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De Blob Wii Review

Businesswire has come out with a report of the launch of de Blob, the award-winning Wiiâ„¢ game from internal studio Blue Tongue Entertainment.

De Blob is now shipping to retail outlets worldwide. De blob is supposedly utilizing the Wii’s innovative motion-sensing controller. The game invites players to launch a color revolution by bouncing, smashing and painting Chroma City back to life through their creative use of color and music.

From what I have heard through my sources and investigation, De Blob is available for about $49.99.

In my opinion, De Blob is a must-have game for every Wii fan. From the creative pick-up-and-play action to challenging platformer gameplay and multiplayer options, de Blob delivers an exciting new experience to Wii.

Let me know if you have tried it out or you are planning to try it out. It sounds like its a game for a certain age group and not many are going to find the idea of splashing colors appealing. I could be wrong so lets find it out.

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