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Fantasy Factory Chanel Maxim Thong Photo, Picture Available Here

Fantasy Factory Chanel is Rob Dyrdek’s rapping receptionist, and everyone wants to see her Maxim thong photo.  The beautiful blonde recently made it into the pages of popular men’s magazine Maxim, with the help of her professional skateboarder boss. I would have to say that Chanel is definitely someone I could see in her own spinoff reality TV show.  She’s an aspiring rapper, and to watch a female rapper try to make it would be very interesting.

She’s got the look, she’s got the talent and she’s got the connections. What do you think? There’s definitely more than just a pretty face behind this girl.  Now that she’s graced the pages of Maxim and now that she’s made it known that she wants to be a rapper we can’t help but hope that she will get her chance to live out her dream. (Hint, Hint MTV…)

Photo Credits; Maxim

Here’s the Thong Photo:

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