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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

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Well, he hasn’t but there is strong speculation that Colin Powell is all set to endorse Barack Obama in a TV interview. This would be great boost for Obama and it would re-affirm that Obama is ready to be Commander In Chief.

General Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, is preparing for a live TV interview tomorrow amid intense speculation that he is ready to endorse Barack Obama’s campaign.

Aides from John McCain’s camp are bracing themselves for another damaging blow, with one being quoted yesterday as suggesting that such an announcement from General Powell would be “personally embarrassing” for the Republican nominee – with whom the General has been friends for 25 years – and would “create momentum against us”.

Although its nice to have more people endorse Obama, I would have to analyse this more by reading some blogs to see what kind of a boost it would give to Obama. Lately, Obama is getting endorsed by a lot of institutions like LA Times, Esquire etc.

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