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Palin Biden Debate Video. Who Won

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are scheduled to slug it out in the only VP debate this Thursday. Before the debate, the media asked Biden how he is going to treat the Republican running mate of McCain and he responded saying – I’ll treat the Alaska Governor “with respect.”

However one young voter mocked McCain surrogates for crying sexism when Sarah Palin is attacked and asked wanted to know how Biden plans to confront her. To this the senator from Delaware replied “she is the governor of a state. She warrants respect. The only thing that I have to find out and you all have to find out is what are her views.”  Very good answer, in my view.

After the first presidential debate between McCain and Obama, this second debate between the veeps is further going to ricochet the growing interest among people across both sides of the divide whether Sarah Palin is capable enough to handle the job. After all she is only a heart beat away from being assigned the most important job in the United States Of America.

When is the Vice Presidential debate

For the record, the schedule of the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin is as followed: Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware and Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the vice presidential nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, will debate each other at 8 p.m. (CDT) Oct. 2 in the Washington University in St. Louis Athletic Complex, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

I will be posting the clips of the debate here and also if I can come across the webcast of the debate live. Also, I plan to cover the debate through live blogging and see what are the initial thoughts and impressions of the debate as it progresses.

What do you think of the debate?

I think Sarah Palin was quite comfortable and as the debate went on she warmed up. Joe Biden showed his years of experience as he had more meatier fact on the issues to talk about. Scroll down and see what other viewers are saying below!

This site is also conducting a poll on who won the debate. Who do you think did a better job?

Good luck to both the candidates.

    39 Responses to “Palin Biden Debate Video. Who Won”

    1. Troy says:

      Nice site but its borderline. I’ll leave the link in your name have to take it off from the post.

    2. Troy says:

      The debate has not started yet, this is for coming thursday. Please avoid voting before the debate

    3. Troy says:

      Alright guys …its on.

      I am watching it on Fox.

    4. Kim_in_Ky says:

      I am an Obama/Biden supporter. The Veep debate however was too close to call a winner. I was blown away by Palin. This is clearly not the same woman we have been seeing for the past few weeks. She was clearly VERY prepared and did outstanding when I thought she would flop. I give her credit because credit is clearly due.

    5. Troy says:

      Kim, those are my thoughts exactly. I am in the same boat as you, I support O Joe ticket and I was expecting Palin to fumlbe through like she did in Katie Kourics interview. Just the fact that she did not, makes her a winner.

      This debate was not about Joe and Sarah but Sarah and Sarah

    6. KSmith says:

      Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to the Republican ticket.

    7. ty says:

      Wow…what a debate. Are people blind? Gov. Palin states no facts, no policy details, misinformation, she speaks in vague mostly false generalities (helloooo…obama on sex ed. and vote on iraq funding). Did she fail completely? No, her rehearsal all week has helped her SURVIVE, but not win this debate. Biden was a breath of fresh air. The man IS the straight talk express and leaves rhetoric in the dust for the republicans to scoop up and repackage as more BS for me to read in the papers.

    8. ANGEL says:

      I have to admit that Palin is good in making contact with the camera and presenting herself and a good speaker, yet this does not make her an ‘educated in the issues’ good speaker. She was too general with her answers and although she countinuously stated there were going to be changes she did not speak of these changes. On the other hand, I hope that Biden had spent a little bit less time on Bush and McCain…overall I go for Biden, I will rather have a VP that understands and can respond to the issues than one that looks good but cannot relate to the issues….as far as her I am not part of Washington Politics, please you don’t have to be in Washington to act like a politician, just look at her record…..I do have to say, I loved the fact that she could not use her I am a mom and understand all the family issues againts Biden, as he himself stated, he understands them as well,,….he was a single parent for some time…

    9. William P says:

      Sarah proved that it is better not to answer the question and be thought of as a fool than to answer the question and remove all doubt.

    10. David says:

      Yes Palin was prepared – by her experienced media handlers who taught her how to mouth slogans and platitudes every time she was faced with answering a policy question. She said nothing whatsoever of any substance, displayed a consistently irritating presentation style (the winks, the phoney “just folks” smiles, the quoting of Ronald Reagan’s swarmy 1950s style speeches), and could not modulate her tone, so desperate she was to make sure she got in all of her prepared, canned talking points. So yes, she can talk in front of a camera, and she definitely has the ability to remember her lines, but do you really believe she could be President of the United States of America on the day her running mate drops dead? That is one of the scariest visions any American could have. Not to mention what we know are her *real* political and social views, which she was able to avoid mentioning. The prospect of Sarah Palin in the White House keeps me awake at night. As Biden stated quite eloquently, this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

    11. asj says:

      I completely agree with Ty. What debates were you all watching? Palin shied away from answering any questions that she didn’t have facts memorized for. She didn’t debate so much as recite all the poll data she crammed in the last few weeks. Sure she didn’t stumble, but that hardly means she won.

