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Janice Dickinson Calls Tyra Banks Out About ANTM Apology, Calls Foul

Janice Dickinson , which surfaced after an ad promoted a contestant from Dallas with a waist so Tiny, Ms. J could fit his/her two hands around it.  Tyra said “There’s something about her I like” – and then went on to apologize, saying that it is ‘impossible’ to see ‘everything before its created.’

However, former colleague Janice Dickinson cries foul, as she points out that Tyra is the executive producer of the show and has her  finger on every aspect of the show.

Tyra is supposed to be embracing “real” figures, but isn’t this girl’s figure “real”?  Unless she has some unhealthy eating disorder, she shouldn’t be chastised for applauding the uber-slender figured girl.

Of course, Tyra Banks may have her foot in her mouth over this one.  Her former colleague, however, will look for any reason to diss her.  Dickinson has called Banks “fat” and “possibly a man”

Photo: CW

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