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Motorola Droid Tips: 10 Tips for Your Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid tips are sought after. Motorola Droid tips will help new Motorola Droid users work their phone.  This weekend, Verizon released the Motorola Droid, which features the Google Android operating system.  To read a review of the Motorola Droid written by an impressed Apple lover, click HERE.

Here are 10 tips to help you work your new Motorola Droid

1)      Hold down the home button and a “quick launch” menu will appear. This will list your most recent 6 apps used so you can find your apps quicker.

2)      To mount the USB drive in Windows, pull down the notification menu, choose “USB Storage”, and then choose “Mount”.  This allows you to place the SD card in your phone as a drive in your computer, making it easy to transfer files from your PC to your Motorola Droid and vice versa.

3)      For GV, ensure that your contacts and pad dialing are set to the format 1(555)555-1234.  If you omit the 1 or the area code on local calls, GV won’t work.

4)      When using the onscreen touch keypad on your Motorola Droid, hid them by flicking them down from the top and simply tap the field again to get them to return.

5)      Be careful when using a pouch holster for your new Motorola Droid.  If it contains magnetics, it may turn your Motorola Droid on “car mode.” This will eat up your battery life quicker than you think.

6)      To set an mp3 song as your ringtone, upload the song on to your Motorola Droid. While the song is playing choose “menu” then “set as ring tone.” Do this for every song you would like to use as a ringtone.  Set different ringtones for your contacts by going in to your address book and selecting a ringtone from the list you created.

7)      One of the best Motorola Droid tips includes the copy/paste function.  Hold down on any text field, and the “edit text” menu will appear. Select “Copy and Paste” functions as needed.

8)      Need a vibrator on your phone? Go to settings-sound display and check the phone vibrate box if your phone is toggling between complete silence and ringing.

9)      Like a picture on your web browser? Save it to your Motorola Droid! Tap and hold the picture, and then select “save”

10)   If you like a certain Web site, you can add a shortcut to that Web site to your Motorola Droid’s home screen. Bookmark the site, tap anywhere on the home screen and hold down. The menu that will guide you to adding a shortcut will pop up.

I hope these Motorola Droid tips help new Motorola Droid users get used to their phone.

Here are 10 more Motorola Droid Tips for Savvy Droid Users.

    56 Responses to “Motorola Droid Tips: 10 Tips for Your Motorola Droid”

    1. Chris C. says:

      Question about tip #3: What is GV?

      • Chris Jones says:

        GV=Google voice

        • Bob says:

          GV does work with only the local # aka XXX-XXXX long distance NSM.

          • Precious says:

            Both Both the Droid X and the Droid Incredible are great phones and you are right ntiheer have a front camera for video conferencing. That feature is cool, but for me, I don’t use a webcam and so it’s more of a novelty, but it depends on what you need your phone to do. Verizon Wireless will be coming out with a Samsung Android phone called the Fascinate (it’s a Galaxy S that’s branded for VZW) that has a front camera. I do have vids of the Galaxy S on my channel.

          • Murat says:

            Mike PetersApril 20, 2011 it all depends on what you like. i have a touch, and i am going to get the ihonpe. so you can keep both. in my oppinion the ihonpe runs smoother than the droid x, and it might not have as big of screen but it has retna display and facetime.

      • Derek says:

        how do you set music songs as a text message ringtone?

      • Aubrey says:

        In general, Motorola Droid/Milestone is one of the best smtnaphores (also including iPhone 3GS and Nokia N900) released in year 2009. Maybe it is still not a iPhone killer, but it could kill BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and other existing Android phones for sure Screen shots can be found here.

      • Denni says:

        I use the Samsung Infuse. with the large screen I use a lot of batetry anyway. I have not tried airplane mode. I bought more batteries. For a 3 day trip I will use 3 Factory batteries and 2 extended life batteries. I would like to last for 7 days. Can you help? Or do I need to buy more batteries?

