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Blasts in the Capital. AGAIN!

This time it was the Mehrauli flower market. Two men in a black Bajaj Pulsar had kept a bomb packed in a tiffin box and sped away. A little boy of 13 had picked it up and was calling after the men when a low intensity blast occured. The boy, named Santosh, died on the spot and 24 others were injured.

The list of casualties among those injured is believed to be close to 10. It seems that emails regarding the blast was sent to the news channel Headlines Today and the Delhi Police. Eye witnesses corroborated the story as recounted by the police. The blast occured at 2:05 in the afternoon, 27th September, and was strong enough to shatter the windows of the adjoining shops. It was a busy day as buyers were out shopping for Ramadan. A couple have come forward claiming they could identify the two men on the bike but security forces believe it would be difficult as they were wearing helmets.

The locals were however furious with the police. They said the police came 45 minutes late after being called and this led to further delay in taking the injured to the hospital. The gross negligence and callousness of the police was visible when they washed the crime scene before the forensic experts could collect the evidence. They claim that they had collected all the evidence there was to collect in gunny bags.

No terrorist group has taken responsibility for the blast. It is strange that this should have happened in a Muslim dominated area considering that most terror groups operating now are avenging the wrongs done on this community. The police are tight lipped about everything but the political opposition has already started demanding the resignation of the Home Minister and the Prime Minister.

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    1. Nord says:

      Hee, Hee, Hee, now I wonder if suateywebmrsrer’ was being a tad naughty in posting this as found? Maybe he recalls the Met being picked up over this issue and also recalls who was responsible?? The only surprise is that it took Robin a whole five days before posting the correction ; /However the main reason for posting was to remind those who serve’ why they are there as I am not sure they are being taught the same principles today.


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