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Gwen Araujo Funeral Pictures

JDPardo Gwen Araujo Funeral Pictures

This is as bizarre a story as it gets. I been able to collect this material from different source sources online. But here it goes.

Gwen Araujo, who at that time went by the name “Lida”, was introduced to a circle of friends whom she met during a chance encounter while walking down a local street. The group of young adults enjoyed passing the evening hours with party activities that included playing dominoes and consuming drugs and alcohol at the home of Araujo’s to-be assailants.

A few weeks later, she was invited back to the house where a party was planned. Before leaving for the party, Gwen had an argument with her mother over the attire. This was the last time Sylvia Guerrero saw her child alive.

At the party on October 3, 2002 it was discovered, by forced inspection (conducted by Nicole Brown, a young woman at the party), that Araujo had male genitalia, following which the men that she had had sexual relations with became extremely agitated. Once it was discovered that Araujo was biologically male, Mike Magidson began choking her in the hallway of the house.

At this point numerous guests left the residence. Jose Merel and Jaron Nabors remained inside the residence with Mike Magidson. Jason Cazares claimed to go outside at this point; however he did not leave because he had arrived in Mike Magidson’s truck. After everyone left, the three assailants continued assaulting Araujo. She was brutally beaten for about 5 hours.

Jose Merel struck her over the head with a frying pan and then struck again with a can of tomatoes, causing a gash to her head which bled profusely. Mike Magidson kneed her in the head against the living room wall, with such force that her head caused an indentation in the plaster wall. After this, Araujo was taken to the garage of the home and strangled with a rope. Most accounts have Jose Merel cleaning blood out of the carpet at the time she was strangled.

She was then hog-tied, wrapped in a blanket and placed in the bed of a pick-up truck. The three assailants, plus Jason Cazares drove her body to parkland in El Dorado County, California, a wooded area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada known as Silver Fork, where she was finally buried in a shallow grave.

It is not clear at what point during this sequence of events Araujo’s death occurred. However, the autopsy showed that she died from strangulation associated with blunt force trauma to the head.

Indeed a sad story but I think the beatings and strangulation was too much and really unwarranted. Stuff happens but in this case Gwen Araujo paid an extremely heavy price.

gwen Gwen Araujo Funeral Pictures eddie03 Gwen Araujo Funeral Pictures

A youtube video dedication to Gwen Araujo, check it out below and leave your comments.

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    1. Brandi Lamb says:

      People should be able to live their lives. It’s terrible how people mocked HER even after she was already tragically murdered.. as if the family wasn’t in enough pain already because of losing her! It was a brutal and unjustified.. Another thing that I will never understand is how the men who were responsible weren’t even charged with it being a “hate crime” because that’s EXACTLY what it was! What a shame.. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!

    2. co says:

      rip gwen u were a beautiful person god loves u just the way u r

    3. Rebecca says:

      I watched the movie about Gwen today (second time I’ve seen it :)!)…then I decided to look the story up on the Internet and, I’m glad to be able to write my opinion an this situation:)!! I would have been PROUD to have known this BEAUTIFUL Girl!!! I agree w/ Brandi….on the fact that it wasn’t considered a Hate Crime :(…it WAS all about Hate…NO doubt about that at all!!! I truly believe that after these boys were locked up for this senseless murder, the key SHOULD of been tossed out, thrown away or MELTED!!!

    4. Alicia Hale says:

      what a dispicable crime, Gwen Araujo is considered a martyr by the trans community and she very well should be. I too wanted to research this story when I saw the movie and its even more shocking to think that this woman was my age, it touches my heart even more knowing that she would have been turning 23 this year just like me and she died so young. I remember being 17 and at the time in our lives where most of us are trying to discover who we are this girl already knew very well, and that in itself is very respectable, most people at that age dont have that sort of intelligence or bravery. I know that Gwen could have done many things in her life, she had already done so much for everyone around her by the age of 17 I know that its not just her family and friends missing out but it is the world. My heart goes out to her family and everyone who loved her and I can only hope that we all can learn something from this tragedy although it is a pity that it had to come to this for that lesson to be taught. This is not just a case of violence that you can see on the news and forget about and I hope that everyone who sees this reexamines their ways and maybe the next time you pass someone on the street whom is different than you, instead of making fun, staring, going home and making jokes with your friends, or thinking negative thoughts, that you can instead except and embrace it b/clets face it if it werent for people like Gwnen Araujo that sort of thinking would never be taught. God bless you Gwen wherever you are and God bless the people out there whos lives were changed forever by this terrible act of violence, and the people who have decided to change their own views b/c of it.

    5. Rudy says:

      I just saw the movie yesterday (10-14-08) and all I can say is she had alot of heart.

    6. Lea says:

      She was a beautiful girl! I can only wish I had as much heart as she did. We love you Gwen!!

    7. roz says:

      I believe Gwen Araujo did not deserve what happen to her. No one does! The people responsible need to do more time than what they are serving now.

    8. tiffany says:

      gwen: may you rest in peace and please know you have people like me who will love and miss you. you’re a beautiful girl no matter what people say or think. gwen’s mom: stay strong and i hope you keep gwen’s legacy alive. gwen’s family: keep faith in your hearts and may you all live in peace. I will always support you all and hope that gwen is happy in heaven. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER GWEN!!!!!

    9. Amapola says:

      I say this as an atheist. I base my statement on practicality, not religious dogma. These men never should have killed Gwen of course, but a 17 year old sleeping around with a bunch of men is dangerous. Borne female or not, don’t put yourself in this kind of danger. These men were obviously sleazy and this was a sleazy situation. If you are going to have sex with someone, that person should be someone you love. A close friend. Someone you can trust. Don’t let some creep have his way with your body. Anyone who puts themselves in a situation like this is putting themselves in danger. I wish Gwen Araujo would have had more self respect for herself. A love for her own body. These men were scum Don’t have sex with scum. There is a documentary on the story “Trained in the Ways of Men”

    10. Deena says:

      Amapola you suck! What makes you think she was sleeping with anyone? I don’t think you are entitled to assume she was or to assume that she didn’t have self respect for herself or her body. So what your saying with that statement is that she deserved to be ill treated or killed? Maybe you should keep your comments to yourself. Although I didn’t know Gwen, or the hundreds of other people that have been killed or harmed for being transgender or for just different, never is it okay to assume anything you don’t have first hand knowledge of. NEVER!! RIP Gwen……..

    11. kate says:

      I’m just so sad about what happened to gwen. My sympathies go out to her family and friends i think we need to do more to prevent hate crimes from happening. I think she was a inspiring person and i just wish that something like this will never happen to any other homosexual or transgender person. My prayers are with the family and friends. I’ll be thinking of you gwen and you are an inspiration i’m so touched by the way you touched so many others in your life. kate

    12. kate says:

      I’m just so sad about what happened to gwen. My sympathies go out to her family and friends i think we need to do more to prevent hate crimes from happening. I think she was a inspiring person and i just wish that something like this will never happen to any other homosexual or transgender person. My prayers are with the family and friends. I’ll be thinking of you gwen and you are an inspiration i’m so touched by the way you touched so many others in your life. Hopefully awareness will be gained and this won’t happen again.

