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Somer Thompson body found – How can I find a sex offender in my area?

Diena Thompson, mother of 7 year old Somer Thompson

Diena Thompson, mother of 7 year old Somer Thompson

The National Sex Offender Registry has a family watchdog website that includes the home and work addresses of convicted sex offenders in your area.  You type in your zip code and you can see the vast number of sex offenders in your city.  The number of sex offenders in any city is extreme and the website will open your eyes.  It also lists schools in the area, locations that give assistance, and information about how to keep your children safe. 

Yesterday, the body of seven-year-old Somer Thompson was found and believed to be sexually assaulted before she was killed.  She was identified from a birthmark and from the clothes she was wearing. Many families are looking for ways to protect and keep their children safe. 

The family dog website will help you to at least be aware of what convicted sex offenders are in your area, and give you tips on keeping children safe. 

Family Watch Dog website

    37 Responses to “Somer Thompson body found – How can I find a sex offender in my area?”

    1. Todd says:

      There have been no reports that she was sexually assaulted. You’re assuming things that may not be true, which is incredibly irresponsible. And, for that matter, inflammatory.

      • Marci says:

        just google “somer thompson sexual assault” and you will see the millions of articles that are out there speculating about this. i don’t want to believe it happened either, but unfortunately it doesn’t look good.

      • Salem Nicoles says:

        I absolutely think the police need to focus on the mother. More investigation is needed. Her presentation and communication on TV is suspect.

        • Betty says:

          I agree, she was dabbing at fake tears and didn’t seem that upset.

          • jeri says:

            Yes, there is something weird about this mother…..she seems very calm and not upset and I am sorry but I know people react differently but noone I know would be going around doing all kind of interviews, etc.

            If she didnt do something, i feel sorry for sommer because that is NOT what i would want my mom doing if i were dead….i just cannot believe it…

          • jeri says:

            Definitely there is something fishy. I have never seen a mother react in this way and I do know that people react differently but I have never seen someone want to be on tv shows, doing interviews, and not crying….I cannot believe this mother…

            • BMS says:

              To all of those people who are leaving these messages about the Mother being acting “fishy”, I ask…Has this happened to your child? You should have seen this woman when she found out her daughter was actually missing. UNSTOPPABLE CRYING!! It has been 26 days now. As a mother who has buried her child, you get a little something called “medication” have you ever heard of that? Of course he is not crying as much now. I am sure she is taking something for her nerves. You would do the same if your mother, father or lover died, let alone murderd, so what do you think you would do if it was one of your babies. God have mercy on you if Karma. This may be any one of you having these RIDICULOUS accusations made against you.

    2. pandora says:

      While I think it’s good for parents to be armed with this information, we should keep in mind that registered sex offenders can range from a person arrested for public urination to an 18 year-old who had sex with a 17 year-old. It should be stressed that little children should not walk around alone. If there is no parent or adult guardian to walk with, they need to stay in groups.

    3. Tigz says:

      Could someone point me to where it has been officially stated that investigators believe that this child was sexually abused either before or after her murder?

      Granted, that is the way that this sort of thing usually pans out unfortunately. But I find irresponsible reporting at the least…or sadistic pleasure at the worst on the part the person who wrote it with no credible backing of the people that are actually performing the investigation.

    4. Gabriel says:

      Am I missing something here? Is this a real news article or an ad disguised as a news article? Either way it is sick and possibly the biggest peice of inflammatory crap i have read. You shoud be ashamed of yourselves.

    5. tony says:

      I doubt there will be much in the way of details about the crime released until the Police have a suspect and are ready to arrest. Usually specifics details found through the investigation are only released to the media when that info will help bring in leads from the public. Undisclosed details about the crime that only the investigators and the suspect know, are a good way to trick up the suspect while questioning.
      In this case, they may have a resident of the neighborhood they are watching, and they need to assume he is ready to flee. Better to let him think he is deceiving them, while they build a case.

    6. SventhHeaven says:

      Please look at the video released of Somer’s mother speaking after the death of her daughter.. Something is wrong with that picture. I think she knows something she is not telling. It is very very suspicious. Her body language, her word choice, her expressions.

    7. tbates says:

      Are you people effin serious? Are you seriously taking up for se.x off.enders? OF LITTLE BABIES? I am a liberal democrat and I think that se.x off.enders should be ca.strated or sentenced to D.IE. Little children should not be left to fend for themselves in USA.

    8. tbates says:

      “tony” I think you are right.

    9. Chris says:

      SventhHeaven I really, really thought I was the only one who felt there was something “off” about Somer’s mother and that press appearance.

    10. Aramas says:

      Yep…I found this thread by Googling “Somer Thompson mother suspicious”. Absolutely agree.

    11. pamela says:

      i thought the same exact thing last night when i saw her on t.v.
      something was odd about the mother. i didn’t see the true grief that i have seen on many mothers after losing their child. strange…

    12. christen says:

      i thought the same thing as seventhheaven, i also found this thread by typing in “somer thomsons mother suspicious”….she seems REALLY odd, and that neighbor they interviewed on Nancy Grace looked like she was nodding out on heroin. they all looked weird. i dont know…..they really need to look at the mother though. something just did NOT seem right. if that were ME, i would be in a pile on the ground. i would not be able to stand there and threaten some unknown perp. i would be a mess, unable to leave my home. and she had time to do her hair and put some funky little ribbon in it, who has time for details when their child has just been MURDERED in the last 24 hours?
      i dont know….i know she was at work or whatever, but she knows exactly what happened.

