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Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers a Big Deal

Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers is a big deal for the NFL.  The San Diego Chargers meet up with the Dallas Cowboys today during their second pre-season match up.  The Chargers already won against the Bears in their first pre-season game, so they are off to a good start.

The Cowboys are in their third preseason game.  They won their first game, and lost their second to the Oakland Raiders.  It will be hard this year for the Cowboys, as they will rely more on Tony Romo now that Terrell Owens is in Cincinnati.

Every match – even the pre-season – is important to fans.  This will paint the backdrop for what will transpire during the rest of the season.

It’s estimated that the Chargers will win tonight’s match.  They are already off to a good start, as the Cowboys have yet to score.

Man, what a great game this is turning out to be. Stay tuned for further updates.

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