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Julius Genachowski Wired

Julius Genachowski has been chosen by president elect Obama to be the new administrations FCC head.

Julius Genachowski is no stranger to Obama. In fact both of them go back to their college days when both were students at Harvard. Back then, Obama was boss of Julius as he was the editor of Harvard Law Review and now history is repeating itself.

I am not sure what made Obama choose Julius. I could barely see anything in Julius’s track record to show that he is capable and accomplished for the job at hand. In fact the last event that had Julius being reported significantly in the media was when Genachowski got a mention in the New York Times in 2003, when he got a $2.5 million stake in the creation of Vivendi Universal Entertainment, while he was counseled at Barry Diller’s InterActive Corp.

After that, its nada, zip, zilch, nyet.

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