry Christmas in the comments.

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    1. Chris says:

      Bah Humbug..hope Tiger got a piece of coal for Christmas. Why should he have a Merry Christmas if he ruined his family’s own Christmas. It will take more than just a good golf game to win the people over. Maybe now Tiger will realize he is not holier than thou.

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