    13. lana says:

      i watched the movie on lifetime. i was crying for an hour. i feel so horrible.

    14. Chase says:

      I just viewed the movie about Gwen. I was so angry. I even felt sad because of it. Then I could not stop thinking about it for it for a few days. I wish I had the power to bring her/him back to life.I am not an advocate of the gay community. This is not a typical scenario. Ed lived and believed that he was truly a female in male form and faithfully and respectivly sought ways to relieve the mental tension that was building inside him/her. I wish sincerly that Gwen could have relized her dream of becoming a “Biological” woman. An extremely beautiful person indeed!! Rest in peace Gwen. I hope your there when it’s my turn for the pearlie gates.

    15. Mercy says:

      I just finished watching the movie and what a beautiful woman she was. It’s so sad to know that someone actually killed her the way those bastards did. My heart and prayers goes out to the family….. And Gwen was a very pretty woman, that many would’ve been jealous.

    16. Mercy says:

      Hopefully those men will pay very hard for what they did. God Bless Everyone in this world.

    17. Crystal says:

      I just watched a movie on lifetime about her story and decided to look up any information I could about her. I found this website and seen the pictures of HER. I just cannot believe someone would do this to HER. She was a person just like anyone else. I hope the ppl who did this to her remember it for the rest of their lives until it kills them!! No ones deserves this no matter what the situation is. Gwen, you were so beautiful, I didnt even know you but I can tell you had a wonderful heart!! Rest in Peace!! WE LOVE YOU!!

    18. Amy says:

      Saw the movie today. I feel so unsettled. I just want to cry. It really hurt me. I wish the world was different. This truly breaks my heart. I hope the family is doing okay.

    19. Terry says:

      I saw the movie today on Lifetime. I do remember hearing about this horrible hate crime when it happened, but this movie brought back the feelings of disgust for the people who caused this death. I am saddened for Gwen, a lovely person, who had her life taken away before she really got started. I am saddened for her family and friends. I am saddened that human beings can treat each other this way and get away with murder. These individuals who murdered Gwen will be out and free in a few years…to what? Torture others? We all, as human beings, need to learn to love one another and to not fear what we do not understand. Take the time to learn about others who are different, and judge not. We are all in this life together. When will people understand?

    20. Ali says:

      Lifetime has shown great movies all weekend. The story of Matthew Shepard, Prayers for Bobby, and the story of Gwen Araujo are incredibly sad stories. We all have met people who were treated unfairly because of their sexual orientation. Unfairly is the best scenario, many are treated in such cruel ways that it makes me wonder how much lower do we have to go as a society before something is done. But what I have realized after watching these movies is that I do not have to wait until a law is passed or people finally open their eyes and their hearts to others, it is in our power to change little things. Like when kids say “that’s so gay.” We as parents need to realize that it is not just an expression, we need to correct our kids and not allow those comments or jokes, explaining to them the impact of their words on others who may be listening. Another thing I want to do is to get involved in supporting equal rights movements and make sure that my representatives know how I feel. Many times I wonder how it may have been to be part of the civil right movements in the 60s, we have the opportunity to get involved now to achieve equal rights for another minority group who is still being discriminated, beaten, and killed just because they are different.

    21. Shelly says:

      I watched the movie today for like the 6th time.. I am very saddened by this hate crime (although the basterds that committed her murder were not convicted of it).. I want to take this time to say that Gwen Araujo was full of bravery. im proud of the positive impact that she has left on this earth. She did not deserve this to happen to her, and although she has taught some to not be full of hate, i must say, that i hope her murderers be thrown in the pits of hell! If it wasnt for those 4 men, and Nichole.. Gwen might have still been here today enjoying her family and inspiring more people to fight to be them. i didnt know Gwen, but it would have been a pleasure to have met her. such bravery and insperation should be respected, not mocked! RIP Gwen, my prayers are with your family. Im sure you are still with us, a beautiful angel, as you were here on earth.

    22. stephanie says:

      Hola my name is Stephanie yo vi esta movie y ni se que desir vi las fotos de Gwen y es y era una mujer bella y savia lo que queria.R.I.P GWEN Que dios la cuide y a su familia.

    23. Melissa says:

      This is so much more than a tragedy, I’m at an actual loss for words. I dont’ understand this hatred for anything that we can’t understand. Our own fear of self sexuality can become so intense that one would kill out of that kind of fear? My one salvation, is knowing that she is in heaven safe and watching over her family, but I also feel certain that those …. monsters that took her beautiful life will forever and I mean ever, this life is going to be a Eticket ride compared to where they’re headed, I may not necessarily believe in a place called Hell, but I know there is living in perpetual hell, and they’ll be promised that. Why must we judge? Ever?! We are all the same, one, brothers and sisters each wonderful in their differences, our individuality is what makes us all so unique, who the hell would want to live in a world where we’re all the same? Her death should be more than a victim of a hate crime, her life was stolen, and what in the hell does someone’s personal sexual habits have to do with anything? IT’s so sad. I’ll pray for their family, and for her. May we look through open eyes, seeing only the beauty, because that is all there is.

    24. Brianna says:

      This is very sad people should be able to live the way they wont to live i just hope that one day the world wont be so close minded!WE love you Gwen!

    25. liZARD says:

      5 hours! I can not imagine! Just thinking about her going through this for 10 minutes makes me ill to my stomach. 5 hours she must have been terrified beyond belief. I just keep thinking how scared she was and what she was going through and can not understand what kind of human would continue to allow this to go on for 5 hours. Anyone of them could have stopped it at any time. They are all just as guilty as the other in my eyes!

    26. Emily says:

      I just finished watching the movie and wanted to look up Gwen’s story online. I am deeply saddened that this could happen to such a bright star. I am ashamed to live in a country that has not overcome intolerance. Most of all, I cannot say how disappointed I am in people that call themselves Christians. The picketers that flocked Gwen’s family and continue to picket at funerals of gay soldiers, etc should be ashamed of themselves. They stand for intolerance and they spread hate in the name of Christ-how dare they? God created Gwen, He loves her, and no one has the right to treat anyone so inhumanely. We must all fight against intolerance and press towards calling these crimes what they are-hate crimes!

    27. Melissa C says:

      I just saw the movie on lifetime again…I love the movie. I hate the fact that it is a true story because it pains me to think how this young woman had everything to live for and these cowards took that away from her. I see her pictures and she is so beautiful…inside and outside…this poor girl was just trying to live her life, never hurting anyone, always making sure her family knew she loved them. No one out there should be judgemental, if her family accepted her and continued to love her no matter what, noone else had any right to do or say anything just because they were angry or butt hurt…these guys are in prison, maybe someone in there will give them a run for their money and let them know what its like to be beaten and tortured for so long just because…these guys have no right to be living let alone be released anytime soon…what they did was wrong and immoral and shame on their lawyers for even wanting to defend such cowards…Gwen – you are a beautiful angel now in heaven with GOD!! Tell my cousin ‘JOHN’ i said ‘HI’ and that I miss him…to the family – I know what you’re going through, my cousin ‘JOHN’ was murdered in 2006 because of some stupid cowards that felt like his life should be cut short because he was friends with a member of a rival gang, he was not in a gang, the reason he was killed was because he was trying to help two friends get out of the gang life and one gang found out and they killed him, he had one leg and he walked around in crutches and it took 3 guys to get him down…of course these are all just stories we’ve heard because his murder never got solved…my family may never get closure…and these cowards never got convicted…I know both murders are for different reasons but the pain of losing someone so close to you can be unbearable sometimes…and I want to find a way to be able to do what i need to do so no one forgets how he died…i want to let the world know what he was about…anyways, god bless….

