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Rio de Janeiro will work on crime and traffic before 2016 Olympic Games

Brazil at Night

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil beat out Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid to become the first South American city to host the Olympic Games in 2016.  The people of Brazil are known as the happiest people on earth.  The country is full of sun, beautiful beaches, and tropical nights.  The people of Rio are passionate about the Olympics and they want to host them.

“It’s a beautiful country, just gorgeous,” Arielle Martin, an athlete who is training at the US Olympic training center in California told the Salt Lake Tribune. “The food is great, the people are so nice. The concern that’s on everyone’s mind is the crime rate. … The big question they’re looking at is being able to control the situation and assure the safety of the athletes,” she said.

A social worker, Orlando Pinto said, “I don’t think it’s appropriate considering what our country is going through,” he said. “We don’t have good health services, education; we have transportation problems, housing problems, crime problems,” CNN reported.

Security and traffic will be the main problems that Rio will need to focus on.  Although the city will get money from the IOC, the city itself will also need to pay a considerable amount of money to work on transportation issues.  For the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic games, the entire freeway system had to be re-vamped to handle the sheer number of people who attended the games.  It does take a lot of work and money, according to Mitt Romney, who organized the 2002 Olympic Games.

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