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Erin Andrews Peephole Video Rapidshare

Erin Andrews has managed to hit the Paris Hilton syndrome on internet and because of the Hotel Peephole Video Tape she has managed to get herself even more into the national subconsciousness or perhaps the age group that matters more – 18 to 35.

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Story Background

So apparently Erin Andrews was staying in some hotel and some dude (most likely) peeped through a peephole and made a video recording of Erin Andrews using her curling iron to fix her hair.

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Its a boring video by any standards. I have been told the resolution is very poor, it could be any blonde out there, and it is as interesting as watching paint dry.

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But the effect on Erin Andrews so far has been phenomenal. She is hogging all this publicity without spending any dime. And lets face it, for a celebrity any publicity is good.

Because of this peeping tom leaked video tape, even the folks who had no interest or clue on who Erin Andrews was, want to check it out.

The fact that Erin had her lawyer issue a statement further added fuel to the publicity and was not short of an acknowledgment that the video is indeed of her.

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If you are looking for the Erin Andrews Peephole Video Rapidshare I have a simple advice for you. Don’t. Its not worth it. The fact is, the issue is being over hyped and not worth the time and effort.

Also, many unsavory characters on the web are exploiting this craze by passing on malicious links to those searching for this video. If you click on the link thinking you are going to see Erin Andrews, you are gonna be surprised – All your personal information might get hijacked. Consider yourself warned.

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