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Man On A Mission – Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, the man that I am going to write and tell you about has been nominated seven times for the Nobel Peace prize.

The sudden interest in this gentlemen, who also happens to be a former United Nations Ambassador, is because he has been nominated by President Obama as a special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Below are some bullet points that you might find interesting about Richard’s glowing career.

Richard Holbrooke Bio & Wiki

Mr Holbrooke is about 67 years old according to public documents and has served in the capacity of an ambassador at the UN. He was also the main brains behind Dayton Peace Agreement which led to the culmination of Bosnian war.

Mr Holbrooke spent time representing US in Germany, East Asian and Pacific affairs, and at the Paris peace talks on Vietnam during the, I guess, Vietnam imbroglio.

Richard Holbrooke was the guy aligned with Hillary Clinton. But guess what, once Obama won the dems over, Richard served Obama as one of his advisors.

Richard wants Americans to help Pakistan in its tribal areas. As long as the assistance is civillian, I have no problems with it. I would be vehemently against US arming Pakistani regulars which Pakistan usually reserves for attacking India.

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    1. News Review says:

      I went over his biography.. He has a lot of achievements.. And the way he was regarded is amazing.. I hope he could likewise put an end to the disasters happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan as he was able to do previously.. Our hopes is with him.. We sincerely pray that he will remain safe and that he would be successful in whatever moves he does to reach his peaceful aim.

    2. DS says:

      Looking at the Obama team,one is hopeful and positive, that the new admn is going about its job in a serious manner. I am sure we will be seing some good results in the future. They have difficult tasks ahead of them.Good wishes to the new team.

    3. PM says:

      To the above repliers…rue the day. Research before you allow the new Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral groomed (that’s right, they ALL are) leaders to bend over and bring your lips closer to kissing the ass of the “New World Order.” Hope your kid is ready to searve in the Federal Police for 3 months (which will be mandatory for kids-already in motion) and your money is worth absolutely nothing. Slavery isn’t so bad, right? We have signed America’s death sentence and I really was hoping he would be different. So far, possibly the worst Pres.

    4. Un Marinacci says:

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