    13. Val says:

      Aramas, Chris, Sventheaven, Salem, I agree with all of you. I posted my suspicion on another site and was nearly ripped to pieces over it. I don’t want to offend anyone, I know that some people grieve differently, but something is not right with the mother’s behavior!! She is out with the crowd of well wishers only HOURS after hearing that her daughter who has been missing for only two days has been murdered?? Her reason was that she didn’t want them to think that she didn’t care about their efforts? Why would they think that and who would care about that at a time like that? Then she refers to her daughters murder as her “passing away” which is a strange choice of words to use. She also made comments about her daughter being thrown away, which of course is disgusting, but no comment about what she must have gone through before she died. When asked what message she had for the killer she smiled and said “we’re coming for you”. My message would’ve had to have been beeped out, but then I would not even consider going on tv the day after to talk about it. She seems as though she is forcing tears and emotion. I hope with every fiber of my being that I am WRONG. If so, I will post apologies on the two site that I have commented on. Now I will wait for my crucifixion which is sure to follow over my comments.

    14. Betty says:

      Yep – I agree. She said something about what the murderer had done to the family, nothing about what they had done to Somer…

    15. Chris says:

      Let me say though that I do not think she harmed Somer. What I pick up from the mother is attention-seeking behavior, camera love, media hunger. It is sad but the parents of some of these missing or murdered children seem to think it’s a reality show with them as the star.

      The child is found, sadly dead, so for what reason, to what purpose is the mother now going on TV shows? The killer is not going to see her and hear her threats of “we’re comin’ for ya” and quiver in his boots then turn himself in. Have some common decency, tend to your surviving kids and their needs, one of which is PRIVACY, and mourn for your daughter for a little while.

    16. Matthew Silvers says:

      “We live in Boise ID, and while not a hotspot for this type of activity, it is extremely concerning. We live in a reasonably nice neighborhood, however for my daughter to get to her junior high, she has to walk through some areas that are not so great, with known sex offenders and drug-related issues. The frustrating part is that the school bus stops “ON” our property, exactly 1 mile from the school, for another student at another school – this bus does stop at my daughter’s school. Because the district criteria states the distance must be greater than 1.5 miles, she is not eligible to ride, and in fact was told not to ride unless her parents make arrangements to pay for the bus. The ironic thing is that the bus has perhaps 5-10 kids on it; certainly there are many seats left vacant. My daughter is not the only young female in the neighborhood that would like to ride the bus either. But RED TAPE rules! It is this type of bureaucratic nonsense that makes no sense, and endangers our children! So much for public safety being priority #1. If the school district or the bus were truly worried about the children’s welfare, this wouldn’t be the case! This must change!!!!”

      Transportation & Boundaries, Transportation Office – General Information (
      With our top priority being the safety of our students, the Transportation Office supervises the operations of the school bus contractor, First Student and the Adult School Crossing Guard contractor, United Security Systems.
      “Student Qualifications for Transportation: Safety Busing Zones. The Superintendent or designee shall offer transportation of students who reside less than one and one-half (1-1/2) miles from school when, in the judgment of the Board, the age, health or safety of the students warrants such action.” (

      Other Board duties include: to act as an advocate for students and public education; (

      Putting Student Safety First (

      The safety and security of the students we transport is our core value. All employees of our company are committed to the highest level of safety in all our workplace and operational activities. Safety, security and reliability are at the heart of all the services we provide, and we place special emphasis on driver training, vehicle maintenance and fleet replacement.

    17. Patricia says:

      I too was thinking the mother’s reaction was not natural…I agree something is wrong with this picture.

    18. Rebeckah says:

      Wow! I thought I was the only one feeling that something just isn’t jiving or adding up when I watch the mother. I don’t know if it’s because of all the Casey Anthony’s and Susan Smiths of the world, turning us all into suspicious cynics, but I am not buying it. Something just feels wrong about this.

    19. Lisa says:

      I agree that watching her is unsettling… The only site so far that I am reading this!

      What about the boyfriend? I had read once she arrived home he sent the other two out to look for her. I have not seen him present to support her or be named anywhere…could be wrong, but…

    20. Becky says:

      The mother knows…hide and watch

    21. luculu says:

      I agree, she was too polite, etc. thanking everyone for looking for her dtr! come on, I would be so out of it. I was like, what the frick. It was like she was making a speech and stuff. people were even looking at her weird. I think the purple ribbon in her hair was maybe because it could have been her daughter’s favorite or something.

    22. nycrican2 says:

      I agree with most posters. The mother seemed to enjoy her 10 minutes of fame during the interviews.

      Also, I can hardly believe that she asked people to sing when the body was found ????? The last thing I would ever ever want to do in this situation is sing.

      Also, why hasn’t anyone mentioned the whereabouts of her live-in boyfriend? Where was he during this incident? Does he has an alibi? I wonder…

    23. nj says:

      something is WAAAAY off with this one. She’s addressing the killer and she said “this is not okay!”. That is something you say when the dog pees on the rug, not to your child’s murderer. The singing? INAPPROPRIATE!!! I don’t care if it was the girl’s favorite song! The letter? That’s something you write like years later when you recover somewhat. Not saying Diena did it, but something is way off and we all see it.


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