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Nacho Figueras Profile of a Polo Player

Nacho Figueras Nacho Figueras Profile of a Polo Player

Nacho Figueras

Nacho Figueras, first time I heard that name I thought it might be some new Nacho marketing scheme by American fast food giant Taco Bell. Like you get these small action figures if you buy Nachos from there.

When I investigated, I couldn’t be more surprised. Nacho Figueras is called the Brad Pitt of Polo. Nacho is a super star who rides ponies and hits the ball with a mallet between the poles. Kind of like NFL on horseback.

Besides playing polo, Nacho also has some serious modeling assignments under his belt. Back in 2005, Ralph Lauren named Nacho as the face of the Black Label line, and later, the fashion icon became the sponsor of Nacho’s Argentinean polo team, BlackWatch.

While polo is quite popular in many countries, some Americans still think of it as an elitist sport. Thats how the article in Oprah puts it. Hell with that, even in many countries around the world Polo is quite elitist. Starting from India to Argentina, I would say the way street kids play soccer, you aint gonna see these guys play Polo sitting on goats or donkeys.

A lot of ladies out there are wondering who is this guy married to or whether he is even married. According to a quick search engine search, Nacho is married to Delfina Blaquier.

    2 Responses to “Nacho Figueras Profile of a Polo Player”

    1. Jacqueline Deck says:

      How would I get in touch with Nacho Figueras. I saw an interview he did with Oprah and he was so passionate, not only about his sport (polo) but also about his engagement, marriage and family…it was marvelous to see. And since he is already connected to a perfumier,,,I would like to contact him about a book deal, that needs to also be linked to a cologne/perfume icon/industry. I would like to contact him to see if this book idea interests him. Can you help me? The book is not published yet as I am looking to bring a celebrity name to it as well as a cross marketing campaign for it’s packaging which involves having a perfume industry linked to the project. Please let me know by email if you can assist me with either Naco’s email or Ralph Lauren’s contact info. Thank you. I woudl send sample pages of the book to them to consider if they are interested at all.

    2. Sherrie says:

      I’d like to contact him also….but it has nothing to do with a book. : )

      Actually, it is in regards to the Polo Club in Tulsa Oklahoma. But, like it’s gonna happen.

      He is absolutely the most amazing Polo player that I personally have seen. And not to bad on the eyes. : )