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Operation Repo Lou Heart Attack

Operation Repo is a reality show about a re-possessor who takes control of your stuff if you miss your payments. The show makes a debut tonight and you have to agree, its like watching a train wreck. You are totally mesmerized and there is something about watching people go crazy when re-possessors come to take tow their belongings.

Lou Pizarro’s Operation Repo goes on air tonight and the show is mighty addictive. Unfortunately the show makes losing ones possessions very entertaining.

According to those who have been in this business, once the person loses his/her assets to repossessors, about 80% just let them take it away, 10% curse and shout and the remaining 10% get violent. After the asset is taken away, comes the time for stories.

When asked to tell about the scariest repossession, Repo Lou Pizarro had this to say – a women in Marina Del Rey who went just too far:

The girl was a 6 foot red head who initially allowed Repo Lou to take the car but then something snapped and she jumped into Lou’s lap and starting hitting him on the face. Repo Lou just parked the car on the alley and called the cops.

Operation Repo is quite entertaining but I am not sure how well will this go for those who lost their assets.

Note: Show is about a fictional company and roles are enacted and usually played by actors.

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    2. Tom says:

      Who cares, he had it coming!!!!

    3. Eric says:

      Operation Repo is an American television program where a fictional repossession team from the San Fernando Valley in California re-enact the repossession of vehicles for finance companies.[1]. Although as a channel, truTV is described as presenting “real-life stories told from an exciting and dramatic first-person perspective”[2], Operation Repo consists of scripted re-enactments where the team is often confronted by actors portraying debtors and police officers in the repossessions. Some of the actions shown violate the Collateral Recovery Act of the State of California and are only for dramatic purposes. Repossession agents are prohibited from breaching the peace[3] (ie: fighting and wrestling with debtors). However, some of the actors on the team were repossession agents in real life.[4] Operation Repo began in April 2008, and is based on the Spanish language program, Operacion Repo shown on Telemundo, which began in November 2006.[5] The 4th season premieres on Nov. 9, 2009.

    4. Tonya says:

      You must have had your car repossessed at some time. Be careful of the karma from that comment, he is someone’s loved one, how would you feel if someone said that about someone you cared about?

    5. tim says:

      im a repossesor also and for you to say he deserved it you have no heart and you are probably also a low life that does not pay your bills i wish i knew if i was in your area caus ei would make sure if you got behind on your car payments it would be me that repoed your car i hope all is well with lou and hope he gets better soon

    6. Mike says:

      Tom… I sat here and thought of many different things to say to you… And when it comes down to it all… The only thing that matters it what’s coming your way. And I hope you get a taste of everything. Then I hope your wife that left you gets the chance to spit on your face. As for your car being repoed… Let it go… It was just a Civic.

    7. Danny K says:

      WHAT !,…… need an attitude adjustment screw loose !, you must be an ACORN member !

    8. cindy weed says:

      why dont you shut the hell up and get a life

    9. debby butler says:

      there is always one dumbass in the crowd.

    10. debby butler says:

      there is always a dumbass on websites.

    11. Crystal says:

      How can someone fake a heart attack. I would not wish that upon my worst enemy because we are only human. No human would ever say that about another human.

    12. al says:

      lmao you all are ridiculous he never had a heart attack…everyone on the show…cops/emts/debtors are all actors and the ambulances/police cars are just prop cars just like on any other fiction tv show…operation repo is a reenactment of events that may or may have not taken place in real life…do the research…read the disclosures!

    13. james says:

      i know the fat guy had it coming. the rest of you degenerates seem to be no better than the guy your bad mouthing to.

    14. david woodall says:

      what if it were you

    15. Luvkittys7 says:

      OK. Here’s the deal people. Just google “Operation Repo”. Exactly like that, inside the quotation marks. You will come up with the wikipedia article about the show. It clearly explains that the show is FAKE. Actors “reenacting scenes” based on true experiences. Only Sonia and Froy have licsences remotely close to what is needed to reposess cars. It is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Unfortunely that also means that the heart attack was faked. That really sux that they would put their fans through this and make so many people worry. I really like the show too, but I am truly pissed that I am getting my emotions ripped around like this. Especially after letting people think that Lou might have DIED in the Season Finale. That is just wrong. I have a strange feeling they may not be around next season. And if they ARE, there’s some ‘Splainin to do, Lucy.. LK

    16. HapaGurl7271 says:

      I’m also a fan of Operation Repo and I’m hoping this show will be back on if Lou does indeed recover. I really and truly enjoy watching this show. He’s awesome and so is his daughter.

    17. Ginny says:

      The heart attack was a fake. The very next day the person who plays repo Lou was filming for an episode of Club Rehab. Nothing about this show is real. The only reality it has is the fact that there are real repo people out there.

    18. david woodall says:


    19. david woodall says:

      you dont know what you are talking about

    20. James says:

      Crystal, you are so pwned. If you did even the slightest bit of research you’d see the show is admittedly fake. BWAHHAHAHAHAH

    21. James says:

      tim, you may be a repo man, but you have been pwend. the show is fake and it fooled ‘you’…… hee heee haa haa I bet you watch wrestling too and think it’s real, not scripted.

    22. jason says:

      hey wrestling is real and maybe when you get off your lazy butt you might know something .

    23. Jeremy says:

      ok so I see some of you idiots just cant be convinced huh…you want proof then do some research, To all you nieve people who watch this FAKE ass show and dont even realize that what you are watching is “scripted”….you ALSO probably think that RENO 911 is also “real” huh…everybody on this show are ACTORS…including the people getting repoed….it’s a fictional reality show for dumbass people that beleive everything that they see nowdays…do a little research on it if you dont beleive what Im sayin. matter of fact go to this link Karen…sorry to inform you but “Lou” didnt have a heart attack “Lou” acted out a SCRIPT that was written that his CHARACTER had a heart attack…so, the guy who PLAYS “Lou” is actually FINE!!!!!!!!the company does not even exist AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN FAMILY!!!!THEY PLAY “FAMILY” FOR THE SHOW…THEY ARE ACTORS PLAYIN THEYRE ROLES….WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! your being fooled……

    24. lladoow divad says:

      tuoba gniklat era uoy tahw wonk tnod uoy

    25. Beth says:

      I agree with you David the show is very good i also like it and the players. it isnt important whether its real or not. the people on it are making a living whether it be acting or repoing vehicles. it isnt important. and the idiot who said Lou deserved the Heart Attack was a jerk also noone deserves something like that to happen. maybe if HE had one he would understand that, keep em straight and have fun.

    26. Beth says:

      James, Have you ever had a heart attack? had you evert been through that rest assured you would not have said that Lou or anyone else deserves to have one. it occurs toi me you have a lot of growing up to do. I never had a heart attack however I have been thru Kidney failure and nothing readys you for something so frightening. perhaps you need to stop and thionk about what you say about others, have you ever considered how a small child would feel after seeing something like that? obviously not. would you want me or anone else to say you deserve to nave a heart attack or worse yet cancer? personally i would hate it . ive lost family members to both heart attack and Cancer and trust me it hurts more than you can possibly imagine. think befoere you speak and re,member it can happen to you also. take care and have a good life.,


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