    28. Aaliyon says:

      This HATE! must STOP! m tred of this ! why is it that innocent and carefing ppl get murdered when there are child molesters, women beaters abusers, and just all kinds of evil lurking and walking free! Why is there still so much hate towards ppl wh oare different then the so called common and norm. Why do ppl of different ethinicitys,backgrounds,liefstyles,personalities and apearance have to be treated like this? We are all children of GOD, why do some of us act like children of the devil? this evil hateful must stop! It is no ones right to kae a life from someone just becuz they are who they are inside out, we should all respect eachother and treat eachother with respect, not hate!

    29. gerardo says:

      Everytime I watch this movie its just so sad it reminds me that this was a real human… And I just don’t understand I mean we are in 2009 for christ sake get over yourselfs been g5y its not bad because it doesn’t affect you…if you are straight, good but leave us alone we do no harm…I’m sorry to say this but I think a major part of blame goes to the parents who raise their kids telling them g5y its bad… I have straight couples friends and when I come over with my boyfriend the kids see it very normal but I guess we don’t all feel the same anyhow I send all my love to gwens family sorry about this trajedy

    30. jo says:

      I have just finished watching the movie and was reduced to tears so many times. My 6 year old daughter watched the end of the film with me and asked what it was about – She recently met a lovely post-op transexual lady. How can people bring their children up to hate so much? My girls are so young, but I have explained in a manner understandable to them that some boys like boys, some girls like girls, and how transexuals are born boy or girl, and become the opposite. At 6 and 8, they both accept this is normal. I cannot imagine why people can hate other people so much – and why people see these differences as so wrong. Gwen was a beautiful girl and deserves to have her murderers treated as the evil monsters they are – by being locked up for life. RIP Gwen, and i hope your family see justice one day for you.

    31. Chamika says:

      I cried when I heard this story and I been reading about this for the last two years. I cant understand how people can be so cruel. Rest In Peace Gwen you were truely amazing and beautiful person. To all those who are like Gwen keep your head up and love yourself cause if you dont no one else will.Live your life like Gwen and let her be your inspiration. My best friend killed himself because of what people said and how they picked on him and I miss him dearly everyday but I remember the good times and I remember how happy he was when he finally accepted what he was and I smile.

    32. Jalisabrown says:

      I feel that its bullsh*t of wat happen to gwen people who choose to be different let them be different its their life not yours. I’ve seen a this movie on lifetime and it pissed me off wen those people hurt her. its not right to kill someone just becuz they want to be a different gender. Things like this is horrible,rude,and arigent i pray to god that he will have murcy on those men’s souls. To me i think Gwen is a beutiful strong human being that just wanted to be loved in a another way becuz of wat she felt she shud have been. If i was there at the party wen this happend i’d stick up for Gwen and fought back to protect her. For u people who r in this position dont be afraid to show people who u r and wat u r, be proud of how god created u to be cuz if u dont u’ll live the rest of ur life hiding the real u.If Gwen cud show people wat she was inside and out then u can too. So i ask u will stay strong and bless u ALL

    33. Annonymous says:


    34. Anonymous says:

      What happened to Gwen is Crazy! They should pay for the rest of their lives. I hate when they are telling her story in Court. How they treated like a joke. Like it was Gwen’s Fault…My heart goes out to her fam….And for any ignorant person that is not open minded….”Burn In Hell!”….We are all Humans no matter what you look like in the outside…We all live and die the same!!!!…

    35. Tiffany says:

      I just watched the movie on life time and really wanted to know more. I cried as I watched the youtube video and saw how beautiful of a person Gwen actually was. I am shocked and upset at the fact that boys were not charged for a hate crime, it was all about hate. Gwen was beautiful and deserved to live, she did nothing wrong. This world needs to accept different, different is what makes the world amazing. I hope Gwen’s story raises awareness towards crimes such as these, no one deserves to be treated the way she was. God Bless her and her family.

    36. cincy says:

      I just watched the movie I think for the 3rd time. So I decided to look it up on the internet. She was so pretty. Prettier then most girls. I can’t believe people are soooo mean. I hope they through away the key on the people who did this. It’s uncalled for. She was a beautiful person. The people will be judged at the end for doing this insane thing to this beautiful person. This was a hate crime. They should through the book at them. I hope your family gets JUSTICE.

    37. Erin says:

      Gwen did Nothing to hurt anyone and she was beaten to death? GOD will make those people who ended her life answer for their terrible actions if Not on earth! She was so beautiful and was brave to show her real emotions to others. GOD watch over you Gwen and your family for eternity! They WILL pay! GOD Will see to it Gwen. This SHOULD NOT have happened to You! Rest in Peace sweet Gwen! Amen….

    38. dana says:

      i just viewed this video. i am again watchin the Lifetime movie about Gwen’s life. What a beautiful person, i am struck by her beauty, and so saddened that she was taken from her family and friends.

    39. GypsyRose says:

      While the guys did not have a right to kill anyone, I am stunned that all of you seem to have the idea that “Gwen” had the right to have s3x with men and allow them to think that her (his) body was female when it was very much male. Both parties in this case were just plain wrong. If Araujo wanted to become a woman, then the s3x change operation should have occurred BEFORE unsuspecting people were subjected to s3xual acts that they very rightly considered hom0sexual. No, they had no right to torture her to death but she had absolutely no right to do what she did without revealing the true biological s3x. Once again, both sides were just plain wrong.

    40. nessa bby says:

      she could pass for a girl is very pretty i think dhat was wrong for what they did to her man if it was they bruda and her shoes what would they do

    41. Vincent says:

      My wife and I often make it a point to watch the show about Gwen when it is on television. It is very sad and we feel very bad about what happened. But I wish that the movie would have told about Gwen between the ages of 7 and 15, to get the idea of what that period of her life was like prior to high school. If someone can describe that time period to us regarding Gwen it would be appreciated.

    42. Hilary says:

      I watched the movie about Gwen and i felt so hurt. To think about how scared she was in her final moments just brings tears to my eyes. She had such courage to live her life the way she wanted. I wish people would open their eyes if you don’t agree with someones lifestyle then fine you are entitled to your opinion but that never ever gives you the right to take someones life. Gwens story has really touched my heart and i hope her story inspires people to be more accepting and more understanding of others.

    43. Lisa says:

      Gwen was God’s creation and he does not make any mistakes. The fact that it was explained that Gwen was born with a female brain should have opened the hearts of people and make them condsider how that must have been to live in that kind of confusion. The Lord had a purpose of placing Gwen on this Earth and it might have been for us to learn compasion and love for others. There was no doubt that Gwen had a beautiful heart and a personality for anyone to admire. It is ashame that it took her death to make a statement of what this Earth can be like if we don’t love one another. We need to watch what we say and do because you don’t know when there is an angel walking amoung us and Gwen was that angel.

