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Miss Universe: Venezuela


Updates: Miss Venezuela was crowned as Miss Universe and not Miss Columbia as earlier noted. Thanks to Lekhini for pointing it out.


While the beauty queens in US have to fend off various scandals and exposes, the Miss Universe quietly went on behind.

The winner was Miss Venezuela.

I am not sure where it was happening but I could see a lot of Vietnamese or other deep east orientals.

Good luck to the new beauty queen. Maybe now she can gorge upon whatever she was denying herself while preparing for the competition.

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    1. Sam Camui says:

      Wow!! miss USA fell. Deja-vu or foul play? Shouldn’t someone investigate? I spray pam on my football jerseys so wonder what they did to her shoes. Honestly girls, next time a miss USA falls at least do a lady-like bow and a fake suprised look follwed by a “tee-hee”…..


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