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World’s Smallest Bodybuilder, Causing Huge Stir

A tiny Indian bodybuilder who is less than 3 feet tall and deemed the world’s smallest is causing a huge stir in his hometown and gaining international recognition, according to the British press.

Aditya “Romeo” Dev of Phagwara, India, is a little person who is only 2 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs not even 20 pounds, the Daily Mail reported.

Throngs of people crowd into the local gymnasium on a daily basis to watch him work out, according to the Mail.

“I’ve been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years, and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world,” Dev, 19, told the Mail. “My size has never stopped me.”

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In 2006, after months of intense exercise, the Guinness Book of World Records named Dev the smallest bodybuilder on the planet, the Telegraph reported.

In addition to his bodybuilding, Dev is also training to be a dancer, according to the Telegraph.

Unlike most little people, Dev’s body is well proportioned, according to the papers.

The pint-sized weight lifter is famous around India and a great source of pride to his parents.

“He has never been bothered at being so small. He has no inferiority complex. He is the jewel of our family,” his father told the Telegraph.

Watch this hilariously heart warming video of this body builder.

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