    44. johnathon says:

      My prayers go out for the family of Gwen, i watched the movie and was sooooo angry to think anyone could possibly do such a sick thing. I am so disgusted by our society, let people be who they are, and if you can not except things then you should be closed up in a box. Our country was based on freedom and we have the right to be individuals, for the family im so very sorry for all the pain you have to go through, im so upset and my words cant express how sorry i am. The people who took Gwens life i hope and pray you rot in hell, nobody has the right to take anyones life. Im angry and dont believe anyone should judge except God.

    45. Robyn F. says:

      To the family of Gwen, I am deeply sorry for your loss. My nephew was murdered in May 2008. He had just turned 19 years old. I understand the controversy the community and the news can cause. It is very difficult for the family to cope with what has happened and then you add in the controversy. There are days it is unbearable. When people watch the stories they almost consider it entertainment. They don’t have the emotion with it because it has not happened to them. You can not even begin to understand the sense of loss and pain until heaven forbid a similar tradegy happends in your family. My family is still going through the trials of the people responsible for the nephew’s death. We have learned first hand the justice system even today is for the criminal NOT the victim or the victim’s family. I will pray for you and I will always remember Gwen’s story.

    46. Rosa Patano says:

      To the Family of Gwen: I just watched the movie of Gwen on Lifetime, I never cried so much while watching the story of Gwen. I am so very sorry for your loss and I know that she’s watching over you from Heaven above and God has made her an Angel in heaven. She was amazing and beautiful inside and out and I am deeply deeply sorry that she suffered. A friend and a mother in Chicago. Rosa Patano

    47. Lisa says:

      All I have to say is this. No matter the shock these boys had, I could understand maybe a little fight and then leave. But to go through the brutle murder act that they did for 5 hours went beyond hate, embarrassment, and shock. I can’t believe they had this much rage inside of them. For them to have sat through that court room like it was a waist of time to be judged for what they did was even more punishment for Gwen and her family. Why can’t the boys and that one girl have done to them what they did to her but instead live through the pain? Only then may they feel the true pain and wrong that they caused. Then lock them up in a gay night club for a year.

    48. Becky says:

      Amapolo is right. Gwen should not have put herself in that situation. It’s horrible what those men did to her and I think they deserve much worse than what they got, but for a moment imagine this; you are straight and have mutual sex with someone and then find out that someone is the same gender as you are. You would feel deceived, betrayed and very angry. You would feel sick because you had crossed a line that you never meant to. These men let their anger and their pride get the best of them and now everyone has to pay with their tears and broken hearts. I know and love someone who was born in the wrong body, it was obvious from the time he was born that he should have been a girl. His too is a heart breaking story. He had to quit high school because of the hate. He didn’t wear makeup or dresses, it was just very obvious he was feminine. He did not put himself in situations such as this though, he waited until he was an adult and found people that accepted him for what he was. I wish Gwen could have been a little more patient to start her life. I wish she had not rushed into life but I know what it’s like to be a young lady wanting to be loved. However, she should not have pretended to be something that she was not. As an adult most of us know to tell people the truth and let them decide if they can deal with the circumstances or not. Leading someone to believe you are something that you are not is a recipe for disaster, especially a deception such as this. I am not defending these men and how they handled the situation, but I do know I’d be sick if I were put in the same situation. Please, if you are gay, bi-sexual, transgender or whatever, please don’t make the same mistake. Make sure you are honest and out front with potential partners, do not lead them on. Don’t ever pretend to be who you are not. If you put your true self out front then it saves you and others from a lot of trouble. I am truly sad for Gwen’s family and all those involved. I wish there were not such hatred, but there is and there always will be. We can pretend our world will change but there are those who will always hate. We need to protect ourselves by not getting in these situations. Gwen’s mother should never feel guilty, she did all she could. Gwen’s will to be accepted as a female was much greater than her good sense. I wish this had never happened, I hope it never happens again. May God restore peace to all involved.

    49. Rich says:

      ok, It was tragic and no one deserves what she went through but why did she lie to engage in sex with these boys? In this world there probably are people who would want her just the way she was but instead she lied to men to have sex with them. If that had happened to me (I don’t sleep around) I would be furious, but I don’t think I could assault anyone

    50. Missy says:

      I just watched the Lifetime movie about this girl. Wow, powerful! I had not heard of this vicious crime before. After watching the movie, I felt so bad. I almost felt a connection, like I had known her (if that makes any since). I can’t believe what those guys basically got away with. Although they were chraged, they were not charged with the hate crime, WTF?!! I know I am one of many who feels that in this day in age, people should just be accepted for who they are. There will always be people who have different thoughts, feelings, opinions about race, gender, religious beliefs, etc. but there is no, absolutley no reason for this to be happening. A beautiful life cut short; it is not fair for her, as well as her family and friends. SHe was an exteremely beautiful person on the outside (from the pics I’ve seen) but an amazingly strong and beautiful person on the inside for going all she battled. I wish the family all the love and strength to be strong. I’m sorry that this happened to her. Rest in Peace Gwen…..missy

    51. ann says:

      hi my name is tammy ann i have a to say that i feel for gwen she wasa beautiful girl people should not gudge no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!she’s now up with the angels and watching over all of us and she will always be remember forever amen

    52. Jodiann says:

      Gwen; we love you &yu were a very couragious young lady. Someday those bastards will rot for what they did to you. NO one should be treated like that no matter what society sees as different . &that goes for gays lesbians, transgenders, tall, short, blind, or even crosseyed . . there still people &shouldbe treated as such. r.i.p babygirl <3 *

    53. judy says:

      i did not get to watch the whole movie . i missed alot of it . but i was disgusted about the way gwen was killed , my opinion they should of been on death role. i could not believe how much gwen suffered nobody should have to go through what she had to go through. my heart goes out to gwen’s family.

    54. Ofelia says:

      Hi, i am Gwen’s auntie and i just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you that commented on the movie ‘A GIRL LIKE ME’, i have watched it soo many times and it still feels like it was yesterday…the pain is still there…but we know that Gwenie is in a better place and is constantly watching over all of us, we love her and miss her soo much our ‘BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY ANGEL’ rest in peace. I truely appreciate all the love and beautiful comments made towards my niece and i know that she also loves all the attention she’s getting….THANK YOU.

    55. Monica J. says:

      Rest in Peace Gwen!!! You are so beautiful and Ihope your at peace and resting with Gods angels. Your story is heart breaking and I believe you were born in the wrong body. I hope now you are watcin ove the people who love you dearly. R.I.P. Love.

    56. yoooh says:


    57. yoooh says:


    58. Maribel R. says:

      Gwen R.I.P. I Love You. You did not deserve to die

    59. rogena says:

      she WAS an angel… she IS an angel.

    60. Laconia says:

      This just goes to show you that people can do some hurtful stuff. They didn’t have to like her, but they could have left her alone. They took it way too far! I’m very sad to hear about this.