    12. B says:

      The lack of concern for the important issues in this country from both the media and general public is terrifying at this point in time. After viewing the debate in its entirety, no reasonable and clear-minded individual could defend the argument that Sarah Palin won the VP debate tonight. I do believe Palin did improve upon her prior interviews. But really, who cares if she improved? Good for you Palin. This isn’t about smiling for the cameras simply to attract issue-ignorant voters. This is about being the VP of the United States of America. The only thing she demonstrated in the debate, aside from her smile, is that she has a LARGE LACK of understanding and experience in most of the major issues. I thought Biden won hands down and performed well in general. He answered just about every question factually and clearly while also exposing McCain’s views and policies in the areas pertaining to the question asked.

    13. A Nelson says:

      Because the media, as well as my expections of Palin were set so low, it was all but impossible for her not to meet, and exceed, them. She was consistent with respect to having almost no substance (other than buzz phrases that were drummed in to her head while she prepped at McCains’ ranch) in her answers. I found her unwarranted self-confidence and brashness offensive. Biden did what he was supposed to do – criticize the current Bush administration and McCain’s plan to continue that administration’s policy. There was no need for him to attack Palin – there wasn’t enough time for him to draw our attention to the failures of the current administration, as well as McCain’s record of siding with that administration and his intention to keep the status quo. Do either Palin or McCain really know what the definition of maverick is? Apparently, that answer is no. What really made me shiver in fear was Palin’s goal to extend the powers of the office of VP. Do Americans really want to allow Palin to have as much, if not more, control of leadership decisions than Cheney did and continues to have now?

    14. Andrea Jones says:

      I was happy that Palin was less aggressive and loud-mouthed during the debate. I was glad for her that she did not make any obvious blunder. Intelligent voters will realize that she is the same person who had no clue how to answer some very easy questions Katie Couric asked her. I am happy that she was able to save face, but I hope that noone jumps to the dangerous conclusion that she can hold her own or is in any way prepared to be vice president of the U.S..

      If she’d like that position, she should take five to ten years and study current affairs, history, geography, economics, finance etc.. I think that her view that she could competently assume that level of office demonstrates a very serious lack of judgement. McCain, too, lacks judgement. His rashness and hot-headedness would be a dangerous liability for the nation.

    15. juggernautjim says:

      Im sorry but if you think that Palin won this debate you should look up what a real debate is and take an other look… She was, in her closing statement, blatantly trying to make you feel fear for the democrats. She said even the word fear several times during speech when referring to the economic trouble we are in. Her facts were just missing most of the time and she repeated her self over and over. The propaganda filled the gaps.

    16. Andrea Jones says:

      Of course, Baiden won the debate and clearly demonstrated excellent command of all issues and an ability to express his points eloquently and clearly. I was very impressed! There is no question that he will be a highly suitable vice president. He will be amply prepared to contribute insightful ideas to the president. In the horrifying event that anything would take the president away from his duties for any time, he would be highly capable of assuming office for a short or longer term.

    17. Manhattaner says:

      Palin has proven she can act and you know the repubs out of sheer necessity had to rehearse her to no end. Biden totally held his ground and recited all the substantive points that needed to be said. Palin said right up front that she was not necessarily going to answer questions from the moderator – she said she was going to “speak to the American people – in other words, Plain spoke in generalities and rhetoric (which is another word for B.S.) and she did that well – however, most Americans can see through that and she did not help McCain at all. I agree with most of the polls, Biden won the debate because he gave specifics regarding real issues to the American people while hockey mom’s excuses and rhetoric was as substantial as a hockey puck. Again, this debate was not good for McCain but it was good for Palin individually only because she did not produce any horrendous gaffs like last week (“I can see Russia” – and, no she showed she had knowledge of major U.S. Supreme Court decisions; and, she obviously does not read any newspapers that she can remember, also).

    18. anita says:

      You betcha, Ty!

      I agree. Just what did Sarah Palin exactly say? A lot of nothing. She was unable to actually answer questions (granted, Joe Biden avoided some answers too) and served up vague platitudes and questionable “facts” that she had obviously been fed all week. The “win” here for her is that she often spoke in full sentences.

      Joe Biden displayed an amazing grasp of details and the ability to think logically…not bad qualities for such an important leadership role.

