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Spanish Prime Ministers Daughters Photos

Goths of the world, R E J O I C E. Some days back Spanish PM along with his family, which included his wife and two daughters, had a photo op session with the President of United States of America.

As the Spanish PM stood with his US counterpart and posed for the picture, he probably thought he was getting an ultimate family picture taken.

What he did not factor in was that official US President photos get uploaded on the Flickr and shared with the world. Spanish PM daughters were taking their pictures dressed in Goth clothes.

As soon as he realized this, he scrambled to take the photos of First Spanish daughter off from the website but goths of Spain had already got what they wanted, popular main stream recognition in their country.

I say more power to these guys :)

Spanish Prime Minister Daughters

Spanish Prime Minister Daughters

JC! They look like they just stepped out of Harry Potters book. Hideous or what.

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    1. Sammy Thompson says:

      It is evident that the Prime Minister and his wife were not only concerned with keeping their children safe physicaly but now are confronted with assisting their children with the evils of being ridiculed by the press. AT least these two beautiful ladies wore the approproate black dress. The same cannot be said about Americas so called first lady. The press mightdo better by commenting on the hidious outfit she wore.


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