    61. Renee says:

      I just finished watching “A Girl Like Me”. I cannot find the words to express the sorrow that I feel for the terror Gwen must have felt, and the pain that her family feels every day. You are in a better place Beautiful Butterfly Angel…we will meet one day.

    62. Lourdes says:

      My heart goes out to Gwen and her family. Gwen is now with the angels and with God. Rest in peace beautiful Gwen Amber Rose Araujo you will be missed deeply by your friends and loved ones.

    63. KC says:

      I am sad to say that this is the world we live in, but for just one second if i could have the courage that she had I’d die her death a thousand times over. She was not afraid to be who she was, love is unconditional; i believe if i had known her we could have been great friends, just because that is the way that my momma raised me. I’m not a saint so I can not say that I would not have judged her for what she is, but I accept that we are who God wants us to be for a reason. Living in the world we live in death is something we all must face; even when we are not ready. Lord give me the strength, that whenever I die, I die as confident and proud as Gwen.

    64. yesiam says:

      Sylvia, take comfort in the fact that Gwen touched many lives for the better, just by being who she was. A lot of people can live to be 100, and never accomplish anything good. But Gwen, in her very short life, touched millions with her story. You must be very proud of her. I am positive God is proud of her too. It’s a cruel world, and sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t just give up on mankind. But then someone like Gwen shows me how beautiful a person can be, and then I know why. I admire Gwen for having the courage and strength of character to be the woman she is. I wish I could be more like her. (I say “is” because I know Gwen is still alive. Her body may have died, but angels like Gwen will live forever).

      • Gabbriella says:

        I can not imagine the pain the loss of Gwen has cause you or your family Sylvia, for that I am so very sorry that you and your family had to endure such a tragedy. I have grown up all my life with having to listen to the narrow mindedness of animals like those who took Gwen from this earth. With that said I must tell you that many people have learned so very much from her story, I believe that God sends us Angels in the form of humans at times to teach us invaluable lessons that would otherwise go unnoticed and I believe that Gwen was one of those Angels. I would like to thank you for sharing Gwen’s story with the world, I feel that the more we make them aware of the beauty there is in the difference we all hold, the more we can appreciate the beauty there is in the world.

      • Shanna says:

        I can not believe what I am reading on here. How could anyone blame a parent for the death of their child? How could anyone be so fast to pass judgment? If you are so into the bible (Lambert) then you know it is a sin to judge others. This is horrible and I am disgusted to think that this is what the world has came to. Why be worried about what another does? You may not like it but keep your opinion to yourself. This was a sickening crime that should have been more harshly punished. There is no controlling a child that is confused about their sex. Watch the discovery channel about it. Do some research and try not to pass judgment on something you DO NOT understand.

    65. Understanding mother says:

      I have watched this movie several times with my 14 year old daughter. I am raising 3 children to be opened minded and love themselves for who they are. I cried when I first watched this movie some time ago. Everytime it comes on I cry. Until you are in the same shoes of a person, you will NEVER understand. I have a 4 year old son and I am noticing that he has some of the same traits as Gwen (when he/she was younger). Everything is identical. There are so many questions I have for Gwens’ mother (Sylvia Guerrero) . I’m confused but Iam also understanding. The only difference is my sons’ father. We are married and live in the same house. I have bought it to his attention but he ignores me everytime or he gets angry. To Sylvia Guerrero: Everytime I watch the movie, I wonder if you would’ve done something different, would Gwen be alive today. I use to get a little upset at the beginning of the movie (his/her younger years growing up)until I found myself reacting the same way you did. I am confused, I even wonder sometimes if my son is going through a phase or is he just hanging around mommie so much that he picks up and notices everything I do. He notices everything, from me getting my nails done (complimenting) to me buying a new dress (complimenting). He notices my eyemake-up, he even alarms me when it’s time for a pedicure. He’s only 4! Iam reaching out to you. This is not a joke, a prank or what ever. I will check back periodically, but I will like to speak with you.

      • NUNYA says:


        • Leo says:

          To “NUNYA”: Just as you had no choice over the gender you were born, so it is with transgendered people. If you were born with brown hair, how effective would it have been if your parents were to have told you “just stop letting your hair grow in brown”? You cannot change who you truely are. You cannot just stop believing what you know in your heart to be true. It is not a parents job to “CONTROL”. It is their job to love, protect, support, and teach. A parent should teach a child to be kind, generous, & understanding. It is a shame that your parents didn’t instill these qualities in you.

        • Carrie says:

          I am a Trans Woman. I had no choice in how I was born. Is being born a crime? How about we victimise people with Blonde hair? You can choose whether or not to be full of hate. One day you will have a child, and someone somewhere will hate them for something, regardless of how irrelevant. Do you think that is OK? Children should never be ashamed of who they are, so stop tacitly condoning hate.

        • loveevery1 says:

          god says come as you are! you are nobody to be judge n. this is by far one of the saddest story’s! and its ignorant people like you who are judgmental and who are NOT happy with themselves that have to take away someone Else’s happiness! my prayers are with this family who lost such a precious person in there family. and for you NUNYA worry about yourself and your family!

        • victoria says:

          it doesnt matter if your son will become trnasgendered or gay. i mean does it really matter? your his mother and your husband is his father. No matter what you will always love him right? Thats what Sylvia did. She loved Gwen unconditionally, with everything she had and Gwen knew that and Gwen loved her mother back as well. And your son willnever “Be Like Gwen” because Gwen was her own person…we all are. Sylvia or understanding mother or Nunya or the whole world out there, whome ever is reading this…if you say you understand why do you question? Just love and try to understand and support. Straight, gay, Bi, man, woman, or transgendered…people are people and children are children. Let them express themsleves and grow to who they want to be. I may not have known Gwen but i would have loved to have known her. God bless Sylvia and i hope you know there are people in the world that dont hate…or judge. The human race may not understand at times but we are starting to…:)

        • Dennis says:

          Control your son that is the most stupid thing I have read on here did you not see the movie or stop and think there is nothing you or any one can do to change who a person is. This is not a habit she picked up or phase she went through it is her life do you realy think she would go through hell on earth just for the fun of it.God bless Gwen and her family

      • Lambert says:


        • Leo says:

          Lambert, your day of judgement will come, and I can only hope that your god will judge you as harshly as you have judged others.

          • Truth_be_Said says:

            None of us have the right to be the killer of another human being, however, we do have a right to speak our opinion and mind. You may not agree with Lambert and his religious beliefs and that is fine too. But for those of us who believe in the Bible and what is written within the pages, you cannot pick what parts you want to believe, I am sorry to tell you. However, the Bible speaks of homosexuality and transgendered activities fall under this. I agree with Lambert that God does not make mistakes and this is where my agreement ends. I pass no other judgment on the choice that was made to transform into another gender. I leave all judgments to the Lord. It is very unfortunate that someone that so many people love and admired lost his/her life this way. If the story I have read by different sources is correct about the “reason” for this action, that was not right either. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning what happen to Gwen/Eddie, but I do not condone her/his actions either (if the story is correct). You cannot change or hide your true gender, engage in activities with straight people and then think they should take it in strive. People, if you are going to support your family members when they change genders, please make them understand what disclosure is so that this does not happen to them either. The story above was horrific to read, 5 hours of torture and then death. If you love them, this needs to be stressed. I am sorry but this is deceptive no matter how you want to play the end results. To all who feel they were born the wrong gender, I hope you find what you need to get through the days and nights.