    2. Troy says:

      Excellent article on the Droid Tips. Must read for phone nerds. T

      • Keyanna says:

        Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sewetherat and a certified genius.

      • Lucas says:

        I like the old rods they had. not threaded just L end on it with a plitsac clip to hold it. That new plitsac threaded piece looks like something that wont last long. Locks the keys in HAHA. I got a lock out set with slim jims hope you do too lol.

    3. Mike Brown says:

      This is a phone nerd’s phone. All others get a simpler phone. It is far from intuitive, and has a 114 page manual, downloadable or obtainable by mail. I change apps without wanting to or asking it to. The slightest pressure on the screen changes apps. I can’t download contacts on my phone without downloading them on my wife’s as well, and vice versa. This is like a porche 911: take your hand off the wheel, and you’ve run through a billboard and taken out a fence….

      • Lauriita says:

        well since you already sgenid a new contract, the best option is for your to sell your phone and buy the phone at retail orjust add another line for $9.99 that’s what I did.

    4. bridgette says:

      An easier way to select text is to use the hardware keyboard and press shift while hovering over the text you want to copy. When you release, the text is saved to your clipboard.

    5. sasha says:

      I love my new droid but I am having two very frustrating problems since the new upgrade of software my camera button doesn’t work at all I can’t use it to take photos which becomes a problem when I’m taking a pic of myself and someone else the bottom on the screen is hard to get to when screen is facing away from you. Two.. after I unhook my phone from AUX in my car I no longer can hear people on the phone and they can’t hear me any . heeelllppp

    6. Kim says:

      #6…Downloaded ringtone…received it in my notification window..clicked it and started playing it….can’t find “set as ringtone. What button do I hit

      • Christophe says:

        hail! hail! BitMode, king of the morons*!Morons: used in this case as a euihmepsm to describe a certain individual, BitMode, who happens to be entirely lacking in mental capability. Might be slightly above eubacteria and likely below amoeba in complexity and intelligence.

      • Fernando says:

        the 7Pro, network caltotibimipy basis. This is not the first phone to do so. Motorola released the Droid / Milestone or HTC the EVO 4G / Desire HD. This is most helpful when you are buying a smartphone

    7. DEB says:


      • kyle says:

        Download Motorolad Media Link for free at the motorola website. It is awesome and you can put anything on your pc to your droid using the cable.

      • Nuzhat says:

        / Whats up very cool blog!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds aloltidnadiy…I’m happy to find so many useful information right here in the put up, we’d like develop extra techniques on this regard, thanks for sharing.

      • Buffy says:

        Hecvuka good job. I sure appreciate it.

      • Aareeya says:

        A really hepufll review! I’ve been trawling youtube to try and find one that is actually decent and relevant to people who don’t understand ridiculous technical code!The phone looks really good aswell- THANKYOU

    8. Ivy says:

      I have lost the green icon (slide to the right to unlock) Where do I find it again? Also, any call goes right to my voice mail. Phone does not ring. What do I do? I have removed battery to reset with no results.

    9. Susan says:

      Vibrate upon text notification wont shut off though vibrate not checked?

      • Jannes says:

        You can try a couple thgins.Buy the Verizon Droid or Eris at with no contract and get Verizon pay as you go plan. You can also buy pay as you go 3G Internet. $5.00 a day to $50.00 a month. $29.00 with a plan so you pay a couple bucks extra to use it.You cant use the Verizon 3G Network without some kind of plan or pay as you go, but you can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi .Android is totally open source so you are welcome to get the Droid Smartphones and hack away. Join the developers community and participate.This is the most exciting time for the development of next gen aka 4G Smartphones. 100 s of millions of smartphones are expected to go online by 2012.Get the Droid and use what you can until you can hack it for AT T

    10. Tim says:

      How do you access bookmarks from Dolphin browser? Also, I am trying to set up one-touch bookmarks, but my saved bookmarks do not appear in the shortcut menu, any suggestions?

