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Chacachacare Island

Chacachacare is an island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Originally they were called El Caracol which I think means The Snail by Christopher Columbus. And the reason for calling was just shape, not because the life was slow on this island.

History of Chacachacare Island

These islands have a colorful and interesting history. Chacachacare was initially popular as a cotton plantation, a place from where whaling ships used to depart, and a leper colony. And during the time of unrest, Venezuelan revolutionary Santiago used these islands as a diving board to launch penetrating attacks for the invasion of Venezuela.

Chacachacare has served as a cotton plantation, a whaling station and a leper colony. Venezuelan revolutionary Santiago Mariño used Chacachacare as a base for his 1813 invasion of Venezuela.

Flora of Chacachacare

The islands consist of tropical dry forest, and dry months usually lead to deciduous nature of the vegetation

Present day Chacachacare Inhabitation

In todays times, no body lives on the Chacachacare islands except for the crew looking after a Lighthouse on the island.

Sometimes a few tourists make camping and visits by recreational boats. What are you looking for in this island? Why are these of interest to you? Give a shout out below.

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