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Roc Raida Funeral

The shocking news about Roc Raida’s demise are just starting to pour in. Fans still find it hard to believe the untimely death of a young super star of the Hip Hop music scene.

Roc Raida was one of the best things to happen to the turn table world and his contribution was significant. Roc was loved immensely not just by scores of his fans but other musicians and artists as well who benefited from his contribution to the music scene.

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So much so that it was one of his good friends Busta Rhymes who broke the news of Roc Raida’s untimely demise. I heard the news for the first time on social networking site Twitter where Busta tweeted this.

Roc Raida Funeral Schedule Details

Roc Raida’s family members have not decided upon the funeral details for Roc but as and when they become available, we will publish them here. Considering the stature of Roc Raida among his family, friends, and fans of the Hip Hop nation, all of us would be eager to know about Roc’s funeral plans so we can pay our respects. We know that and we will make sure we bring the information ASAP when the family releases the funeral schedule details.

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      Roc Raidas Funeral arrangements are on myspace on his blog.


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