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FDA Recalls Peanut Butter

Lately lot of people have been falling sick and FDA has attributed this to the infected Peanut Butter (or inside some other food product) that they ate.

So the Food and Drug Administration in collaboration with CDC have come out with a recommendation that consumers not eat any products that contain peanut butter in them.

Most common snacks have peanut butter in them like cookies, candy, cereal, ice cream etc and FDA is strictly warning against eating these.

This drastic measure was taken after six people were killed by salmonella poisoning and FDA thinks it could be the infected peanut butter. So until any investigation finds out otherwise, it is best to stay off such products which could make you sick.

And its not just a bunch in selected states who have been infected but about 500 people in 43 different states have reported problems after becoming sick with a strain of Salmonella typhimurium.
Here is the comprehensive advice by the FDA and CDC consumers.

  • Don’t eat recalled products. Throw them away in a manner that prevents others from eating them.
  • Postpone eating other peanut butter containing products (such as cookies, crackers, cereal, candy, and ice cream) until information becomes available about whether that product may be affected.
  • People who think they may have become ill from eating peanut butter are advised to consult their health care providers.

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