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Diablo 3 Petition

The Diablo 3 fans are upset. And because they are upset, they have decided to band together and petition the makers of the game to have their request heard.

Petition Online, an online petition hosting site is helping a number of disgruntled Diablo fans, who have outlined their demands regarding the artistic direction of the game.

Their extremely coherent and comprehensive list of demands, requests etc have been professionally compiled after fans had a chance to go through the twenty minutes of pre-alpha code provided to them in a Blizzard promotional package. So was that the intended usage of preview, its hard to say.

Some of their demands include;

  • A more realistic artistic direction, more independent from the Warcraft universe art direction.
  • Slightly less colorful and less vivid outside scenarios, they are too heavily influenced by the World of Warcraft ones
  • And most importantly: An independent and renewed artistic direction, not a recycled art direction taken from the Warcraft world, Diablo never was meant to be as cartoon’ish as Warcraft, they shall have independent and distinct styles, this isnt happening in Diablo 3, at first sight it looks like a remake of World of Warcraft, graphically and artistically speaking.

    10 Responses to “Diablo 3 Petition”

    1. Raul Medina says:

      Nope!!! REDO!!

    2. Troy says:

      Didn’t get you. Elaborate!

    3. woog says:

      I don’t mean this to be snappy, but get real.

      Good luck with all this. At this stage of development, you’re not going to see much changes in such time-consuming things as art assets.

      You seriously expect them to change their entire art stylization, from textures to 3D models, based on a petition?

      I’m sure it’s going to be beyond awesome when it comes out. I see huge packs of goats, and that’s what I care about. All else is secondary.

      Believe it or not, hardcore gamers are about 1/10 of one percent of the total audience of D3. They’re not making the game for us. And I have to say, even though I hate the WOW stylization, making D3 look like WOW is a smart business move because it will make the game instantly more appealing and accessible to the hundred million WOW players.

      To do otherwise would be stupid.

      I’m just curious: did you not think this through at all?

    4. Troy says:

      Woog, thank you for such an insightful perspective.

      I have been a long time skeptic of online petitions and I am yet to find a case where it made any difference. But the fact is, a number of fans are disappointed and they have their disappointment known through this mode. Now will the company take any action based on that, thats an altogether different story.

    5. Austin Derek says:

      I definitely agree with this petition. This new Diablo III look is shameful. They need to get rid of this constant 3D nonsense.

    6. Derek says:

      Lol good thing they are doing 3d models for 3.. that has been released in d3 videos

    7. dan says:

      if they take the petiton and decide to change all your minor details it will be even longer for the game to come out and i dont really want to wait almost to 2010 because of the chracters design or that its not dark enough

    8. ithinkimgonnabesick says:

      I agree with “…Пинайте своего хостера – сайт с трудом открылся…” ??

      How about a petition just to “SUE” blizzard for not releasing D3 yet !!!

      I couldn’t care less about the slightly off-dark-purple-colour on my Diablo3 – Paladin’s jock-strap anymore. !!!

      If D3 turns out to be a choke then all the marketing bayhoo won’t matter -they’ll skruuu themselves, lose profits,…
      just get the dammmed game OUT !!! :)


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