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On A Swing: Lana Lawless

8978158 36 2 On A Swing: Lana LawlessThere used to be a time in Golf that when somebody broke a leg playing, it used to become hot news. These days it takes a lot more to accomplish that. Take for instance what I am about to tell you, that would definitely raise the bar.

Meet Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless is the new women golfing champ, and brings a lot more to the game than just her fabulous swing. For Lana Lawless, who lives in Palm Springs, California, used to be a man before he under went a gender change operation and became a woman.

And not just a man, Lana used to be a policeman. A profession one usually associates with machismo, at least among the men. So the image of a policeman who later morphed into a woman is something hard to digest.

For about 21 years of her life earlier as a big hirsute burly policeman, Lana played golf at a private club. She even won the club championship. But, after gender-change operation in Colorado, there was no golf in her life and no friends from previous life as well. Which isn’t hard to believe though.

Now Lana says she has totally broken off all connection with her previous life. She has nobody in her present life from her previous life.

I don’t know what else to make out of this freak story. Gender change is still something I am trying to grapple with. But I know one day we will end up accepting it and living with it just like we have broken taboos in the past. Taboos like segregation, Jews, Proposition 8 imbroglio etc.

    4 Responses to “On A Swing: Lana Lawless”

    1. Brett Hallett says:

      The only thing freaky involved in this story is the author.
      Learn how to write as if you were an educated, legitimate
      writer whose words are worthy of paying attention to.
      Start by taking your head out of your ass.

    2. joe says:

      DNA testing would show that “miss lawless” is indeed still that boy she once was. Men should compete against men. Would this sort of thing sneak by an olympic committee? I think not!

    3. Al Bundy says:

      Jesus H. Christ. Absolutely freakin’ weird. And that isn’t the half of it. I used to be on the job with this whacko. Gawd……..

    4. joby says:

      if this person went to all this trouble to make money that is unbelieveable but okay. the question is if this person can go back to being a man later than it is a no no to allow or say this person is a woman. The DNA comment was good as evidence of who you or woman