            • helen says:

              @ truth be said I appreciate what you say about everybody being entitled to their own opinion. But I don’t agree that transgendered people should disclose their ‘sex’ to those around them. Firstly, as I understand the case being discussed here, the victim was forcibly stripped in order to view her genitals, this does not constitute choice. In any case,I think you’re wrong to argue that transgendered people should disclose their original sex. Do you have any idea how much discrimination they would have to put up with if they did? Obviously for many, it would be a shock to find out that someone they had slept with was a different gender than they has assumed, but this is no excuse for violence. You are using a similar argument to saying that rape victims are ‘asking for it’ by wearing provocative clothing. The onus is on the individual not to resort to violence after such a revelation, no matter how great the shock.

            • original woman says:

              Helen, are you serious? You must be Transgendered, to make such statements. I think parties should expose their gender before intercourse or dating. In that case it gives a person a choice whether if they want to be involved with the same sex. or, just don’t date at all. Be celibate if you don’t want anyone to know. I have male kids and I would be devastated if one of the had relations with a male and not being at liberty to make a choice.

          • Annette says:

            Leo, This is the first time I have seen the movie or even heard this story and I have read the majority of the comments & all I can say is “THANK YOU” Thank you for standing up to people who are so quick to judge what they don’t understand or are afraid of.

        • Leo says:

          Lambert, your day of judgement will come, & I can only hope that your god will judge you as harshly as you have judged others.

        • Carrie says:

          “GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES” — you are blinded by your own faith. There are no mistakes in the pool of life you fool. There is variation. If there is a God, then I can assure you, transsexual people are of God. Variation = different hair colour, different eye colour, different skin colour. Life is a continuum. If you truly believed in a God you would see that. And yes, I AM calling your faith into question. So long as you hate, God hates you.

          • Nita says:

            Carrie, if god makes no mistakes, then how do you explain a child born with both parts? This issue is almost the same thing. God loves us all male female or both. It seems to me you are the one hating.

            • kay says:

              nita you have miss read this comment by carrie. she is simply responding to a comment previously made by a simple minded person clearly blinded by faith. my mum always told me to be who i am and no matter what god and my family will always love me and support me no matter what i do in life

        • HANNAH from FL says:

          I think people judge because they are ignorant. Does the Bible not say LOVE THY NEIGHBOR? For sure Lambert you are NOT loving thy neighbor, I think Leo said it just as if God would say it to you. “Your Day of judgement will come!”. I am a lesbian and I know the difficulty of living a life as someone who is not seen as being “normal”. God made me this way, just like God made Eddie to be Gwen. Lambert it’s because of people like you that there is hate, violence and criminals! My family will pray for you so that you may see good in ALL of GOD’S creations.

        • lindasinsideme says:

          Lambert, You are the one who is so wrong. I am a woman in mind and spirit but have the body of a male. I have known this since I was 3 1/2 years old. God does not make mistakes! He created me and like all other Christians, He has a wonderful purpose for me. I used to feel shameful of myself until I finally understood why I am who I am. I have realized that at least part of my reason for being is to help people to become more understanding of others, despite our differences. Is it O.K. to hate Downs Syndrome people? Is it O.K. to kill people less intelligent than you or have different eye color? The answer is a definite NO! There is nothing in the Bible that condemns transgendered people. If you consider yourself a Christian, you must know that by Jesus’ death on the cross, His ressurention and ascention into Heaven, we are no longer under the Law (Old Testament) but are saved by His blood sacrifice. Everything created by God is good! That includes people! It is the bad choices that God hates BECAUSE HE LOVES US! I didn’t wake up one day and say: “How can I make my life more complicated? I know! I’ll become a transgendered person!” BEING TRANSGENDERED/GAY/BI/LESBIAN IS NOT A CHOICE!!! That’s why God still loves us and will welcome us into Heaven! We all were made in His image! If He can accept me as I am, why can’t YOU?

        • mystery_girl_01 says:

          lambert, i’m seriously going to pray for you, i can’t believe you’d be so hateful i have a transgender friend and gay friends and relatives, how dare you be so judgmental. i personally would love to apologize to gwen’s family and friends for your ignorance. and to Understanding mother i don’t really understand what your going through but i know your not alone, their are many children like your son he could be just curious yes, but maybe he may just turn out to be like gwen born in the wrong body, and you know either way it’s beautiful. i hope you find the answer’s you are looking for i’am a mother of a beautiful baby girl who loves to play with toy car’s and football’s and things. if she were to ever tell me she’s gay or that’s she feel’s she’s a boy i would love her all the same. but it’s people like lambert who scare the hell out of me and i hope one day god can forgive him for being so judgmental and hateful toward something he truly doesn’t understand.

        • Christina says:

          Lambert, I don’t know who you think you are but God made all of us in his image. I don’t believe he makes mistakes either. He makes us exactly who he wants us to be. Gwen was a wonderful role model if you ask me. She was strong, smart, patient (with people like you who could hate someone they don’t know), full of hope and courage. I would be proud to call her a friend but unfortunately I never got the chance to know her. I would be honored if my daughter looked up to her. She can teach everyone to be proud of who they are. The church preaches that god loves us and forgives us of our sins, but I ask you…who are you to judge someone. God is the only one who is allowed to judge us so get off your high horse. When your day of judgement comes and God tells you he is ashamed of you don’t you dare ask him why. Gwen was an angel on earth when she was here and now she is an angel of God. She will be remembered long after everyone has forgotten you.

        • Lynn says:

          @ Lambert you are so wronge maybe you should dig deeper into research it is possible for men to have ovaries not everyone in the womb is said to be what they are some ppl want to become male that are female and some want to be female that are male its not anyones fault they just feel they have an Identity issue and feel comfortable being a defferent sex and for you to sit and type and be so judgemental is so wronge you have no right to sit there and judge ppl for what they decide they want to be. god does not like ugly and you seem to be that! you should be ashamed of yourself thats so not cool. I love everyone and i dont judge. your cool im cool it just makes me very upset that you sit there and say some dumb shitt like that. maybe if you were in that position you would understand and you dont.

        • Lisa says:

          LAMBERT It is people like you that are responsible for people like Gwen being murdered. Your bigotry is disgusting and a disgrace to the human population. Who made you GOD and gave YOU the authority to dictate or judge anyone or how they live. If anyone here needs to pray, it is you. Let me ask you this LAMBERT, if there are no mistakes, then why would a child die from a terminal illness, or is that the childs fault? Why do certain women have miscarriages while others don’t? Lambert, you are a fool and I am disgraced with your lack of education and your willingness hide behind GOD.