      I so resent Palin’s attempt to frame herself as an “average” American. She does not know much, like the rest of us Americans and that is why she should be VP. Gee whiz, I have some goldfish that know even less (I think) so maybe one of them should hold public office, according to that line of reasoning.

    19. Manhattaner says:

      I was disappointed that the moderator did not ask about Palin’s creationist viewpoint and Palin’s extremist stand on no abortions – even in the case of rape or incest.

      Palin has stated that she believes the world was created 4000 years ago. How much can an intelligent American take of this?

    20. jeff says:

      Libs are so transparent.
      Only one person talked about the future….Palin

      You think the economy is a mess now, wait till obama raises taxes on business, not to mention doubling the cap gains. Taxes need to be left where they are at. There is more money coming in now than ever. Obama will need all of it for the extra trillion he is going to spend.

      Use your head, there is something called the natural business curve, it is inevetable, NO political party can stop it, they can only make it worse.

      And Obama’s plan will make it worse.

      You people need to stop hating business. Again, use your head….where do you think jobs come from? Business is not evil, they create our jobs.

      Obama may cut the middle class taxes, but it will not make a difference, you won’t have a job to pay them.


    21. jkh says:

      Would somebody please teach Ms. Palin the correct pronunciation of the word “nuclear”? And that it would make her appear more intelligent if she did not drop the “g” at the end of words which end in “ing”?

    22. jkh says:

      The fact that this woman could soon be one 72 year old heartbeat away from being President of the United States scares the living bejesus out of me….

    23. jeff says:


      Whats with the moderator, she is writing a book about Obama !!

      She was pretty fair, except that she gave Biden the last word most of the time.

      Still yet they should have chosen a non-biased person…oh, but wait, that would have been dificult to find in the main stream media.

      Biden made so many factual mistakes, at least 10. He lied about all of the “votes” he claimed McCain made. Although, Palin should have caught them and called him on them.

      Manhattaner…where do you think the world came from?

    24. Steve says:

      Dealing w/ the public for several years in sales and meeting every economic class of people from extreme upper class to the homeless. If you are a democrat and Bidon fumbled all over himself and admitted he didn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot and didn’t know a damn thing about politics, you would still say he won the debte and vote for him b/c he’s a democrat. And I will say the same exact thing about if you were a republican and Palin admitted the same thing, republicans would say she won and vote b/c shes a republican. The difference is though that there are some VERY EXTREMELY COMMON SENSE issues in this country that the republican party, the conservatives see that is so elementary and gin clear, it makes you wonder how others can’t see the simple logic. After going door to door selling supplemental insurance for 14 years, I told my Dad that I was either born w/ an uncanny amount of common sense or the average person in this world was stupid. He assured me I had no more common sense than anyone else. If you think Obama knows what he’s doing as a president of the USA, then you fall in that rest of the world group. The only way he can address issues is when he has a script written for him. He don’t have a clue on his on. If it’s not written for him to rehearse, he couldn’t answer the question, What does the president of the United States of America do? It takes a repub. pres. 12 years to fix what a democ. pres screws up in 4 years.

    25. Muffin says:

      I think that Palin did WAY better than I expected, HOWEVER, my expectations were lower than low….they didnt even exist. So, as a registered independent and a once confused voter, I certainly have jumped on the Obama/Biden (…or Obiden according to Palin) train.

      I am not surprised by her excellent delivery and speech techniques considering she has had previous experience speaking in front of audiences as a sports reporter, beauty queen, etc…..I was however surprised by her lack of respect for the debating process. To outright acknowledge her intentional disregard of the questions asked of her was astonishing!!!! How dare Palin take it upon herself to bring every answer back to energy and Alaska!!!!! Wake up Palin, we dont all live in Alaska!!!!

      If you can not clearly answer questions such as the cause of the state of our enviornment, our exit strategy for the war, our ever failing economy or even the names of 1 national publication or worst yet have the ability to name more than 1 supreme court case, how will you be able to answer tough questions when you take office???

      How can I feel comfortable knowing this woman will be our president if the unthinkable were to happen to McCain? And speakin of McCain, how dare you pick Palin only to gain the votes of women? I am offended at the notion that as a woman, I would vote for an unexperienced and certainly unqualified woman just for the sake of having a woman. Palin is by no means the type of woman I want to go down in history as a pioneer for women in executive power!!!!

      In conclusion, I would like to say God bless this election and the future of our country.

    26. GH-Independent says:

      Who is and what has Barack Hussein Obama DONE?? NOTHING. The Press or Main TV Networks won’t Investigate and tell us the Truth about him.