      • Olga says:

        can’t wait to get can’t wait to get the iPhone 4 my upgrade is due aearldy jus need to get the moneys together i do like the fact that the droid has the android eye cam moves, but i ain’t gonna cry bout it like most iPhone haters do.. i like QUALITY, not open source where a fat guy at home can be uploading viruses

      • Susania says:

        Incredible phone, very fast and awesome dpasliy. The docking station is very cool ,where the phoneturns itself into a (nearly) complete PC with the addition of one of the docks which Motorola offers.Motorola isn’t kidding around by packing this handset with a blazing 1GHz dual core CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 16GB of storage onboard (plus a microSD slot for another 32GB). Along with the massive internal horsepower, the device boasts a 960 x 540 capacitive touchscreen that Motorola is calling its qHD dpasliy which also happens to be covered with Corning’s Gorilla GlassThe real highlight here is the 5 megapixel shooter on the back of the device, which cranks out impressive shots in both high- and low- light, and can be customized quickly for various settings. The camera also functions as a 720p video camera.As far as truly unique hardware goes, the fingerprint scanner seems fairly novel but in practice it’s a little frustrating. It does work as advertised, but being told to re-swipe your finger if it doesn’t take when you’re trying to get into the phone quickly can be a little bothersome. Unless you really need this high security, a standard passcode will suffice for most people.The Atrix 4G might be one of the best Android devices. It’s got specs that run laps around most other devices, which should make most potential purchasers feel a little safer about laying out cash for a smartphone right now.

    11. jason says:

      Great tips! I now know how to copy and paste. Thanks!

    12. bz says:

      just got my droid and having trouble using the ‘soft’ keypad .. any tips

    13. lesly martinez says:

      Ilove the droid it rocks

    14. Paul deB says:

      I rcv notices that I have, say, 3 updates. I download the first, then when the screen changes, the other two icons on the top row are gone so I have no way to tell what progs needed updating, nor how I can go back and get the update. What am I doing wrong? Thx Paul

    15. kj carter says:

      I still don’t know how to set music as a ringtone for my text msgs.

    16. Emily says:

      I am having trouble downloading picture messages. Sometimes they come thru and sometimes it says “download” next to the message, but says it can’t download it. Any tips? Also, any way to set a ringtone for a text message?

      • Samantha says:

        Same problem! Help!

        • Jerry J says:


          • Karla says:

            I’m going to agree and disagree. Yes, the hadrrawe keyboard is only really useful for SSH (and longer emails). No, I don’t want to trade it away because when I use SSH and write long emails, it really is handy.I’ve been told that the extended battery for the Droid 2 will also work on the Droid it includes a new battery cover that makes it about 2mm thicker. That’s about all the change I think I want in the Droid for another year or so at which point I’ll go looking for another keyboard-equipped, high-resolution Android phone.

          • Jarot says:

            Fantastic thank you.Can you show some live wallpaper.Can you show us the photo vweeir opening up to see how fast/slow it is.Can you demonstrate taking a picture so we can see how long it takes to take a photo.Do you have any games installed to demonstrate.Many thanks Phone coming out in UK next week, just pre-ordered.

    17. jenn says:

      is there a way to lock a text message on your phone so it cant be erased? also, is there a way to set your phone so that it beeps or reminds you every 2 min or whatever to let you know you missed a text or a phone call?

    18. JIM says:


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    22. Sanjuanita says:

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    24. Rizky says:

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    28. Miloune says:

      HAHAHA so true. It reminds me of that sneefild episode where he shows sarcastically how hard it is to shake orange drink. How hard is it to hold a phone in your hand to watch things. The only reason I can see this being useful is sitting on your couch and having it on the coffee table and sitting back and relaxing. But whose sitting on their couch watching a movie or whatever on their phone on their couch when you have TV right in front of you.

    29. Neil says:

      That dad gum train has messed up more of my shots over th’ past year than I can count! Hell, you’d think I’d do a damn TRAIN vid! LOL! I bet if I tried to, th’ damn thang wolndut run all dang day! LOLHave a goodun’ bro.

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