      • Lupe Downing says:

        Gwen was my niece. If you haven’t been able to contact my sister already, you can reach her by going to Gwen’s official mySpace page http://www./gwenaraujo Gwen’s sister, Pearl, runs the site. My sister will be more than happy to talk with you, give you advice or just plain and simple lend an ear to listen. As a parent, it is engrained in our hearts to always protect your child. First and foremost, LOVE and SUPPORT your child. As you already know…your child will have a tough battle ahead because people are still ignorant. For Gwen’s and many other people like Gwen…ignorance turned to violence. Your child is a gift above all. Do not despair, there is plenty of support groups and organizations that can help you and your child walk this path. I am not sure if you are religious…but I firmly believe that your “higher power” has made you his/her mom for a reason. Make no mistake…it is not a burden…it is a GIFT.

    66. Lambert says:

      HE I repeat HE did not deserve to die the way HE did but HE lied to people. Its in the Bible this is wrong He was Eddie not Gwen! If i was HIS mother I would have got HIM some help Instead HE was let to live this lie. I blame the boys that killed him but HIS mother is just as much to blame. You need to stop this thing you are doing! Its not ok to be Gay its wrong very wrong!God loves all his people but unless you trust in him and him along you are lost!

      • Do not judge says:

        God also says DO NOT JUDGE>>>>You need to go back to church…AND mind your own business..Do you think what you have to say actually matters to Gwens mom!!! She learned to love and accept her DAUGHTER for who she was..I feel sorry for your children!!! And May god have peace on them! God loves all his children…NO MATTER WHAT…I don’t know what church you attend..But MY God is forgiving and loves us all!! It’s people like you that drive people away from religion!!!

      • Lupe Downing says:

        …so…I guess what you’re saying is that God created a mistake when sending Gwen to us? She’s heard your remark a million times…THANKFULLY…she KNOWS the truth. You words do not even phase her. She knows Gwen is God’s child and she was honored to be her mother. I will pray for your children and YOU.

      • Kari says:

        My stepbrother is homosexual. My stepmother was in major denial even though my family (strict Catholic) family knew that he was gay. She put it off for years. She knew he was gay and when he came “out” his brother and my stepmother were not happy. It took my strict “Catholic family” or “military family” to say “Hey we accept you “ALL” for who you are because we love you”. How dare you blame it on the mother? “God loves all his people but unless you trust in him and him along you are lost!” (Lambert July 9, 2009 at 2:53 pm) You have the “God loves all his people correct.” I do not beleive there is a “but” “MY God is forgiving and loves us all!! It’s people like you that drive people away from religion!!!” (Do not judge – July 12, 2009 at 6:42 pm) Do not judge is is right on!!! I know to many people that just scare the Lord away from us and our children. STOP!! The lord forgives us for our sins. The Lord “Jesus Christ” hung on the cross for our sins. He has already paid for our sins “present, future, and past” Be grateful!! and thankful!!

        • Truth_be_Said says:

          This story has taken on a life of its own. But Jesus Christ paid for our past sins, you have to account for what you are doing now and ask for forgiveness in His name. So many people are trying to make sure that they defend the death of Gwen and somehow everyone got lost in what the Bible says and what it doesn’t. There are a lot of comments about what the Bible really says and others based on what I am willing to say are the “remembrances” of well known verses. Again, I am not defending anything that anyone on this thread is saying but I do lie to point out what I believe Lambert was getting at although it took a very nasty turn somewhere. Remember he is speaking his opinion to what one of you said, not what the story told or even the pictures. I am, also, hoping he was not attacking the person for whom the story is about. But for those who believe they knew as little children that they wanted to be of another gender, lets just say . . . I believe you are stretching this . . . a lot. As children we would not have been able to comprehend knowing this feeling. But here is the scripture from the Bible that says it all. And keep in mind, this is not an attack on Gwen but it is a confirmation of where in the Bible it speaks of homosexuality being an abomination. Homosexuality is an illicit lust forbidden by God. He said to His people Israel, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” (Leviticus 18:22). “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 20:13). In these passages homosexuality is condemned as a prime example of sin, a sexual perversion. The Christian can neither alter God’s viewpoint nor depart from it.

          • Get_Real_People says:

            ok ok ok, you are sitting here talking about how God forbids homosexuality and all this stuff, but why would it be in this world if GOD himself hadn’t created it? God created this world and created us and how we think and how we feel so why does the Bible say that homosexuality is an abomination if he made us? Stop and think about it people…………

          • mystery_girl_01 says:

            ok look how you said at the age of a young child we cannot comprehend knowing the feeling of being different or being born in the wrong body, unless you’ve been there or know someone who has you cannot say that. do you watch the tyra show? children at the age of 7 knew and became who they felt they were. and they claimed to have known from birth even. you cannot tell people what they feel if you don’t know or haven’t been there yourself. that’s like me telling you that you cannot comprehend the feeling of being in love or sad. do not presume to tell people how they feel, or that they don’t understand. i have a transgender friend and he now she is more beautiful then before because she is who she is. i have gay friends and relatives who have known since they were little, so before you talk about not comprehending a certain feeling, think about how you would feel if someone told you that you don’t comprehend a certain feeling yourself.

      • HANNAH from FL says:

        it’s so sad to see that Lambert is still so ignorant to God’s Love. I fear for all people who try to play God and judge others.

      • Shari says:

        And that Bible you refer to is just a book written by men who wanted to control the masses. Do a little research on the Bible and the history of it and you will be amazed at what you find. Its all a crock.

      • Nita says:

        How can read, watch, hear about such hate,such anguish SHE SHE SHE went through and still spit such hate? We are ALLLLLLLL gods children, he doesnt stop loving us because of who we fall in love with. Look I was straight all my life and had some good relationships with men, but I met someone who swept me off my feet. I didnt choose to fall in love with her no more than you choose which man you fell in love with. The way I feel is if were so wrong, if god were so against me loving another woman, and he is the almighty, then why does he allow me to love her? Don’t hate what you dont understand. Just love all people the way god loves us. I hope one day your heart changes, and you open your eyes to bueaty that god sees in ALL of his children.

    67. Truth says:

      IGNORANCE all you “bible thumpers” is the root of all evil. Let the one with out sin cast the first stone. Now go and sit in judgement on your selves.

      • Just a mom says:

        Sorry, I’m not a “bible thumper”, but ignorant and insensitive people just piss me off. The “thumper’s” need to take a long hard look in the mirror. (I was just trying to make a one’s perfect). If everyone’s family was “perfect”…then who would we talk about at Christmas!

      • Just a mom says:

        Jeez, I think I sent a reply to (Sheryl)…OMG…I said I’m no “Bible thumper”, but people that wave it around and act like they’re families are so perfect just piss me off. I agree with you, some of these people (“good Christian folk”) are fooling themselves … They’re day is comin’, and it won’t be pretty! Real “Christians” don’t spit on others, they just roll with it, it’s not out job to hit people in the head with the “word”. And, they need to take a long look in the mirror, before they start criticizing others. If everyone had a “perfect” family, what would you talk about at Christmas?

    68. Sheryl Nelms says:

      I am sorry for your loss, she was a very beautiful young woman. I am sure she is deeply missed. I can tell she was very loved. Your family is in our family’s prayers.

      • alli says:

        why did those BOYS!!! only care about s.ex. they had wifes and children, and yet they care about cheating on a 17 year old. Being some of them fathers, it would take a real moron to kill a child. its a wrongful death.