      Biden said he would be sitting by Barack Hussein Obama side throughout his Presidentcy.

      You will then have 1 “OLD Lawyer telling 1 YOUNG Lawyer what to do.

      That is ” The NEW CHANGE ” coming. Sounds like same BULL. just like the past 40 years.

      What’s Better.. More Lawyers Controlling us.. or Regular People who have Common Sense and have cleaned up Corrupt Politicians in the Past….
      We need MORE Smart Regular Citizens Running for Office, from Local Govt. to Washington….

      Hope when Palin/McCain win, this will spur Everyone to take action against Corruption, at all levels…I am sure SICK of it.

    27. Fred says:

      Palin did a horrible job. She gave absolutely no specifics at all, on any details. In the beginning she kept on bringing the conversation back to things that had nothing to do with what the moderator had asked, all she kept saying was obama would raise taxes. Biden also got several stabs in that she didn’t even attempt to refute. Although she did get better towards the debate, this really means nothing. I also was really annoyed by her constant use of “hockey moms”, and “maverick”, neither of which mean anything as McCain is hardly a maverick (look it up in the dicionary please) and Palin’s children were only in hockey for two weeks before quitting, so she can’t really keep that claim to fame. I really don’t have that much of a problem with McCain, but the idea that Palin could become president…. i’d rather not think of it

    28. Utah Conservative says:

      It’s funny how truely scared you liberals are of Sarah Palin.. So, like always, you resort to personal attacks…

      I’m not a hughe McCain guy… Personally I supported Alan Keyes (Not Orin Hatch) in his run against McCain and Bush.. But i think Palin is a true statesperson. Her motives to go into politics were purely out of Public Virtue..

      Ron Paul For President!!!

    29. Deborah says:

      I agree that Joe Biden was the clear winner of this debate. It was blatantly obvious that Sarah Palin was much rehearsed and her answers truly lacked any substance. Honestly, the winking, the continual use of the word “Maverick” and the comments about being a hockey mom don’t impress me. Give me some facts and show me that you deserve to be where you are. I just don’t feel secure voting her in as Vice President with her only credentials being Mayor of a town of 7,000 and Governor of one of our least populated states. I’ve worked for companies larger than the entire city of Wasilla and my home town has a larger population than all of Alaska. This woman is just not qualified and the fact that she is literally a heartbeat away from being President scares me. She’s nothing more than McCain’s ploy to pull the women voters in. I resent the fact that McCain feels we women don’t care about substance or intelligence and will vote for her strictly based on the fact that she’s a woman.

    30. Flower says:

      I think believe that Sarah Palin did an awesome job last night! She knew what she was talking about and blew me away. Biden just did not really impress me at all. The only thing he did a lot was smile with this really white teeth and to me, seemed to contradict what he and Obama stand for on some issues. I think Palin knows more about the many issues going on in our country and what would be good solutions, and I think this makes up for her lack of experience. I wish people would not look at the color or sex of a person and vote for them based on those reasons. I’m McCain and Palin all the way!

    31. Zion says:

      I’m sorry, but it is amazing to me how this so called Journalism major (Palin) does not answer a single question, makes incoherent statements, and manages not to fall of the stage, and now she is branded as credible when we saw the obvious. She was horrible. Yes, it is an improvement from the Couric interviews because at least she didn’t tell the American people, I will get back to yah. Yes, I am a Republican. I am disappointed with the fact that my party has decided to sell out everything that it has ever stood for in order to support not a Mitt Romney, not a Mike Huckabee, not a Ron Paul, but Palin/McCain. McCain wasn’t fit in 2000, and he sure as heck isn’t fit in 2008. Are we this desperate to compete with liberals that we have decided that the true creed behind our party is for sale in order to beat them? Utah Conservative, I’m sorry, but liberals are celebrating because we have sold out. They get a victory every time we pretend that this ticket is credible.

    32. Fred says:

      New stats came in, Palin blatently avoided answering the moderators question 11 times, to Biden’s 5. explain that to me now those who think she won?

    33. LorenOhh says:

      No one can say that Palin won this debate. Biden wiped the floor with her, simple as that. The only reason I can imagine anyone would say she did well is because she was finally able to string coherent thoughts together. You can tell that she trained really hard for this debate because she wasn’t the blubbering idiot we saw on the Couric interviews, BUT just because she was able to talk in complete sentences this time DOES NOT mean that she did well in this debate

    34. lauren says:

      Personally i think both candidates did great, but Biden definitely beat Palin. We all saw that she doesn’t really sound like a politician and that she’s not prepared enough for the vice pres. position. come on 5 weeks? Unlike Biden who has years of experience.

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