    69. Just a mom says:

      What is wrong with this world when people throw stones at any one that does not fit in the “box”? And have the audacity to speak of God’s plan, have you met God? If you know your scripture so well, and are a “Christian”, then you should know God is ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING, and HE makes NO mistakes. Jesus spoke of “Love, Tolerance and WE ARE ALL ONE in the EYES of THE ONE TRUE FATHER”. Make no mistake, as God has made none…HE has a PLAN for everyone. If you do not believe this, you will fall and The Lord cannot teach you anything else…for you will never learn. The family of this “child” Gwen has suffered greatly, but their Faith has kept them strong. As a child, I saw a young mother struggle with an extremely difficult decision. She drove our school bus for a Catholic school and was very devote. I was the 1st and last stop on her route, she had a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed 3yr old “daughter”. The child was a delight, but the mother was troubled. The baby had been born a “morphodite” (a baby with both male and female organs). She had to decide what gender to have the surgeon make this child. The woman prayed and cried for God’s help. She decided (I learned years later) the child had turned into a beautiful young woman. Only God, could have helped the young mother with such a horrific decision… So judge not the lives of others, and never forget that GOD and only GOD has made HIS decision from the beginning. Only the ignorant will try to is not your place, one day YOU will be judged, and you may not like the outcome. So, follow the path of righteousness, as you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye…only GOD has that privilege.

    70. Ileana says:

      I want to thank you for sharing your daughter’s story with us. The first time I seen her testimony, I really broke down. I am happy to know that I have an angel like your daughter to watch over me. I have never experienced what she endured, but I too came out at a young age. I am a 28 yr old lesbian, one with many masculine ways and even look. I was diagnosed with sexual identity crisis when I was 13… It only makes me laugh at how people can be ignorant. I am a writer and I have a couple of projects going, including my own testimony…. I will keep your beautiful family in prayer, let’s all try to make the place as beautiful as God intended it to be.

      • Pattyjjt says:

        I am sorry Lambert… But u are very ignorant!! GOD LOVES ALL OF US NO MATTER WHAT… Now I think u should read the BIBLE more CAREFULLY, and maybe go to CHURCH and PRAY YOURSELF!!!

    71. isabelle says:

      I have a 4 year old male family member and he is the same way. We just let him know that there are certain items that are meant for the female gender and others for male. Don’t make a big deal with him about it. As mothers, we tend to overreact because we care so much. One has to be a parent who loves their children to understand what mothers mainly go through when one of their children are struggling with a challenge, whether it is behavioral, emotional, mental. You don’t want to wash you hands of them, however, it can be draining to deal with the issues, questions, police visits. Be strong and don’t give up on your child, unless your environment becomes unsafe. My heart goes out to Ms. Araujo, she had to see all of this happen and I know how painful it is, especially when one does not know what to do to help your child, and anything you do,does not seem to help him….we all have to carry some type of burden. That is why Jesus died for us on the cross. To help with our humanely crap.

    72. Disgusted says:

      I am a Christian and very involved in my church. We are taught and supposed to teach love, support, and forgiveness. What this poor young person went through is awful, tragic, heartbreaking and horrifying. Gwen was a human being with a heart and feelings just like God intended. Gwen’s family’s hearts must hurt just the same as if we were to lose someone. Have you ever thought that just maybe people like Gwen were put here to test OUR faith and love and forgiveness? But do you know what is staggering? It’s the amount of “Christians” who are the very FIRST one’s to judge, yes judge, someone else’s decisions, and actions. It is appauling. Take one moment and step back and think about just how perfect you are. Would all of us Christians feel comfortable with eveyine looking in on our private lives? This child had a more courage than we could ever think of having. But of course most who are God fearing look past the heart and courage and jump straight into the judgement and opinion line. Shame on us!

    73. Jade says:

      I am writing this to all you people who like to throw bible scriptures and Our Father’s name around trying to push your beliefs of what is right and wrong onto others. First of all I am a transgendered person and coming from someone who knows first hand what Gwen has had to go through in HER life. You people act and assume that we have a CHOICE in the way we are, I did not choose to be this way and neither did Gwen, why would you assume that anyone would want to go through life being harrassed all the time for the way that they ARE. At very young ages where you don’t know the first thing about sex and sexual orientation you just know that you are either more boylike or girl like. Gwen had the mind of a woman and the body of a man, if you people do your research you would see that it is caused by a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE during development in the womb. No GOD does not make mistakes but Gwen was born that way because that was the path that GOD had chosen for her to take, we all have certain lives to live and if you can really say that you are a believer then you would know that our life paths are chosen before we are even conceived. GOD IS ALL KNOWING. And unlike the majority of you people GOD is also forgiving and understanding. HE WHO HAS NO SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. And there is NO ONE in this world who has not sinned, so fix your sins before you start to talk about someone elses so-called sins. Gwen was a beautiful young woman and person who deserved just as much as anyone else to live HER life the way that made her happy. Who are you to keep someone from being happy, and living the way they feel comfortable, she was not hurting anyone in her descisions to be herself. We are all people and what business is it of anyone who someone decides to be intimate with. We all deserve to be happy. So just LIVE AND LET LIVE people.

      • SD! says:


      • Pattyjjt says:


      • mystery_girl_01 says:

        i totally agree jade i have a transgender friend who is now a beautiful woman, i have gay relatives and family member’s and your right you cannot choose who you are. i can’t sit here and say well i think i’ll be a boy now and be harrassed and ridiculed. i’m a girl and was born one, did i choose it no, but i am who i am. you are who you are and that’s a very beautiful thing no one has the right to judge you for being transgender. and to all who harrass you i feel sorry for them, people like them make me sick to my stomach, i had a lady once tell me i was going to hell because i had a child out of wedlock, i don’t think you or anyone else who is different is going to hell, and gwen god rest her soul did not deserve what happen to her.

    74. Do not judge says:

      Everyone needs to stop throwing God into all this…God loves us all..NO MATTER WHAT!!! If you do not know that..READ THE BIBLE!!! What happend to Gwen was awfull, and wrong! If anyone here thinks she was Just g.ay and confused, there is scientific proof that transgender is a REAL condition!!! Do the research!!! Is’nt that what the web is for…NOT to bash this poor family…And others like it!! Leave it alone…Get a life!! Go back to church…If you have one!!

    75. gina says:

      Look for all you people who are blinded and stupid you all really need to open your eyes becauses Gwens story was to teach you to not judge and she may have been born a man but that doesn’t make her not gods child for feeling deeply about who she really was. Who are we as people to judge those when we are selves are not perfect at all. This girl died being who she was and not caring or backing down because someone thought little of her she showed more love then most people do and didn’t deserve to die. And for those who talk little of her and try to throw the bible thing are sinning for being the judge that you are not. In the end you will not have a say in other peoples lives you be the one who is judged. As for Gwens mom you are my insperation because I can only imagine how hard it was to finally realize who your daughter really was and then to have to lose her for who she was. This world needs more people like her and don’t let anyone put you down because if they haven’t experienced what you went through and are going through they will never really know.


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